The Prediction

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It is so amazing the power of fear, how it can make people change their ways.

The Prediction

Recently many people waited, with uneasy expectation
As they looked to see the outcome of the prediction
Made by a preacher, about the world's termination
Would come during the course of time, to fruition.

As expected in some quarters, there was such great fear
Because as predicted the coming of the Lord was near
Feeling guilty, as they did not take time out to prepare
So this created that feeling of anxiety, and also despair.

As it was not too late for some, they dealt with the situation
By going to church and willing made some confession
Beseeching God, in the time, to give them some absolution
So that this will save their souls from any form of damnation.

What a sight to see those guys whose mouths were laced with profanity
Speaking so eloquently, and were biblical scholars almost instantly
Falling flat on the ground, shaking as their mouths open in prayer
As though making up for those times they did not visit there.

In the interim there were people singing Oh so very sweetly
Belting out songs of praises, in such sweet angelic harmony
Hearing them one would have but to be really impress
Because as they say if the end comes,they were giving their best.

Those guys whose deeds on other people never relent
Fell on their knees,shaking as they willingly repent
Looking as though something spiritual touched their souls
And they willing returned, all the things they stole.

When the predicted day of damnation actually did come
People thread around cautiously, watching as the hours run
Some of their faces show a great degree of fright
As they did not want any pandemonium in the night.

The time passed by no excitement, there was such peace
On the faces, of many there was that great sense of relief
Now the predictor has modified his prediction to a little later
Will this again make some people change for the better?


Absolution, Confession, Damnation, Despair, Fear, Prediction, Repentant

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author avatar Songbird B
26th May 2011 (#)

Pure magic, Poetic! Insightful as always...This made me smile a lot...

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author avatar Retired
30th May 2011 (#)

I tend to think this particular "predictor" is a fraud, based on his past record. Well written, thanks!

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