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This is a children's rhyme story about a pig which had no tail . He wanted to be like the other pigs with their curly tails

The Little Pig Without A Tail

There once lived four smelly pigs,

Three of which had curly tails.

They would always curl up nice and tight,

When they feasted from their pails,

The little pig without a tail,

would always sit and wait,

Patiently he'd watch the others,

Snorting as they ate.

Now the little pig that had no tail

He was rather sad.

The other pigs weren't nice to him.

They were rather bad.

They picked on him and called him names.

And wouldn't let him join their games.

They left the little pig so distraught.

This isn't on he suddenly thought.

The little pig used his intuition,

To get himself some recognition.

The little pig without tail

He surfed the net, and without fail

He ordered up a brand new tail

It came First class,

By royal mail.

The little pig proud of his new find,

Stood up and waved his pink behind.

The three pigs that once were mean,

Then became increasingly keen.

Of the little pigs new find

But not only the tail on his behind,

He no longer looked like a normal pig,

Upon his head he wore,

a brand new blond curly wig.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
24th Sep 2012 (#)

For he spoke on MSN,
And got them all going Oink!!!
With a snout of utmost love,
It girded up its loin.

It moved from place to place in ride,
Say Babe I love your smile.
Until the Sheep Dog suddenly appeared,
And Barked out all the while.

Aaaah said piggy with no tail,
He picked up stones on rail.
He went and threw them at the liar,
Who sent out the bucketing pail.

Now the other three stood and watched,
With mouths open wide with awe.
For he went and plucked a Trump card out,
And Everyone hits heads saying Oh No.

For the Piggy forgot the plan,
And complained to all around.
Now he is the odd one out,
While every player left the ground.

For the Piggy without a tail,
Finally stood up and showed the tears.
But behind the scene she advised them all,
And assuaged their fears.

When one of her pigs with tail did play,
She peeped through window of the brick house.
To show the world her pig at play,
With the Eagle disguised as grouse.

That was the news she put on her life,
Telling all it was just an act.
She would one day go away,
And said openly without tact.

That was how the grouse went to live,
In a land so far away.
Creating memorabilia of that love,
That the world now say no way.

Its impossible for pig with tail,
To have piglets in a lier.
Lets take the insurance put a claim,
And set the damsel on fire.

Now the pig without a tail,
Began to yawn with legs open wide.
It was the moment Grouse came alive,
She tucked all deeply inside.

Now they are struggling to come to terms,
With the pig without the tail,
For the Grouse finally exposed the Eagle in her,
And the whole world went All Hail.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 24th September 2012

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author avatar The Rose that grew
24th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you for carrying it on !

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author avatar Don Rothra
25th Sep 2012 (#)

Nice work

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author avatar The Rose that grew
25th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks Don

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