The Path of Flames

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A short story from long ago about a long forgotten island


Sycora is a city you have never heard of, it does not exist on any map and there is no words written about the once fabeled city in any history books. Sycroa is said to be a city of such beauty and splendor that god himself had to smite it just to show his power but this of cource is a falicy, Sycora is...should I say was a city much like any other. True it was beautiful but not anything like the tall tales that people tell, but soon even they will stop telling the stories for it is whispered that to pass on the name of Sycora is a curse.
But that is not true at all and that is why I am telling you this tale with my last breaths for despite everything I myself am merely a humble woman and I have seen such terrors that the memories of that day are emblazoned in my every thought and dream. I am telling you this my children for you should know the tale of my last days amongst the sky people and the last time I ever saw my beloved city.

The City that Was

Sycora was a beautiful city located on the western edge of the great Sumer Empire, the island was built around the great twin mountains of Sy and Chreen and the city was a great place of wonders and spender. It had tall buildings that stretched to the skies where the sky people would often come. The sky people looked like us but they were different, their skin was a stone grey colour and they were so slender and skinny and yet they were smart, incredibly smart, legends say they taught our people science and how to make the shining metals. I guess it was our knowing of science that led to our destruction.

The Last Day

It was the last day of the summer time and I had met your father the night before and he was still asleep on the bed behind me. I had smiled knowing that after what we had done last night I would never be the same again. It was because of him that I had survived that day, because of him I had not joined the science counsel when they completed their experiments on the twin mountains. If I had not met your father I would have been inside the mountain when the experiments when bad, but at the time I had not known this, instead I was on the balcony watched the city and the twin mountains and then I saw it. The first mountain Sy shifted, it looked like a ripple in a cloth at first and for a moment I was shocked into silence and did not realize what was happening and then a second later I heard the distant rumble and it was then that I knew something was terribly wrong.
'Myror get up!' I shouted and then it happened as if answer to my warning.
The mountain exploded outwards, in one instant the mountain vanished and was replaced by an ever expanding wall of soil and rock and then a second later within the rock like a demon shedding off the skin of its host as it ripped its way into reality so too did the mountains wrath show its true self as the grey and brown dirt was replaced by red and orange lava and it was in that moment that I turned cold and ran. I lept over the bed and grabbed Myror who had just awoken and turned to see the explosion just as the lava revealed itself. His face had a look of pure stupefaction that was I am sure the same expression I had on my face to.
I gripped his wrist and I started to run, we were both naked and running through the house. I have no idea how but made it to the front door and pulled it open before I noticed I had left my cat behind and the cat had hidden under a bench with her ear's pulled back and a snarl on her lips but the scientist in me knew that we did not have time and I opened the door and ran outside....


We ran for our lives, I had no direction or destination I simply ran away from the mountains. Myror was somewhere behind me and being a slightly overweight man he was slower then me. Several times I caught myself having ran several meters ahead of him and I had to force myself to wait for him to catch up and on one such occasion I saw that the lava sliced through the homes and buildings that had made up the central ten miles of the massive city. The lava was still spreading out and then a second later the second mountain exploded out and sent a shock wave of super compress air across the city as its base was blasted out and I saw a the top half kilometer of the mountain sent quite visibly upwards. I did not quite get to see where it went because a moment later a waver of compressed hot air slammed into us and sent us hurling sideways.


A moment later I found myself halfway down the street and on the ground, how exactly I had gotten there was a mystery but all I knew was that we had to run. Myror was nearby and I grabbed him and we ran. Behind us there was a roar as a wall of superheated ash formed a pyroclastic flow that expanded outwards and rushed towards us, the mountains were a good twenty miles away but I knew deep down that even that would not take long for the ash to reach us. So we ran onwards, ever onwards, no looking back now! There was only the running and the surviving. We ran through streets and past other fleeing people and then when the streets seemed to have no end we reached the shoreline.


We had reached the shoreline and there were many boats, most of which were still tethered since almost everyone was asleep when the explosion hit. We ran towards the closest boat and untethered it and got in. The next few minuets would in tale a frantic escape from the island and then when were a bit further away from the shore.
After what seemed and eternity of escape we stopped rowing and turned back but there was nothing left of my beloved Sycora. The city that was had been replaced by a cloud of menacing black ash that was expanding into the sea. I saw that the sleek silver sky ships the sky people used were hovering around and they seemed to be monitoring everything but soon they too left. That was the last I ever saw of the sky people, they never turned after Sycora was destroyed and within a decade the Sumer Empire crumbled after that.
I still remember my homeland and it even left me a mark on my arm, for you see during my escape a tiny fleck of lava had hit my arm, I had not noticed it at the time since the lava was so hot it killed my nerves and so my arm had felt icy cold and not burning hot, I of course had noted several hours later when my arm had trouble moving and by then I had this marble sized stone as part of my arm. Here children and grandchildren have a look.


Oh...I feel it now, my heart I think I am ready now but before I go let my complete my tale. Your father and I we fled to the last city called Babylon which was the only city to survive the fall of the Sumer people. But I fear even that will someday fall and we shall all be forgotten so children please do not forget...the...the name...Sycora...


Babylon, Babylonia, Babylonian, Eruption, Vulcanic Eruptions, Vulcanization

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