The ONLY Option: Building a Mass Party for Change

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This series has talked about the need for change, the need to challenge capitalism, the need to bring an end to capitalist rule, the true democrat seeks to replace the corrupt capitalist system with a fair and equal system that considers both the needs of the majority and the needs of individuals and minorities, all are possible but we must organize to replace the capitalist system.

Part 10 - Not a part of the 3 percent?

If you are not a member of the capitalist class, the 3 percent that controls 80 (or more) percent of the economy then you need to be concerned about how our society is run or more correctly mismanaged in the current era.

The three percent have little regard for democracy or the freedom of the common person, they hold scant regard for the constitution because all they honor is the profit motive and the ability to make more money at the expense and suffering of the rest of society.

This series has discussed the capitalist control of society, the state of the world, both in respect of the types of nations and the types of political groups that exist; of great importance is the democratic control of society and the rights of the individual and their freedom of choice, truth is capitalist society limits the real freedoms that anyone has. If you are reading this series for the first time then you should start at the beginning and read through the whole series because each subsequent article build on the foundation of the preceding one.

Ability to fight for change

Truth is today we face a crisis in international capitalism on an epic scale and the key question is how to bring this failed experiment of humanity to a close. In the prior article there was discussion about the tasks for true democrats and organizing the transformation of society and how we have to find allies wherever we can. In Europe and other parts of the world social democracy and liberalism has had its turn to transform society and the truth is you cannot reform this system out if existence and these parties find themselves becoming a part of the problem. In the United States another problem exists, there is no political party following social democratic or liberal aims, these aims have in the past had to be represented through one of the parties of capitalism, normally the Democrats, yet conservatism runs deep even here and as we can witness by the outcry that has happened against Obama's proposed health reforms by conservative elements in both parties.

In reality the USA needs to build a political party that supports the hard-toiling working people of America, the majority of society - a mass party of change, a party that supports the socialist transformation of society, a party that puts the needs of the people above that of profit, a party that is capable of bringing change. Such a party will not be limited by the need to tinker with capitalist society the way the European social democratic parties have, where the most radical change happened in past times. Yet the need for change is not limited to the United States, Europe, or the advanced capitalist nations it is a worldwide phenomenon as witnessed by the Arab spring uprisings that has happened over the last few years albeit with a leadership that was only interested in removing despots rather than one armed with a plan for widespread change. A mass party of change represents both the downtrodden majority of every nation, those who are forced to sell their labor power in order to eke out poverty wages, of course such a political party is not limited to the poorest people of the planet but impacts each and every working person and provides them an ability to win power and change society for the betterment of all.

The will of the Majority

The whole topic of the Russian Revolution in 1918 is a massive topic and would take many volumes to discuss in detail, indeed one of the participants, Leon Trotsky wrote The History of the Russian Revolution covering more than a thousand pages yet he would have agreed this would only gloss over the events that happened. I bring this subject up as a means of demonstrating that people can take power when the conditions are ripe and the truth is Russian society has never been at the forefront of democratic tradition, yet through the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky they were able to overthrow the oppressive regime of the Tsars which unlike the fairytale portrayed in the west were tyrannical leaders without a care for their people, perhaps rivaling the despots like Hitler, Idi Amin, and Pohl Pot in more recent times, ripe for overthrow and forcing their armies into war but not paying them and not feeding them while fighting an advanced German army, little wonder the will of the people opposed the Tsars in the same way the people of the Middle East have opposed their despots who had ruled those states with an iron fist.

They all show that it is possible for the will of the people to be victorious against the face of overwhelming odds when the economic conditions are ripe.

At the time socialists called the Russian Revolution the greatest event in the history of mankind, yet this event has receded from people's historical knowledge because of the fact that after the death of Lenin Russian society did not have the right leadership as state bureaucrats perverted the revolution to change that fledgling socialist state turning it into a state capitalist one. The point here is that victory is possible with the right leadership.

Revolution through the Ballot Box

In post war Britain nothing could defeat the prowess of the great war leader Winston Churchill, or could it? Churchill was the great wartime leader who carried the hearts and minds of the British people with him, yet in 1946 in the first peace time election after the end of the second world war his party was overthrown in a ballot box revolution and there was one simple reason, people had had enough of the pre-war recession and did not want a return to the same type of politics as they had experienced before, THE PEOPLE had defeated Hitler and sacrificed everything to survive the war.

When it came to the first post war election the British people decided it was time for change and elected a radical Labour government with a landslide majority that was promising radical change, yet the only lasting impact of this government was the National Health Service which is now a bureaucratic nightmare and the British Labour Party has abandoned all of its socialist principles, with the last Blair/Brown government becoming closet conservatives.

USA Today

Today the political choices in America are two shades of capitalism yet the country has one of the world's largest populations of working people who have no political voice whatever. With the declaration of the AFL-CIO withdrawing its financial support for the Democrats this is a significant step because it recognizes that it is incorrect for a worker's organization to be supporting the capitalist system when they should be ORGANIZING AGAINST IT!

The working people, the majority population of America, need jobs, job security, health care, better pay and working conditions, and they need proper representation in Washington hence the need for a party of labor that provides the right leadership and provides a vision of change for the American people. Such a party would fight to repeal anti labor legislation and support the return of the troops and fight against the bloated military budget which is now out of control. It must also fight to build industry and put America back to work. A party of labor is the only political option for change in America right now. This is a massive fight, but one that is an important step in building change in America, it is necessary but it is also a major challenge and needs to be supported by the working people of America, yet the aims of working people everywhere are common, and the fight is a common one.

Controlling the Means of Production

Ultimately it is necessary to take control of the means of production, this is the key to social change in society and this is about taking this element out of the hands of a minority (the capitalist class) that answers to no-one ultimately and not even board members. This in the only way we can have responsible industry that responds to the needs of society, and implements green technology and improves safety at work and considers the rights of the workers on an equal footing to the needs of industry.

The profit motive drives so many short-cuts in all areas of industry, workers today are working longer hours, with less safety precautions and the things that are produced are often dangerous or even lethal, yet production continues under the threat of job-losses, and in a recession no worker can afford to lose their job. This system allows under tested and lethal drugs to be put on the market, with a warning label that states the potential side effects in the littlest of letters which can include "death".

Controlling the means of production is vital to take the profit motive out the things we make and ensure that only the safest and well tested products are available to humanity, it is about ensuring every person has access to every product, not simply a societal elite, it is about considering what is produced and not just doing something because we can. We need to remove greed from the production line and produce things based on societal need.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
26th Apr 2014 (#)

An interesting and well written article. Thank you Grant

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
28th May 2014 (#)

Third parties and non-partisan movements are stirring up. Sadly, all too often third parties are kicking themselves in the feet by leaning even more to the right or left than the existing parties and being least willing to compromise. I think (hope) that the US saw that in our recent primaries. And I hope for more than change in November!! Thanks!

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author avatar Grant Peterson
29th May 2014 (#)

Phyl, I share your hope, but fear it will remain simply that - hope.

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