The Nightingale And The Rose. Oscar Wilde Story. Reintroduced

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Birds love for their life. They do not change partners in the middle of a stream. They do not know about the fickleness of human love. And they do not know about the instant fancies of immature human mind that we call love. Knowing not this cost a Nightingale its dear life. That is the story in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Nightingale and the Rose.’

Human passions mostly are lust and licentiousness misnamed as love.

Human love does not deserve the attention of the creatures of ground, sea and air.
The Nightingale and the Rose is a moral short story by Oscar Wilde, the famous English writer. It is the story of the sacrifice of a nightingale for the sake of human love. The moral of the story is that human love and sacrifice are worthless, deserving not the attention of the other creatures of the ground, sea and air. Even though there always are immortal love stories among the mortal human beings, most often their passions are lust and licentiousness misnamed as love. It is widely thought that the world did injustice to this great writer. This reintroduction of his famous story is a humble tribute to this great lover of man and bird and beast.

The fickle human emotion of the immature that is called love.

One day a young student was found weeping for a red rose so that he could present it to his lover and dance with her. The boy was such enamored with the girl that he thought, without her, his life was going to end. But in that time of the year there were no red roses. The nightingale and the other creatures in the ground, water and air who were listening to this lamentation of his reacted according to their natures. While the other creatures either ridiculed or pitied him, the Nightingale decided to help him. She straight went to a rose tree in the garden asking for a red rose for the boy-lover.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Great review.
You're an expert in appreciating English literature.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Might be, though I cannot play with words as you do.

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
25th Jun 2011 (#)

I remember studying the nightingale and the rose in bhavans vidya mandir. great to follow a person like you. will tweet anf fb it.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
25th Jun 2011 (#)

Dear Deeps,

The world did injustice to that great writer Oscar Wilde. His stories cleanse our souls. The proud as well as the lowly condemned this messenger of literary purity. I repent for all of them by rekindling the interest in his stories. Please do the same. It is only just to Tweet and Face Book his immortal stories.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
19th Jul 2018 (#)

I am deleting a few paragraphs from this post. The full post can be read in my blog Sahyadri Books Trivandrum in Blogspot.

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