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The first five books of the bible are called the Pentateuch, originally it was one book, comprise of the children of Israel exodus from Egypt to the promise land which in poetic imagery was flowing with milk and honey.

The Ten Commandments

The Genesis touch fills me with delight,
And there was no night that stars did not shine,
Before sin hides the glow from our sight,
Weak minds, rob the length of allotted time.
A gateway prevails into the formless earth,
Wasteful insurgency covers the surface.
To shelter from the storm of Gods wrath,
Time elapse, found probabilities in space.
Engrafted state conceit everything that grows,
Intrigue holds the light for a little moment,
And the danger presented doesn't always shows,
The secret of Satan’s influence and comment.
While the youth of beauty gradually decay
And changed the day into shades of gloom,
Every particle of inch went vile and stray,
From the dimness of equals hides perfection.
The outward decline, begun in Genesis
When all things shrunk in the shrouding mist,
Closed doors came upon the lovely bliss,
And chase light from Eden’s innocent crest.
Spiraling joy parted quickly into a chasm,
Creation made the dry dust unveil tears,
Immortality turned into sweat and retribution,
Soon, the pain would swallow the toil of years.
The erring child raise up hope and began
The potentials pursuit of things, once evade,
Soften grace watered the plot of land,
God looked with sorrow upon things he made.
Men hear cherubim’s beaten wings near
Fear sure and sap the remaining strength,
Tranquility rise and flatten upon the air
Like death, paradise wreath leaves the earth.
When I consider everything, Genesis had given
Temptation unveil the failure twice befell,
In death, conceived truth we know of heaven,
And all on earth would need now to avoid hell.
Now darkness becomes a source of strength,
There is night, and emblem of humanity’s might,
Break through the clouds with weaker breath,
And the Ark appeared triumphant in radiant light.
A dove on the wing flies swiftly over the waters
Life knew the return of seed time and harvest,
Ours was the day, to see the beauty of flowers
While we may live in hope to attain the best.

Moses was set adrift on the Nile in bulrushes,
The freedom fighter had encounters with God,
And trembled at the sight of the burning bushes
Mountains quake, earth trembles, heaven is a flood.

With rain, thunder peals, and lightning flashes,
Exodus begins with the terrors of Gods wrath,
The storm in converse, moving to battle marches
End the endless servitudes that deny good health.
God is a deliverer, the most daring commander,
Write the laws for generations to understand.
Hear children crying from far, and draws nearer
In the clouds going by crossing the burning sand.
Echoes of the storm warning through retribution,
After enduring advice with death and curse strife,
The end of grief made the brief choice of freedom,
A Passover for angels to hand out generous relief.
Ten terrible plagues did not cleanse their mild faith,
Only approves of pride where arduous sin survives,
Stubborn and steep, the rank street stank with death,
Sweeping aside the familiar and magical voices.
Exodus, going out of one mess into another wilderness,
To Mount Sinai, memories made the hardship escape,
When tabernacle blesses, holy war rebellion possesses
The ten commandments people’s mind could not keep.
Troops scattering and stumbling off their feet,
Fall upon civil heaps into the deep trampling waves,
Pharaoh’s host would lie silent forever in defeat,
Piled up at the bottom of the trackless seas.
Turn of events snatch away the cruel margin of duty,
Rest for the weary, in the land Moses never knew,
The wandering warriors finished foreign captivity
And after forty years the pleasant land was in view.
Conclusion, salvation is Gods promise blessing
Hope for the future that our offspring may inherit,
Egypt was left empty, the perils of a world becoming
A weaker state of humanity than Eden exhibit.

