The Never Ending Mêlée

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This is a little piece of mine that speaks of trying to do better, or of not trying and the reasons that turn away the hearts of those who once so willingly fallowed.

The Never Ending Mêlée

The Never Ending Mêlée

Cary her
By the safest road
Cary her to the sea
For a ship waits there
At heaven’s door
A ship waits there for she.

Time is short
My friends,
My brave Captains,
Hands and hearts grow cold
With time
Hear the hoof beats knocking
On the door?

You’re free as the fires
In the watchmen towers
The Guardians in Capital City cried
But the Guardians
Warms their heels
At the throne of their own home
With dark hearts on their sleeves
And their broken minds coddled
In thoughts of tomorrow
As war comes to our friends
And soon at home.

Shout it out my brave men,
My lofty Captains of the words
And do not be afraid
To fall alone
As fall we will,
But tonight
Together we must stand.

You see it first
In the eyes,
In the cold and empty eyes
Longing for a truth, for a justice
That only the righteous can understand,
So do not be afraid my friends
There are many paths
To fallow
For we have learned
All we know
From the shadows and the angels.

This is the long cold season,
That frozen tear lost in the eye,
The sad faces long and narrow
Looking for a home on a hill
Where all brave soldiers’
Long to lie
Within the sorrows
Of a thousand bloodied words,
Words never put to plow shares
Or beat into swords.

Now we see each in turn
From that place where our leader’s
Path grows narrow
Where the necks of men
Have been thinned
By thoughts unkind,
By the slighted minds of men.

The blades we once thought
So sure, so strong
Lay broken
And dead on the ground
Dead in the cold hands
Of our smitten enemy,
And now there edge is keen again
And they divide the wind,
As they divide the world,
As they divide brother from brother,
And woman from man.

So be brave my Captains,
My weary friends,
My brother’s in arms.
Stand tall and fear not
That darkened path
That lies before us
As our leaders would have it.

Fear not to be free,
Fear not
For your lost liberty
For this is that light
That always shines
In the hearts of men
Just before
The bloody battle begins.

Fear not their white, white eyes.
Fear not their desert surprise.
For their sun dried bones
Will cool in the sands of time
Where they wait the centuries
Cold and white in the wind
For this is where the angels stand.

They will smile upon you.
They will lift you up
And fly away,
But they do nothing
To stop the lies
Or the dark reprise
From Capital City
Far away.

So run,
You fools of appeasement,
Retreat to the farthest wall
Where the weary fall
Faint of heart
While the brave become heroes
And shout, shout it out,
Shout it out again and again
You fool’s of conciliation,
You fools, shout with all your heart
And see if empty words
Frighten the hoards away,
See if they flee
In the face of your unfilled words,
If that much you can do
By yourselves.

For the barbarians
Have come
And they are knocking
At the gates
Again…But no one hears them.
But no one hears.



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author avatar Utah Jay
I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Shamarie
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

I love the raw emotions of this piece!!!

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author avatar Retired
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

This is just beautiful! thanks, Utah!

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author avatar Utah Jay
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you Shamarie.

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author avatar spirited
7th Apr 2015 (#)

We need to fallow our fields and follow our hearts, with our eyes open wide to what's truth.

I wasn't sure if you meant fallowed or followed here, but both words make sense I guess.

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author avatar Kingwell
8th Apr 2015 (#)

Good share and well written. Blessings.

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