The Paragon of virtue

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An erratic story of a boy and a girl... who finds their way in a world of love which is pure and untamed of the devious things.

The Paragon of virtue

On a cold chilly Sunday morning of Central Delhi, When India Gate was covered all around with fog and people were enjoying the early morning walk, She took a deep relaxing breath after a long walk. After a series of events in her life, she had managed to take control of her life again and she had been successful in doing so. The cold breeze was one of her favorite thing which made her lively again. It was like thousands of little living creatures filling out positive energy in her. The long India Gate walk had been one of the best habits she had adapted since that incident. She loved the chilly wave of air as it tangled her hair. She loved the smell of the flowers as if they gave her a reason to smile. And to some surprise, She also enjoyed listening to the chirping of the birds which can only be heard in early morning. She also loved the water droplets on her face from the fountain in the middle lane of the road. And in all these weeks she had found one more partner to beautify her walk, A little boy, Arun, who sells Pen to survive each day. That little boy gave her reasons to be thankful for the life she have got and also made her realize she is beautiful as a pair of eyes captured her daily.

On the other side of the India gate sat a young man who had been coming to the India gate for a morning walk from years now. But he had his own reasons to trace the India Gate route. He loved the misty covered structure that handled all the season in different beautiful scenes. The picture perfect fountain which covered the middle area of the lanes leading to Rashtrapati Bhavan. He loved the broad lanes covered with flowers on the either sides. He loved to capture the beautiful mysterious structure that covered the central Delhi. Capturing the scenes in his DSLR made him explore more. Photography was a passion he adapted after a devastating past which made him hungry for exploration. He found the street intimidating as the street had something or the other to explore or capture. He used to take photos of little kids selling something or the other. He used to capture the moment of fire burning by the Corn Seller and also the innocence of the newly born baby in lap of her mother. And in past few weeks, he had sit there and tried to analyze the things around him like the little boy ,Arun, who each day holds the hand of a girl and made her cross the road. He had captured the scene multiple times but the scene always made him wonder in which world can he find a such a down to earth beautiful girl but what could be the possible reason of her sadness.

It was like Arun was a string of connection between the two souls where each saw the world with different angles. And to their surprise, little Arun knew each side of the story. After god, Arun was the sole surviving witness of Payal and Krishna's story. Arun played his role well as he used to tell Krishna about the smile Payal passed when she hears about Krishna capturing her beauty.

January started with a spark in Delhi eyes beaming with Sun rays. Delhi was pleased for it was a new year and also because the sun gave some relief to the cold winters. In all the joyous reasons, Krishna thought to give himself a chance and asked Arun to pass a rose to Payal. Innocent and Mischievous,12 years old, Arun sensed love in the air and passed the message. Arun wanted to convey other realties as well but thought not to speak up for now. He arranged the meeting of Krishna and Payal.

Season was changing and Delhi had started to feel little warm and cozy and so were Payal and Krishna's feeling. Over the days of analyzing Payal, Krishna realized she liked walking the road holding hands of Arun and over the stories of Arun, Payal knew about Krishna's biggest passion of photography and analyzing. Little Arun was like a messenger of god, angel or more of a paragon of virtue. Over the days, Payal's hand was held by Krishna as insisted by Arun and Krishna and Payal enjoyed that. Payal could sense the goosebumps in Krishna's hands as he took her hand and Krishna could see the smile on her face as well. And Arun loved to see the air around them. Arun haven't seen both of them happy before.

Out in the air, when everything was being sensed and felt and calculated, One thing still remained misty. Their silence. It had been weeks since they met and since then they both used to walk together hands in hands but they haven't spoken anything yet. It was as if their story dint needed any communication. Everything was obvious and everything was being sensed. All their time was utilized in either watching Arun or in Krishna's photography.