God called to account the conduct at the camp
Israelite's and priests, and the Levites on duty,
Once before in the garden, God had fellowship,
When Eden was lush and green with pure beauty.
Leviticus made a sacrifice departure from Sinai
Seeking lawful legislation for society to live by,
And let laws become all the duty it should be,
Seen plain as a dream to provide means for Levi.
When people conceive sin, in malicious scheme,
Then let the priesthood be judges in the land,
Where God’s commandments are highly esteem
By priests performing deeds, we don’t understand.
From the congregation, money was not tributary
Expressly measured to appease elegies and dirges,
Instead, burned offerings meet and greet regularly
Repetitions being naturally known in all cases.
Fine flour and meat scattered at the Elders feet,
Calves from the farm and lambs to the slaughter,
All the innocent streams runs along to the mercy seat,
Trailing with rituals burning upon the sanctified Alter.
Discover secret phenomenon which distinguishes humans,
Some things seemed forbidden, enormous and detestable,
But the offerings made by fire unto the Lord made amends
And Full recompense, the conscience blend and tremble.
Rise above the Altar in the shadow of grace forgiven
An elusive smell was the fragrance of a saintly savior,
Splash his blood against the inside of every nation
Drained out for our transgressions, where ashes are.
Animal sacrifices made mankind hail and climb clouds
To please the Might above the heavenly twinkling sky,
An internal aroma, burning below the windfall floods
Trailer with tears down the rivers in years ran slowly.
Sheep or goats bull and blood, pastoral and herdsman
Some of the crumble belong to Aaron and his Levi sons,
Loaves made without yeast bring grains cooked in a pan,
Connect to region and religion by the internal organs.
All the season’s first fruits crushed in seedless sums.
Kohathites trimmers wrapped in leathers to empty the can,
Attend meetings, holy strings, and curtains on most things,
The ceremony of ordinances regulates sanctuary consecration.
By clans and lands, lay hands upon partials from everyone.
Restitution for wrong, Leviticus demand of ritual precedents,
So they will not defile the camp with impurity of any kind
Spellbound in dust and water miscarries for the innocents.
Sacrifice of the tabernacle made the lamp stand blossom,
Retire and be content celebrate until the morning break,
In waves present community blessings of the native born,
Call everyone with the trumpet loud blast the signal make.
Vows race through life on high from the mouth of a Nazirite
To bless you and keep you; then to awake and wander late,
God Make his face to shine upon you bright as heavenly light,
The sun always shining, followed by grace through the gate.

Wayward sands dunes passed by in the desert,
Drifts further away with more generous numbers,
Then the census arrangements willing to count,
Young grains not derailed by the craze of grumblers.
At twenty, identified scouts, enter military service,
Command the grasp of complex arithmeticians,
The subtractions lost a generation to odd choice,
But a new sense of additions and multiplications.
Took up holy residence working in the sanctuary,
Duties define, God says, the Levites shall be mine,
Liturgies of priestly blessings a guide to the galaxy,
Leave prism crawl in the desert forty years behind.
All who went forth to war are cocoon in a desert strip?
Advantage rise and fall, murmur instead of marching,
Worship and fellowship, all enlist regret leaving Egypt,
When clouds settled, camped feelings came running.
Numbers slip away from the firstborn into millions
By election, choices of some outstanding human,
Baptist love can increase hope in different persons
Offer solutions, Moses assistants, share the burden.
Like a colossal wall, the standard degree stood stall,
Around the tabernacle, tassels on garments grip,
The survivals slip, Gods got a strategic plan for all,
Aaron budding staff blossomed while they sleep.
Korah, Dathan, and Abiram took their last breath,
Contempt sent the ground under to split asunder,
Fate opens wide, hides grime in the mouth of earth,
Scatter the coals with censers and overlay the Alter.

