The Nonagenarian: (7th Canto)

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The seventh (7th) part of an epic poetry in progress, inspired by a painting and true-to-life amazing actress who's career span more than 70 years over her celebrated life from 1902 to 1993.

7th Canto

This poetry in progress (PIP) original inspiration was spotted from the author's friend art work. The painstakingly colored inked drawn was titled "IsangDaan" english translated as One hundred (100). This is the other side of her journey of friendship, sibling love and dedication to celebrate her colorful life.

Fabled countryside

The kabihasnan is just few kilometer away
it is our glimpse to civilization from capital lungsod of the country
In the thissouther fabled countryside
you are either a fisherman's son
a kaingeros or wanderer of a drifted and storied life
she was neither...

"Keeping innocence"

A Bicolana, Marcella grew up in Bacon,
a small town in Sorsogon
which faces the Pacific Ocean.
Her mother, daughter of a politician
Estrella Rubio, was a native beauty
her father, Markel Klein, bestowed masculinity
was a first lieutenant of the Konstrad and the militia
Also a veteran of the Boxer Rebellion in China,
The gentleman arrived in the Philippines with Dewey’s fleet
and participated in the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898.

During the 1st World War , the German-born,
This naturalized American
was interned by USAFFE
For citizenship issues-
his wife interceded
to Governor Wood
for his release.
and then served
the US

Really had
a hard time during
those days said Mama,”
Ella recalls vividly with a gut on her throat
“Sometimes we would eat only corn and flour because there was no rice.”

Public school

she was
still a child,
the family had
moved to Manila;
Marcela after finishing
Grade Two at a public school
and taking her first Holy Communion,
was enrolled at the College of the Holy Ghost
Holy Spirit),
then run by
German nuns.
This was the time
of the iconic kalesa,
karetela, and also tranvia.
There was no pollution, no rat race
such as we know it now, and people
generally were more civilized towards one another.

She studied at the Holy Ghost school
until her junior year, boys simply drool
but she was not destined to graduate.
Fate for her came in from her classmate
a silent screen star. In 1928,
Paty enrolled at the all girls course late
for a program in Home Economics,
but their friendship was natural mathematics.
it was her that accompanied her to the studio
they knocked to destiny without acting portfolio

The Silver screen

Marcella's discovery was an iota for stardom
the genesis was simply a perchance not by random
for her friend in college has the connection
and her house nearby is but luck consumption
and when the a famed director spotted her on the crowd
the constellation did not aligned but bowed

And when she was asked if she like the silver screen
to appear in a "cariñosa" dance sequence fit for a queen
She hesitated as she had no dress for the coveted part.
the director offered a costume to full fill muted dancing art
as it demand movements and facial expressions;
the actors were strictly ordered for their profession
no dialogue but a semblance had to be effectuated.
the scene she delicately executed - was perfected
overwhelmed, the filmmaker went to her parents and asked
if she would be given permission for the talent to unmasked.

Silent era

The silent era found another celestial fixation
her role would stretch to many deformation
from a typical conservative and lovely mestiza maiden
to princess who choose a beggar as love stricken laden

to her recollection the her industry did not age
nor did not change except the magnificent wage
"There was not much difference really" she says
"the way they made films during those days"
though compared to present. that silent medium,
seems sup par yet skillfully filled by creative helium

Her memories however was more into wonderful years
not by the brightest light conquered by her fears
but it was the beautiful friendship she still weaved
the genuine love off screen she'd preconceived.

(To be continued)

Saigon De Manila in collaboration with co-artist Karen Newell , Maria Disley

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Image Credits: Wiki Commons
1928 "Gloria Swanson" By Maggie Dane
"Cotillion Ballroom Dance Floor" from Cotillion .com


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Awesome piece of work.

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Thank you Joyesh for your awesome appreciation!

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That is wonderful poetry, thankyou. And the pictures are great too.

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Thank you..the image are not mine however.

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Beautiful, I loved it.
great artwork

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Thanks Brenda Marie...the previous canto are posted on the links while my original artworks are mostly spread in several articles you can easily browse within my poetry. Again thank you for the appreciation.

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Beautiful art and words. I just started with Wikinut, so I'm catching up on fellow authors' posts. I will enjoy browsing your earlier shares! Thanks for a beautiful experience.

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The images are frm wiki commons while the words are collaborated poetry frm other authors. thank you for the tme Susan Hauck hope you enjoyed the rest of its previous related beginnngs.just click the links and enjoy reading.

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Can we still read the next chapter of this epic with this site almost shutting the door and left only its toilet window open?

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Thanks Ms. Arlene

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Beautiful...soul touching poetry SaigonDeManila!

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Thank you Delicia for dropping by and digging my articles this far.

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