The Past Makes Us Who We Are!

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This poem is about how every little thing we do helps makes us who we are. No matter how little we may think the act was or how much we try to run away from it. Everything we do shapes who we are.

Memories of the past help us grow

In the rivers of time past
We find memories that last.
Memories of the past
Memories we thought we buried
Under all the tall grass.

Memories that show us
How much we have grown.
Memories that help us understand the unknown.

Past memories have more meaning than you may think

Life is like a merry-go-round.
We all go round and round
Getting off to let our feet touch the ground.

We realized that we wish to regain the wonders of childhood
But through adult eyes.
We wish to regain some of the joy
That we left behind on the playground.
But, we live in a new old town.

Everything we do makes us who we are!!

We realize that certain things have circled through our lives.
Once we have learned the lesson that must be learned
We come full circle.
Only to find that there are other lessons that we need to learn.

Remembering the past helps with learning lesson in the future.
We continue to build our lives with these great lessons.
At some point realizing that they all make us who we are.
That the choices we make and the roads we choice to follow
All have meaning no matter how little they are.
They all helped make us who we are, so have no regrets of the past.
The past has great power, the power that shaped who you are!!!!!!


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author avatar JoshuaClayton
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Yes! Great article.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Brendamarie, I love this poetry. This is poetry at it's best. I didn't always know that the past makes us what we are now but I learned that along the way. Smiles to you today and always!

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author avatar brendamarie
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Nancy, I am so glad, you got so much from this poem.

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author avatar Carol Roach
18th Sep 2015 (#)

lovely poem hon, keep them up

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Indeed and lovely poem my dar, cheers!

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
19th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. Nice advice.

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author avatar peachpurple
19th Sep 2015 (#)

lovely poem, brighten up my day

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author avatar Shamarie
19th Sep 2015 (#)

I love the tone of this piece, Brenda! The poem really put me in a great mood. Thanks for sharing!!!

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author avatar Carol
19th Sep 2015 (#)

A lovely poem and such true sentiments

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author avatar Sherri Granato
20th Sep 2015 (#)

Creative, beautiful and prophetic words. It is strange how things do circle our lives, sometimes over and over. Life lessons I guess.

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Sep 2015 (#)

Yes everything we have experienced has made us who we are today. Another good share. You make us think. Blessings.

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author avatar onenow
21st Sep 2015 (#)

I agree that the past has brought us to where we are, here and now.

I also think it is very important that we learn what the past has to teach us, and then move on.

Sometimes our stories tend to keep us stuck in the past, but there is no denying that we are who we are because of the experiences we have had in the past.

Thanks for the thought provoking article.

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author avatar brendamarie
22nd Sep 2015 (#)

Thank-you all for you wonderful comments

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Sep 2015 (#)

Though past is well past, they leave their mark, or even scars, on our psyche to define who we are.

Thanks Brendamarie for this meaningful take - siva

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
18th May 2016 (#)


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