The Park in the Cemetery.

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The peacefulness of a Cemetery. The visitors to a grave-side. The thoughts one has.

The Park in the Cemetery.

by.......©PaulWADE 2011

Sitting among those who have passed,
in beautiful gardens - trees and grass,
visitors allow their tears to flow,
their people's places, marked in stone,
under they sleep alone in the dark,
found peace they’d craved, then turn to bone,
in mindless quiet, under walkers above,
those who remain, try to show love,
for many - too late, others too soon,
not only wolves howl at the moon...

Here's another, somewhat lighter in a similar vain.

A Ghostly Chant...
by... ©PaulWADE 2012

I entered the room, no one looked around
people continued talking in murmuring sounds
as I moved across the room, cautiously, slowly
I could feel no air, or warmth, nor candles scented flow
not even one of the company glanced
looked my way with interest, or askance
my urge to speak was, of a sudden stifled
with trembling fingers my face I riffled
either empty, or gone with cold hands of lead
it all came clear, I’m a ghost, I’m dead.
How is it I see, why do I hear
these people, the living, have no care, nor fear
looking down, the floor passes me under
with a simple thought I move forward in wonder
do feelings have memory, to me it seemed
all and any, were vague as a dream
so the wall came closer, I passed on through
no goodbye to the people, I felt I once knew
is this the peace we are told of since birth
I still can not say, as I drift from this earth.


Death To Death, Peace And Quiet, Poem

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author avatar PaulWADE - PulpKult
Poetry, observation on a fairly long life of changes and events.
A Novel is (I hope) in the making, I shall talk about that more, later on no doubt.

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