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My personal review of the 2008-2009 UP Manila Campus Elections

(March 9, 2008) Paulinian Leaders Invading the Universities 

* I have a real blog entry, ngayon may promised na..hahaha..collection! =)
*I know, sabi ko bukas na..e, masisira trail of thought ko, kelangan talaga ngayon na..hahahahaha

I was first surprised at the number of people I know who are running for positions in different schools. First, there were supposed rumors of Karen Zoleta ('05) running for batch rep in the boondocks (hahaha) of UPLB and, of course,the victory of Angelica Ricafrente ('04) as UPM-CAS batch rep. Plus there's Bea Jazmin, thought she never really talks about her SC whereabouts, we still know she's an active member of CSB-SC. Yey to them! =)
Then came this year. Man, I was reprimanded by Sweetest (that's Jamie and she's a girl, and for the nth time, I'm not lebo and don't have tendencies...dirty minds..hahahaha) when she found out I was running. Hahahaha. I asked her, who else were running. Then she enumerated a lot of people. I was glad. Really happy. I mean, wow. One in ADMU, one in DLSU, one in UPD and me.Then I had a train-to-jeep-ride-talk with Evelyn (Ladica) and she said Cosio won as SPUM president and Barbs (Yes barbs people, the varisty player) won a slot in the council too. She also proudly mentioned that she holds the secretary position in her college. Dami naman, sabi ko. And we're going to dominate colleges now! Hahaha. I remembered we were mere club officers though some of us were once councilors our high school. We tried attending leadership congresses annually. Some us took speaking seriously and entered debating. But I really never saw this coming. It seemed so far fetched to me then, having Parañaque Paulinians lead big, major universities. I mean, a lot of students from other schools don't even know there was a St. Paul in Parañaque up until I emphasized there was one! Hahahaha. Maybe I thought high school was our only time. Universities are too big, there are better, smarter students from better schools that would take over and most of us would be overshadowed. Well, that might be true except for the over shadowing part. We might not be all too smart or better than most our collegemates but we care! Sometimes even too much to just let things happen without our voice or let opportunities slip. We really wanted things to be better and we're willing to do the extra work for it. I realized I'm so lucky to have been friends with them or at least known them. Epiphany, hahaha..I'm happy.
Plus this also means we're pretty good!  Hahahaha...
I've never been a prouder Parañaque Paulinian! Heads up to you! =)
(Again. Daryll Santillan, Mae Andrea Urquiola, Evelyn Ladica, Kara Denise Calansingin, Galing nyo! Congrats dears!)

A Comparative Analysis of University Politics

I missed last year's UPM USC politics. It was most exciting! Dirty, long, loud, updated and entertaining. Like Lalay's entry, I loved the controversy and its abundance! Hahahaha. It was one big frat war!! Hahahaha. Blackmail leaflets became a staple for weeks. The RTRs were great since we got the chance to listen to almost everyone (if not everyone) before elections.The Miting de Avance was way awesome because of two things: 1) Most of them were good speakers (given, they were only debaters/trapos..they had lots of practice) so they were nice to listen to. 2) The crucial question that had everyone switch sides or affirm their presumptions with those simple resounding answers from both parties (?)-a yes and a no.I think most people would agree on me on this. Or maybe I was just in CEB then and the counting session became a little heated so I loved it! hahaha. No, it was really better last year. It kept us on our toes and forced us to be aware all the time=).

The elections this year for USC, as i kept saying, was bland, boring and short. I didn't even get to have those fliers up until before two or three days before election day. I wasn't able to go to the miting de avance and I was told that last year's was better. I hated a lot of candidates. And the only scandals were the ripped bigkis posters and some video featuring an independent candidate getting it on. Hahahaha. The presented platforms were too plain too. I was bored. I was a bored voter. Hahahaha. I hope it changes next year. Platform and entertainment wise..Hahahaha

And then there's Tapat and Santugon. DLSU politics. May I just say I'm having fun! Hahahaha. I'm really stoked about La Salle politics because I was bored with ours, because Mae's there and because it all sounds so great. Plus I think I'm a sucker for the climatic questions of miting de avances. I interviewed a couple of friends from the both parties, asked for multiply  and blog links about the elections and tried to understand what's going on. I (with Lalay again)figured out a couple of things. One thing is they're rich (Duh, hahaha).Glossy tapat fliers and plenty of santugon spreadsheet fliers (?). I mean really, even if our candidates have frat/soro/party support, they're campaign materials as so glamor-ized. Secondly, the priorities. La Salle was asking for lower tuition fee increase and protection against prof abuse? I mean,isn't it apparent that the admin's rich? And can fend for itself even of it skipped tfi this year? Or every other year?... And lastly, Tapat is proud of its platforms while Santugon shows passion. Question: Why does it have to be one or the other? A leader is expected to have both qualities, right? Plus the actual ability to lead. I really don't like forcing voters to just a straight slate. Have them choose between parties and not candidates. Its one big ruckus and everyone's caught in it. But, of course, I'm not a La Sallian. Just a mere spectator. So I but out of this and just look at the picture from the outside.

THE CPH elections. Tada. As you know, there were two parties in our college and an independent candidate in CPH last election. Four people came in our batch and we all won! Hahahaha. Happy, congrats! I ran for the secretary position in our college under the Sibol-PH party. I was with Meanne De Leon in Sibol, she ran for batch rep. Lalay (Hey ms popular!) Abala used Opportunities Realized, Excellence Optimized (OREO) as her tag line. She ran as an independent candidate for auditor with opponents coming from both parties. And there's Ritz, the only incumbent SC officer, who ran for treasurer. There were issues on not allowing us to run independently, then there were plenty of rumors spreading, a lot of misconceptions, criticisms for every candidate, the puzzling censoring of critical questions. And of course, that fateful Bio Lec session and the very short and bitin Open Forum (that wasn't really much of a forum and wasn't so open). For starters, it was an improvement from the election last year. It was a choice between a person who was forced to ran and having no one in that position at all. So we chose the lesser evil. This year, as Ma'am Mabunga said was a great jump. We had a big college vote turn out. Very nice. People actually prepared platforms and presented options. Good. It was a big improvement but there are still a lot of things to work on.


Then there are the politics sessions. I've been in front of the PC for three straight dawns already, initiating confes about programs, campaigns, election winners and losers, the year ahead, the college and the new line up of officers. It got us thinking...a lot of us in the batch, a lot of thoughts, a very long time...Everyone pitched in, lots of great ideas. I hope we can do all of them =).

I told Lalay everything would be fine, it would all work out. She said she was partly assured. But having that scared-ness from two friends who are now colleagues made me think too, as a member of the party that had the 7 in the 7-2-1 line up. I mean, we wouldn't turn into the white Tapat-Santugon SC, would we??

I really want to believe everything would be fine. I know it will. I think it will. I know my party mates are good leaders and reasonably considerate people, i know my batchmates are too. It's the college's first year and it IS scary to consider the worst case scenarios. But I won't let this happen. I couldn't possibly...
The floor is now open for questions...(God help us)


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