The Nemanjich Dynasty - Stefan Nemanjich "The First-Crowned"

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Stefan Nemanja was inherited by his second son Stafan Nemanjich - the first king of Serbia.

Stefan "The First-Crowned"

He succeeded in 1196 on the abdication of his father as STEFAN Grand Župan of Serbia. He established close relations with the Papacy in the hopes of obtaining a royal crown, but Imre King of Hungary persuaded the Pope against this. The rivalry with his older brother culminated in the latter attacking Serbia in 1202 and deposing Stefan who fled to either Bulgaria or Bosnia. He was restored in 1204/05, although the circumstances are not clear. In 1214, Serbia was attacked by the alliance of Henri Latin Emperor of Constantinople and Boril Tsar of Bulgaria, and in 1215 in the area of northern Albania/Zeta by Mikhael Angelos Lord of Epirus. The latter conflict was resolved by Mikhael's successor Theodoros Komnenos Dukas Angelos, and confirmed by the betrothal of Stefan's son to Theodoros's daughter. Grand Župan Stefan intervened in Hum (1216) after the expulsion of Knez Andrej by his brother Petar, but instead of restoring Andrej to all his former territory Stefan appears to have installed his own son Radoslav in part of Hum. He annexed Zeta in 1216 after taking control from his nephew Djordje, and assigned it to his eldest son. Venetian influence in Serbia increased after Stefan's third marriage in 1216/17 to the Doge's granddaughter. He was crowned STEFAN "Prvovenčani/the First-Crowned" King (Kralj) of Serbia in 1217. by the papal legate, although it is not known what promises he made to the Pope to achieve this. After his brother Sava negotiated the autonomy of the Serbian church with the patriarch of Nikaia in 1219, King Stefan's ties with the Catholic church diminished. “Stephanus Serbiæ rex et filius Radoslavus” founded “monasterio Žiča” by charter dated to 1222/28. He abdicated due to illness in1224/27, and became a monk as Simon. The life of St Sava by Domentijan records that "l´autocrate Etienne" abdicated and became "Symon-le-Moine", but died and was buried at Studenica, his body later being transferred by his brother to "l´archevêché de Gidtcha".
His first wife was (1191, repudiated 1201/02) EVDOKIA Komnene Angelina, daughter of Emperor ALEXIOS III & his wife Euphrosyne Dukaina Kamaterina (-after 1208). Ephræmius records that "Eudociam filiam" married "Sguro", recalling that her previous husbands had been "principi…Triballorum Stephano, qui repudiatam remisit in patriam…et Murtzuflo Ducæ". This marriage was arranged to seal the Byzantine/Serbian peace treaty of 1190. After her first husband accused her of adultery, she was expelled from Serbia on foot with only the clothes on her back, and sought refuge in Zeta with her brother-in-law Vukan who provided her the means to return to Constantinople. Georgius Akropolites records that "Ducas Alexius" (referring to Alexios Dukas Murzuphlos) married "imperatoris Alexii filiam Eudociam, filiarum illius postremam", commenting that "impuberem" she had married "crali Serviæ". She married secondly (1 Apr 1204) Alexios Dukas Mourzouflos, who became Emperor Alexios V, and thirdly (1205) Leon Sguros Archon of Nauplia.
The name of Grand Župan Stefan's second wife is not known.
Stefan laterly married(1216/17) ANNA Dandolo, grand-daughter of Enrico Dandolo.


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