The Petros freak show

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There's nothing that brings the dancing talent out in someone like the excruciating sting of a trigger-happy insect.

The Petros freak show

We're sitting on the patio of Canyon Manoir at night, having had supper and socialization.

Suddenly Petros jumps up like a crazy person, screaming "OUCH!!!!!!"

Of course Mother and Elmarie are the first to be concerned.

Petros says something is stinging him, stinging him repeatedly as far as it is crawling down his back.

Oh my. Whatever could be stinging all the way down somebody's back? Must be an insect of sorts!

Petros plucks off his clothes and shakes them.

The children who have been inside the house come running out to Petros, laughing their asses off. Not sure if they think Petros is playing some kind of game or what, but his fat dribbling stomache and body fat is the greatest amuzement for them they have seen in all their lives, judging from the pure joy they get out of pointing at his fatness.

"Go away!!!", he screams sternly at the children who have gathered close around him to probably poke at his fat.

Mother and Elmarie also tells them in a strict tone to get back into the house.

Well, poor Petros. He really is the spectacle of the evening. Too bad we can't find the bug that bit him, because it's completely disappeared. Maybe it was a spider. But we can't find any trace of it.

Later on after Petros has been to his room where Mother have gone to check up on him, Mother comes back and says it's made a small blister in his back where that thing stung him.

Maybe it was a bee. A bee or a spider or, since it was repeated stings or bites, a small red wasp? Or maybe it was a ghost that decided they're going to have their fun with Petros. The paranormal sometimes have their way with physical people.

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