Some spies went away to the land within reach,
Their knowledge streamed a tormented dream,
Amid the uproar, not every pedigree crossed in breach,
Failed lives applied to lies, tell about what is unseen.
Miracles emerge, descend with the morning’s Holy Trails,
In the darkest evening of the day, a cool wind sweep
Heaven’s doors open, and filled downy clouds with quails
Those regretting mistakes went quite dark and deep.
While some weep, others slipping tears, heaven cares,
Life is beautiful, with a complex number of things
Not stopping, except death, who unbolts the rules
Sabbath breakers and custodians allow diminishing s.
Bring supplementary offerings for unintentional sins,
Following the footprints where Israel spent walking,
Towards the promise land where prosperity begins,
With milk and honey, and the cleansing steam flowing.
We are told responsibility will caress the soul,
Aaron journey at an end, no homecoming with friends,
In that day, we too may look at the serpent on the pole,
Repeat apostle’s creed, before departing to moving ends.
Reflection on Numbers linking the Exodus rethinking,
Bridging gap between sandy times and Gods severity,
Mind and common vines, pomegranates that are missing
Foreshadowing Gods sovereign love and harmony.
He sheltering from judgment all the nations of earth,
The Lord is long suffering and has granted great mercy,
By two immutable things, it is impossible for God to lie.
In the city of refuge, there is the consolation for the guilty.
Miriam marred visage dies tinkling the tambourines
With family obsession, burial plot on top of mount Hor,
Blemish days ended wandering through the wilderness,
Creative craftsmanship stripped poor Aaron to the floor.
In the place of thunder; strives the waters of Meribah,
Moses express his feelings struck the rock with a mood,
The atmosphere around him became black as sackcloth,
Heaven replied back, this wasn’t an act to be proud.
From the highest chamber converted scarlet thread mark,
A line held long enough to measures promises untaught,
Soldiers couldn’t find Rehab fortunate work in the dark,
Lied and hide the spies in a place they couldn’t be caught.
The giant Og was sprawled on a bedstead of iron logs,
Needlessly, numbers initiated idolatry and fornication,
Bending to pain, dependents equal to the strain of doubts,
Nothing good gain only heaviness drawing into town.

Upon a pony express, angels loose the donkey man blues,
Balac choose to curse Israel, while Balaam gave his blessing,
Went greedily after rewards, saw Israel upon bended knees,
Strong and reigning, grazing in pastures of the morning.
Numbers increase again by tribes and mansions of families,
Joshua inherits the legacy of power and possessions plundered,
Sacrifices offered morning and evening, Sabbaths and festivals,
Vows, oaths and obligations, the limits of Canaan honored.

