The Power Of Unity..

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I ask all peoples of the Earth to wake up and to see and hear what is happening to our planet...and to make the change before it is too late..

Power Of Unity..

We are all humans..
No matter what the colour of our skin is.
No mattter what our different beliefs and creeds are.
We are all citizens of this planet called Earth.
For without her we would not exist.
For where would we live otherwise.
It is time to wake up and realise this.

Listen to the different nations of indigeous peoples of this earth.
They hear the beating of her heart and know her soul.
For they are in tune with mother nature.
And know our time is coming.

We need to stop rapeing her heart out with greed.
Plundering her resources and dominating her with industralisation .
All in the name of progress.
There are other ways to survive on her.

The governments of this world have the power to do this and know it.
But while they are wrapped up in the the blanket of greed of money they will not change.
They say it is for the good of all mankind.
While we citizens are getting poorer.
Our livelihood is being pulled from underneath our feet.
And we are struggling day to day
The governments of this world have the power to control every aspect of your life and
only some humans realise this.

There is no need in this world of ours for poverty..homelessness and wars.
Help those that are in need, cloth them, feed them and shelter them.
For one day this could be yourself.
Lets make all this our past .
Not make it our future.

I praise those who have the courage to stand up for their rights as citizens.
And it is time that we as a mankind stand up and be counted.
To put down our predjudges against one another.
And become hand in hand as brothers and sisters.
We all have the power of a voice.
Let it be heard.

For on this earth we still have free will.
Let us all around the world be free without the fear of retaliation..being suppressed or even tortured or put into institutions for what you believe in.
For we are not just weak and mild as we have been made to think.

The violence and uproar of this world will only end.
If the governments of this world will listen to their people.
This is why there is so much out breaks occuring across the world and even in our own communities.
It is time we realise that we all need to work together and not divided.
Help one another grow as one .
As a whole of mankind.

The power of unity can be strong.
Make earth a better place to live in.
Not only for ourselves but for our future generations.
It can begin with one person
Or it can begin with many....


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author avatar Ennael
I am a mother, a grandmother. I write about life experiences and spirituality.

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author avatar amberdextrous
6th Oct 2011 (#)

Fabulous comment, above!

These are powerful words, Ennael, and beautiful sentiments. I think if You were to ask any individual on the planet, each would agree with You -except, perhaps the merchants of death involved in the arms industries.

But as individuals, our influence over those in power is limited, unless we adopt your suggestion and unite to demand the restoration of some sanity.

I've heard your rallying cry, My Friend, and I am united with You in your call. So now there are at least two of Us...

Rally, comrades! And unite!

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author avatar Ennael
6th Oct 2011 (#)

thankyou.. my you can read from my assortment of writings I have ....I can go between softness of the heart to the harshness of the reality of life..we all need to wake up to whats taking shape on our earth..before it is too late...and it is good to know that you are with me..:) this world needs many voices to be heard...(and not in a violent way)..but where to start is the problem...and would our own government listen..even if I tried to convey my message across..( food for thought)..and who to trust is also another issue...but I do still feel very strongly about the people of this earth and the earth itself..I am going to think very hard and serious about this...and like I said.. it can start with one or least know I know theres two..:)

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
8th Oct 2011 (#)

Count me in, Ennael. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Ennael
9th Oct 2011 (#)

thankyou Ivyevelyn..
you have a beautiful soul...I can feel it through your picture...keep up your good work also...:)

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