The Polls are in: Immigration reform support, intelligence, dropping fast

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In spite of a push from both sides of the aisle for immigration reform, support as started dropping in light of recent world events.

The Polls are in: Immigration reform support, intelligence, dropping fast

A new Quinnipiac poll conducted last Friday shows that support for immigration reform may be suffering a bit in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Thirty percent of voters now believe that immigrants who entered the country illegally or overstayed a visa should return to their country of origin before they could begin the citizenship process, but support for giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship has fallen from 59% to 52%, its lowest level of support in Quinnipiac polling. Twenty two percent of those polled said giving immigrants a path to citizenship would lead to more terrorism.

Maybe Quinnipiac should quit polling dumb, panicky animals right after acts of terror. So twenty two percent of the people polled said giving immigrants a path to citizensip would lead to more terrorism. Yeah, because we all know how hard our government cracks down on illegal immigration. Why is it so illogical to worry more about the people who just walk on in, rather than the people who are actually attempting to become a citizen? Why marginalize their drive and their accomplishment by making someone a citizen by default? That would be like giving a bank robber an account because he held off the cops for four hours, or giving someone a drivers license because they eluded police in a car chase.

The numbers are starting to mount, with only 14 percent saying immigration reform would make the country safer, against 55 percent who didn't think passing reform would make the country safer. How can they say that? There was an 800 page immigration reform bill just dying to be passed, and that's 800 pages! That's like the width of a Stephen King novel! There had to be some kind of solution in there for 800 pages of intensive, round the clock backbreaking work, he typed, mildly eyerolling toward the ceiling.

As hard as it is to believe, immigration reform will make the country, safer, only if there is follow-through. Quit laughing, there is more. Immigration reform that provides a clear path to citizenship for new entrants, and for those already in the country, and provides for adequate and clear border control, will make the country safer. Now, if you think anything there that is going to happen, then you may start laughing again.


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