A collection of sermons repeat around the camp fire,
Mingled in with the darkness, reflection, and decay
The land remain was for the new generation to inspire,
Travelers which yet survive saw vision stretch far away.
Fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills;
Israel walked in those paths waxing strong and bold,
Footwear of Ironstone's dig for gold into the brass holes,
Never worn out, in a land where we’ll never grow old.
With mighty works before entering the Promised Land,
Unconquerable passion tread forward into new breath,
Shake off the dust near them upon the burning sand,
Moses delivered his whole heart, soul, and strength.
Deuteronomy trip on the high wind, a whistleblowing
On this side of Jordon, remember the servant in the land,
Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it, and do nothing
By turning self aside to the left or to the right hand.
Home by the wind, sweeping over valleys and vales,
Leaving the desert games where the sand dunes drift,
Moses rehearse the journey and some uneventful tales,
Sleek and reclining, walking muscles stretch and stiff.
Out from days that the cloud covers, looms the shade,
Beyond this camping place hides the meddling of years,
At last, possession peace clutch the circumstances made
A horror of judgment, Gods wrath mingled with tears.
On Pisgah heights, Moses was not allowed to enter Canaan
But he saunter about with an easy conscience free look,
The consolation was to be buried by God as an orphan,
His confession of identity and loyalty met a swift block.
Sighing like at first unwilling, accept that justice is fair
God reinforcing faithfulness, obedience, and blessings,
Deuteronomy is the covenant that binds ultimate care
In allegiance to God; of conquest instructions in all things.
The mightiest fear, God’s statutes, and judgments are near
Examine all the days of life, many more years may prolong,
In the land flowing with milk and honey, therefore hear
O Israel, and teach diligently, the Lord you God is one.
He gives great and goodly cities build already full of things
Eat Mana, and be intrigued, tempted to go back in retreat,
Earthly joys can’t compare to heavenly pleasures it forms,
Redeem again, the Lord shall deliver you from defeat.
Blessings of the Lord shall increase more beasts in the fields,
From the stretched out arm and his wonders to perform,
Divine terror in the heart, make no graven images of their gods
Lest it becomes a snare and evil disease comes with harm.
Deuteronomy is the second law of command to observe,
As a man chasten his son, so the Lord chastise his own,
Testify against the day, wickedness shall not survive
Who can stand when cities are fenced up forlorn?
The uprightness of a clean heart is a perfect place to start
The children of Anakims, consume all, stand great and tall,
A day would come when they will fall from their height
And someone mighty will drive them outside of the wall.
Horeb horrible turn tore into the two tablets of stone
Made Covenant words brew abode in the angry mount,
Written with the finger of God wrath all over rebellion,
Calf on fire, blot out the names that were already burnt.
The second tables of stone came safely down into the ark,
Where Levi had no part or inheritance with their brethren,
God requires people to take delight in the way they walk,
With all their heart, soul and mind beholding heaven.
Greatness of the Lord has not been known until then
The children saw miracles overturning prancing horses,
Enemy in the gate came galloping chariots into the rain,
Great is our God, watery waves sunk devices in praises.
Blessings of the latter rain season came into the place,
From the beginning of the year, the land yielded fruit,
And lay up kind words in the heart of good substance
As forefronts between the eyes that scribes shall write.
Deeds about the safety of blessing and harm in cursing,
Burnt offerings and sacrifices, may observe and give
Shelter to the poor out of the floor of liberal thinking,
Inheritance tithes and vows show how well they serve.
Consecration has a human heart sealed by divine grace,
Nature of humanity is stark; yet with beautiful imagery,
Devouring insatiable lust we hide informs dress to taste,
The nectar of culture dark side characters always hungry.
Deuteronomy charcoal portrayal of three appointed feasts,
Abib Keep the Passover, feast of the weeks, and tabernacles,
Give as justice Able, acceptable judgments in all increase,
Forbid near the Alter; planting of groves and dexterity trees.
Matters too hard between blood and blow of angry stroke,
Desire of mind with corn and wine, agility make the most,
Warning against heathen practice, in prophecy Moses spoke
About a prophet on the way to walk down on the quiet coast.
The battle is the Lord’s, so let not your hearts faint in war
Lest you die for the unknown murderer’s crime,
Return to your house and proclaim peace to your neighbor,
And all the various laws that remain shall be thine.
In a tangled way of life, we may live wailing most with chastity
Grip by the things we hate, meet virtues of token in the gate
Of that city which plays the whore in the holiest mystery,
Discover there are some things we are not allowed to take.
Briefly excluded from the congregation Ammonite and Moabite
Unfriendly foes in the way, cross without bread and water,
No priestly care venerates every wicked thing of the Edomite,
Sanitation paddled upon the weapons of war to deliver.
Take heed in the plague of leprosy, no abuse, and usury,
Bring out the pledge, reasons to judge on the Alter high
Silent pain sent messages of the broken heart story,
Children cry, replied with tears, God heard their fathers sigh.
They spoke pale and weak, bondman in the land of Egypt,
Condemn to be beaten above and beyond many stripes,
Night and day, till they bore the city filled with images to greet,
Outreach travelers find themselves in difficult circumstances.
The Lord met Amalek by the way and smote the hindermost
Of them in secret places, because their perverted judgment,
To the strangers, fatherless and widows rise with ghost
Before the day come again and open the treasures sent.
No howling pains shall fray them away in mildew carcass
Smitten by madness, powder rain turn into dust and grain,
The frail longing of day flies to the ends of earthly phase,
Every itching inch of scab peruses the sight longing to gain.
Evil walked in their imagination turn and pass the root
That bears gall, see plagues in the land curses and covenant,
The secret things belong unto the lord they knew not,
Great indignation lost a generation that wasn’t relevant.
Deuteronomy came to pass when these things were done,
Angels drove out from the utmost parts of heaven,
Must seek the realms of light to make amends under the sun,
People want to obey Gods voice with gifts given to them.
Write the song, teach your children not to hide their faces
In the sand, when many evil woes and troubles shall befall,
Make feeble spirits groan, fold and flutter on high places,
God will make for your head a crown, of an invincible wall.
How shall one chase a thousand with cruel venom?
A fire shall burn from the lowest hell and consume earth,
Scatter the wind into corners and consider their latter end
Wet the glittering sword to vanquish adversary’s breath.
Moses blesses the tribes of Israel; from Paran came flames,
Ten thousand saints congregate, sat in the entrance and waited.
Bless the Lord with all your substance up from the plains,
There is land to inherit while the natural forces are not abated.


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