The Ombudsman

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On the website for the Banking Ombudsman, Marzeus fills out the online form. It takes quite a while to get the whole story in order again.

The Ombudsman

Several days later he receives a letter from the Banking Ombudsman. They say his case is a matter for the Financial Ombudsman.

So, the story is all repeated again in a form to the Financial Ombud. Marzeus is quite sick of this by now. Is it worth the money?

Yes! It IS worth it! A bank practising unethical conduct must not be left to their sly tricks. Obviously they make millions by stealing monies here and there from their customers, in addition to their fees which have lately become quite unreasonable as their fees have in recent years just climbed and climbed and climbed, whilst the interest one can earn from them has declined and declined and declined.

It's obvious that the banking sector has fallen into a place where it will have to be redesigned to serve humanity better.

Three months later Marzeus is still unhappy with the situation, still unresolved with nobody responding to him. Out of desperation he emails Betty again, asking her reasons for not responding on the matter.

Another month later he receives a forwarded email from Betty, showing her asking somebody above her why she is still receiving emails on the matter from the client when she understood that the matter was resolved.

It's obvious that trying to solve the matter with the bank is as useless and hopeless as anything. They'll simply stay silent on it and hope that the client gives up. It's pathetic what society has come to.

Finally, another month later he receives a form letter from the Financial Ombudsman. It acknowleges receipt of the complaint, and advises that Marzeus not contact them before three months have expired.

And so, the waiting game continues.

Yet another month later, an email arrives from someone else at the Financial Ombud. Marzeus needs to fill in the enclosed form (which is exactly the same as the form he filled in for them previously).

In the form Marzeus needs to fill in how he'd like the situation to be resolved. He asks for the money PLUS interest at 10% per annum pro rata from the day they took it up till the day they send the cheque, plus R17 cheque deposit fee his current bank charges him.

This time he faxes the 21 page form & relevant documentation to them.

Finally, early one morning in early-December, Marzeus gets a call from the Financial Ombudsman. They tell him if the bank can prove they've paid him out too much, he doesn't have a case.

Marzeus's blood is boiling. He approached them to help him, not the scumbag bank!

Well, he tells the guy on the phone, if they can "prove" it, buh-ring it!

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