The Persian Empire and their History of Gods

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The Persian Empire is one massive piece of ancient history. The Persian themselves are often represented as dark and evil in some way today, regardless they are a ancient people with a deep mythology. Their different religious beliefs changed as time went on, and as different prophets and religious beliefs emerged on the world scene. Read on to find out more about the beliefs and mythology of the Persian people.

The Ancient Persians

The Persians are an ancient peoples, who today in western movies are depicted as a mystical and magical. And from the stand point of their belief systems, I suppose they were. The Persian Empire was a succession of dynasties in Persia, which is modern day Iran. Cyrus the Great established the first Persian Dynasty. Like most ancient cultures the Persians had their own mythologies, which I would say was basically their religion of the day. The earliest Persians like many early people, worshipped nature deities. And as in many other mythologies from all around the world they had their own fertility god, Tishtrya. They also had they deity Anahita, the goddess of all oceans and lakes.

The Magi

It is said the three famous kings who were the three wise men who visted Jesus, were indeed the Magi. Priests of the Persian nature god cult.

The Gods of Persia

Different Persian soldiers used to worship different gods. Like Verethragna the god of victory and Vishnu, the Hindu god who was born tens times over to make battle with demons. Mithra was another of the Persian gods. One legend has it that Mithra killed a bull containing the strength of the earth inside it, he sprinkled the bulls blood over the land bringing fertility to the world.

Humans are often depicted as gods in mythology, and Persian myths are the same. Hero's such as Faridun went from mortal man to god, probably not in his own life time. He fought with and won against a horrible beast, which he then imprisoned at the end of the world.

In the first and second centuries Mithra became a very important diety in Persian religion, and was known as the god of light. He was an epic hero fighting evil doing his all to save the all important creation. Zoroaster was next for the Persians, brought and ushered in by a prophet named Zoroaster. His ideas and beleifs spread through Persia like wild fire, so much so it became a established Persian religion.

The ancient gods then became saints, known as Yazatas. Zoroasterism's main god was Ahura Mazda, his arch enemy was the the evil god Ahriman. Legend has it that Zoroaster himself is the sun of Ahura Mazda. Amesha Spentas are the seven spirits Zoroaster said were creations guardians. Fravashi were the spirits Zoroaster said looked after people, and helped those who asked.

Persepolis was a great Persian city and parts of it still stand in modern day Iran. Their are still mythical bull headed creatures guarding their Gate Of All Nations. Gate Of All Nations, sounds like an ancient U.N to me.

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How interesting. I do enjoy reading articles like this. I always learn something.

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Funnily they claimed the Islamic world not to be idol worship peers but evidence suggests as with the legends, they had lots of them. The truth of their existence is buried in their sands and not the people of the modern day.

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very interesting comment thanks

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