The Politics and Economy Of Having an Enemy

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How to motivate and control a situation using the economics and politics when and enemy is provided.

The Politics and Economy Of Having an Enemy

Byron was seventeen years old and it was his first week at the new school. He had beseeched his parents not to send him to a military prep school but they felt the change would do him good. Avery Academy was a combination high school junior college. Most of its graduates went on to top ranking institutions like USMA, USNA, MCSC and, USAFA.

Byron was an only child. His mother was a midlevel manager working for the State Department and his father was a junior partner for a prestigious accounting firm in New England. They were hard working but barely home. Both loved their son dearly and wanted nothing but the best for him. However, the pressures of work did not allow them to devote much time to family life. None the less they were all strong willed and had an immense loyalty to one another.

This was the third private school Byron attended in the past five years and before enrolling in college his parents were determine it would be the last. Avery was a boarding school. Byron was use to being on his own and this wasn’t the first time he was not living under his parents’ roof. Yet even without strong parental guidance Byron’s teacher reports reflected a high aptitude for learning but all considered him an underachiever.

As a new student Byron was never prepared for prankish hazing by his classmates and as one might imagined he did not take it kindly. In fact it was his over reaction to such stunts that usually started him down a slippery slope to be ousted from school after school. Case in point, feeling carefree he exited the cafeteria. He had been eating alone but was still quick to give a friendly greeting to a group who had congregated next to the path where he was walking.

“Hi Guys!” “Who does he think he’s talking to?” Laughter broke out. Then the ringleader snapped another snide remark. “If you know what’s best for you, you’ll keep walking, proletariat plebian.” Not to be intimidated by such talk Byron stopped to face off the rude antagonist.

They glared at each other. Neither showed any sign of standing down. Byron noticed. The eyes looking back at him were fierce and full of hatred. For the first time as far as he could remember, here was a foe who might prove to be his equal. Physically they were quite even. Byron was 5’11’’, 180 lbs, a little more muscular and athletically built but the boy before him was at least two inches taller, with a slight reach advantage and around the same weight. If the confrontation got physical the outcome would be determine by share will. Byron was also outnumbered five to one. If any of the others standing around decided to pile on it would definitely turn the tide.

They stood there the tension building neither willing to back off. At that point a teacher looking out a window saw a confrontation was building. Knowing a little history about the two lads challenging each other in an effort to ward off an ugly situation escalating out of control the instructor sent a senior officer, an upper classmen to deliver a message.

Obviously more words had passed. Reaching the scene tension filled the area. It was like being under a tent of testosterone. A cloud of hostility hovered heavily like a canvass covering of aggression and anxiety, all made possible by the share will of these two young men. “Byron Henderson”, the young officer had to repeat his name several times. “Oh! Yes.” “Captain Milton request you report to his office immediately.”

For a moment it seemed as if Byron might ignore the order but the young officer stood there until he finally made eye contact. With that Byron completely acknowledged his presence and began to refocus. He turned. As he moved away complying with the order he could hear snickers and murmuring coming from the unfriendly group. Leaving the matter unresolved did not sit well with him and the unanswered catcalls harden his resolve to settle up later.

In Captain Milton’s office, “Plebe Byron Henderson reporting as ordered.” “Relax son. Guess you’re wondering why I sent for you.” “Yes sir.” “I am a friend of your mother. She asked me to keep an eye on you. She and your father are concerned for your well being. It seems you have a bad habit of getting kicked out of schools. They are determined this trend is going to end here. I’m their insurance. I’m to take a direct interest to assure you successfully graduate from Avery. I want you to think of me as your guardian angel.”

“I don’t need anyone to watch over me?” “Well you see those boys down there.” “You mean them; those who hassled me?” “Yes.” “Why should I concern myself with them?” “You should. They are your biggest threat. The likes of them are plotting to make sure your life here is going to be as miserable as possible.”

“Listen well. Your parents work hard to provide you the best possible education. It would be a pity if their investment in you was undermined by a group that does not believe you have a right to share the same education, rank and privilege afforded them.”

“Why do they think that way? Why do they harass me?” “They are mean spirited and confused. At the root of it is a deep seated fear.” “What do they fear?” “They fear what they can not control. They rouse you to see if you can be manipulated.”

“Okay newbie let me tell you how this plays out. Most of the dads of these guys work for the pentagon. The hawk face youngster, the tall sinewy one with the light colored hair, the one you were about to go toe to toe with his name is Hank Peters and his dad works for the Joint Chiefs. So you see, they think they are special. Do you get my drift?” “Not quite sir.” “In a nutshell if they can’t control you and you are successful it will let them know you are just as good as they are. It will force them to accept you on your own terms.”

“Ever since this little group banded together they have set out to intimidate and terrorize anyone they consider a threat. My advice to you is to stay clear of them. Keep you nose clean, settle under the radar and I will do all I can to protect you from these menacing predators. Do you hear what I saying?” Captain Milton raised his voice to get young Byron Henderson’s attention. Byron was still looking at the boys through the window.

“Henderson pay, attention.” Byron focused on the Captain. “These boys will get you more than just kicked out of a place like this. They will rough you up big time not only do you physical harm they can ruin your career.” Byron was not the type of boy who liked to be pushed around or threaten. He certainly did not take kindly to people telling him where he belonged and where he did not belong. He had not taken it from those creeps at other schools and he certainly was not going to take it from this crowd.

Byron was not naïve. He asked Captain Milton. “So what’s in it for you? I find it difficult to believe you would go out on a limb for me and risk your position here at Avery and even worst damage your career in the regular army just to demonstrate some allegiance to my Mom. Why would you risk so much for one student.”

“That is very perceptive of you young Henderson. I am not doing this just for you. Since the time Hank Peters arrived here I have seen him wreck too many lives. He may even be responsible for the death of one promising cadet. Although it would be hard press to prove. Your parents tell me you are a hard nose kid but with one difference. All your anger has been directed inward and there is every indication you are a compassionate individual.”

“My parents know very little about me. But let’s say for the sake of argument they are correct. I don’t need your help Captain Miller. I can take care of myself.” “That could be true but I still think we can be of use to each other.” “So what are you proposing Captain Miller?”

“I am proposing a type of alliance. We can help each other. There are thing you can do as a student I can not and there are things I can do as a teacher you can not. Together we might be able to tame this rabble. What do you say young Henderson do we have a deal.”

“I am not sure. Give me some time to think about it.”


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