The Power of Music

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Regardless when music is played, its power is so strong that even a stressful time can suddenly vanish.

Music recital

As lower myself on the stool, I remind myself to keep my back straight while at the same time trying hard to stop the tremor in my fingers and keeping my mind from wondering into the dark abyss of fear. I wait for the command which will set in motion my whole being, which I know will be transported into another dimension; the one of dreams and illusions, at the same time of wonderment through the magic of music. I have been dreading, yet anticipating this moment all at the same time so as to prove my worth but will I be able to do it? As if in a dream a distant voice comes into my subconsciousness and my trembling hands rise to then slowly descent and begin to move across the golden keys with a life all of their own; the magic has begun.

The magic of music.

In the seconds that follow, the notes turn into music, filling the room: gentle and sweet at first, and then gradually giving way to the haunted melody of Swan Lake. In my mind the vision of the swans appear in all their beauty. My heart beats faster with every key I touch, and tears fill my eyes; everything around me has disappeared and I am now in the enchanted forest. I see the white swan bowing her head to the dark destiny awaiting her in the shadows created by the evil sorcerer. Slowly but with its sad finality comes the death scene, but none too soon the two lovers are united in the afterlife never to be parted.

The reality of life

With the last note, the music ends but the magic is still reverberating all around and holding me in the darkness of the enchanted forest. Slowly reality attempts to break into my dream with a voice in distance saying ‘Thank you for the recital. Your results will be sent out to you next month.’

The mystery of music

Still vacillating between dream and reality, I rise, bow and make my way toward the door, or am I gliding towards a dark destiny in the lake of tears? Has the music brought the cruel sorcerer into the room and I have been turned into a swan? I turn my head to see if anything has suddenly appeared but all I see are two faint images sitting behind a table. I cannot see their faces properly as they appear to be shrouded in a fine mist. I walk out the room, slowly open the door and walk out into.....


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author avatar GenkiWorld
21st Jan 2015 (#)

the power of music can move mountains, its so magical and at times it touches our souls in ways nothing before ever could. wonderfully written!

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