The Old West

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This short story is about Indian's who kill Johnny McCain's family in the 1880's ,and the future that waits for him.

The Old West

As the 1880's went on so did the wagon trains,and settlers being killed by Indians. That was part of life in the 1880's. As Johnny McCain grew up on his family farm he learned how to use a gun by his father everything Johnny knew about surviving in the wilderness he learned from his father.As Johnny got older his father sent Johnny to Parthia a town that was a 3 day ride to get to. But as normal Johnny being 18 years old now he was gladly to go for his father he would also see a town that Johnny seldom seined as Johnny lived near Charleston where he attended school till he graduated.Now a man he was his fathers splitting image after Johnny took care of business he headed back home to his family Johnny was almost home when he seined smoke from the farm Johnny thought Indians he got home faster then his horse had ever run before. Johnny found the body's of his family they were all dead.Johnny hated the Indians for what they done but in he knew that he could do nothing against a tribe of Indians. There were to many of them .As Johnny buried his family he decided to head north.After the days turned into months Johnny ran into this crazy old man he told some stories that's all they were Johnny though just something he made up .But Johnny was interested about the story of the ice caves so Johnny headed in the direction of the cave.

After a 4 day ride Johnny got to the ice cave he was amazed the old man was right Johnny went into the cave it felt a lot cooler as he walked into the cave as Johnny escaped the nearly 100 degree heat outside he sat on a large piece of ice ,and thought how cold it was getting in the cave then all of a sudden a landslide closed the entrance to the cave .Johnny was trapped no way out soon Johnny was losing feelings in different parts of his body as his last minutes went by Johnny thought soon he would be with his family. As Johnny slipped away he though of sleep as he faded away.No one every seined Johnny again or knew where he was.

Over 120 years later as miners were working they discovered the cave ,and cleared an entrance ,and the cave was open again after going inside the miners found Johnny's frozen body as they brought him out into the 90 degree heat the paramedic that was there in case needed by the miners thought he seen johnny's chest move slightly as the paramedic listened to Johnny's heart it was beating he was alive 2 beats every 50 seconds it was unbelievable .They rushed Johnny to a helicopter and life flighted him to the nearest hospital still packed with ice from the paramedics. Johnny was slowly brought back among-est the living he was told what year was ,and couldn't be-leave everything Johnny though seemed something out of a dream no one ever dreamed it was unbelievable.As Johnny's cousins were all dead but decedents of there's were alive Johnny still had relatives even if he didn't know them they made Johnny a part of there family .

As the next 6 months went by Johnny went through many different types of therapy he had to learn to walk again. As the year went by Johnny married a nurse from the hospital that Johnny became friends with ,and also helped take of Johnny.Soon Johnny's first child was born she was named Margret Ann McCain after his mother who he missed dearly in the summertime Johnny went to work teaching about the old west.


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27th Jul 2012 (#)

Great article. I love history of the American West.

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