Krishna couldn’t help but he was getting restless now. He wanted to let Payal know his love. But he was afraid as he dint' knew a single thing about her. But his heart said she loved him back. He knew she won't be afraid of the truth and she will never run away. He was afraid his ability of never hearing and never speaking will make Payal leave him then and there. But he decided it was time for some honesty for he trusted his love more than the reality. He couldn’t ask Arun about the feelings of Payal as Arun wasn’t around for last few days.

Payal was somewhere or the other in the same zone. She wanted to know why hadn't Krishna spoken anything over the days they had met. She was afraid if he was also goofing around with her. Millions and trillions of thoughts stuck her as she admitted her love for Krishna. She wanted to let him know her story and how she lost her vision in the terrorist attack of Sarojini Nagar and how eagerly she wanted him to take her hand and love her gently but she was scared. She wanted to have Arun around as she spoke with Krishna but she was helpless.

As the night passed, both decided to tell their story once they meet in the morning at the India gate structure. India Gate had become special for them as it was the building where they first met. As Delhi woke up, India Gate witnessed its love bird in the distance. That day, They both sat near the fountain. The cold wind wasn’t so cold and the sun wasn’t up yet. The structure stood firmly and calmly as always. The birds chirped little loudly that day.
Krishna gathered his guts and moved his palm pointing first in his direction then onto his heart and then in Payal's direction signalling his love for her. He realized Payal dint gave any reaction but her lips moved. Payal's lips simultaneously uttered- "I love you." but her ears couldn’t catch any words in response. Krishna tried to figure out the words uttered from Payal's mouth and Payal tried to sense any reaction from Krishna's side. But nothing. Not a single positive reaction. Payal cursed herself for being blind. Krishna cursed himself for being deaf. And they both then wished for Arun to be around.

To their frustration, Krishna saw tears in Payal's eyes so he took Payal's hand in his hand. He repeated his gesture again letting her know he loves her. As Payal realized the hand movement, to Krishna's amaze, Payal eyes gave a relaxing look and her lips curved smilingly as she started hitting him and suddenly tugged him in her arms. Sheepish Krishna realized the turn of events and out of control tugged her back.

Like a light bearing angel, Arun came out of the blue in the scene and hugged both of them tightly. Laughingly Arun wiped tears off Payal's eyes and gave her a tight hug and said - "I knew Didi. You will find the best man on this earth. And I know Krishna bhaiya cannot speak or hear but can see all your pains." Arun turned to a confused Krishna and told him in sign language - "I am happy for you bhaiya. She is the best person. Even though she can't see, she will paint all your dreams into reality." To an amaze they both realized the equation being solved, their confusion vanished into the air. The mystery got resolved for both of them. She realized the silence over the weeks had its own reason. And to his surprise he loved Payal more now who took daring efforts to tell him about her love. And that was a time Krishna and Payal forgot about their disabilities but loved each other more and more. Krishna saw Payal with more respect and Payal in turn held his hand more warmly.

Over the years, Krishna and Payal got married and Arun was their godfather. And soon after their marriage, they got legal paper work done to adopt Arun, the little street boy, who was the thread of their love story. Payal and Krishna completed each other and Arun added stars to their complete family.

They lived happily ever after.



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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Feb 2018 (#)

Part of your love story I take it. Boy, if that were reality in India, elopement is a possibility but this is not.
There are other things to learn blinds are almost always accompanied with others in India especially India Gate, Delhi area as it is 99% chance of rape in those areas.

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author avatar ScatteredPages
25th Feb 2018 (#)

Hi Lady Aiyanna,

You might have seen a different face of India... Well, I agree Delhi is now being a victim of rapist but not all indians are bad/rapist.
And yes blind people are almost accompanied but I had a friend once who was blind and was independent.... There are few exceptions in the society.

Well the story was fictional... and i will for sure work on the flaws next time for sure.

Thanks a ton for dedicating your time for the long story.
I hope to stand up to your expectations next time..😍😊

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author avatar Prachi Sethi
28th Feb 2018 (#)

What an amazing story.
Loved the way it flows and depicts true love. ❤️ 👏🏻👏🏻

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