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Sexual abuse during childhood is a scar that one can probably never get rid off. Here is my attempt to look at this abuse from the culprit's point of view.

Chapter 1

A strange feeling swept through my body the moment the little 3 years old girl came into my arms and I held her close. I felt like I needed her. I wanted to touch and feel her. But I greeted her with a simple "Hello baby!" And she went back to her mother.

Her name was Namita. She was a sweet little baby who hardly knew this world. Her whole world revolved around her mother, father and grandparents. They were my next door neighbors.

My first meeting with Namita left me feeling restless and the desire to get her in my arms grew much stronger as the days passed. Finally, three days later, I gathered the courage to knock on their door. Namita's grandma opened the door and she seemed worried. I asked her if everything was fine. She requested me to come in and took me straight to Namita's room. I looked around the room and there were toys scattered all around on the floor. And finally in one corner I spotted two big eyes, filled with tears. As I walked up to her, she looked a bit hesitant, but a moment later she walked into my arms. The same feeling rushed through my body, almost instantly, as it had happened on the first day I met her.

Namita's parents were working, and had not returned from office yet. They were late and that made the little girl restless. I asked Namita's grandma if I could take the girl home for a while. Grandma was more than happy to accept my offer as she had a couple of daily serials to watch.

I carried Namita to my home holding her a little tight in my arms. My heart was pounding loud in my chest and I was still struggling to comprehend my feelings. As I entered the home, I closed the door behind me. I was staying alone in my apartment since a few days, as my wife and kids had gone to their grandparent’s home for a vacation.

I took the girl to my kids' room and gave her their toys to play. While she was engrossed in playing, I went to my bedroom and from under the clothes in the almirah, I sneaked out a book which I owned since I was in my mid twenties. On the cover were written two large alphabets - "KS"...!!


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
6th May 2016 (#)

Well, this is one reason why I never leave my child alone with strangers and neighbours. Been there seen it know it walked away and lived.
A culprit isn't direct and I know so as I have been there but you know the warning signs.

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author avatar Lavanya
7th May 2016 (#)

@Lady Aiyanna: I understand what it feels to be on the receiving end in scenarios like these. The sad part is how the culprit makes our family elders believe that their child is safe with him. Even more sad that is that it is not always girls who are victims, even boys are falling prey!! :(

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author avatar Lesa Cote
8th Feb 2020 (#)

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