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Her thoughts are continually being led back to that one question....she so desperately wants to ask. But will she be okay with the answer?

Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

The room was dark and the air hung thick and warm. The couple lay quietly, breathing in unison wrapped in each other's embrace. As he drifted easily into sleep, she lay quiet, her eyes closed, thoughts racing through her mind. Feelings she couldn't distinguish coaxing images to flutter past her closed eyelids. She tried, with no luck to ignore the premonitions and fall asleep. He noticed her soft whimper, her slight movement and gently pulled her in closer, kissed the back of her head.
"Baby....?" She whispered so soft barely audible and waited to hear his response.
"Mmmmm," He mumbled. His voice thick with sleep. "What's wrong babe?" She lightly ran her fingers down the length of his forearm as he pulled her just a bit tighter to him.
"Will you miss me when I'm gone?" Her voice floated through the darkness. For a moment the silence got deeper and the darkness went black as he let the question settle upon his very sleepy mind.
"Are you going somewhere?" He asked, as many thoughts began to surface.
"Not yet." She replied.
"Are you planning on leaving me?" He countered.
"Never!" She answered back, horrified.
"Then why ask?" Confusion now clouded his voice. She sighed lightly and closed her eyes, let the emotions wash over her once more.
"Because...." She finally whispered. "No one has control of their fate....because I can't say what tomorrow will bring. I can't hear your thoughts or know your feelings. At some point something could happen. Because I'm broken and too many people throw broken things away far too often." He let her explanation sink in, allowed the silence to wash over them like a thick blanket while he very carefully weighed his answer.
"Well..." He started, choosing his words wisely. "You say you can't hear my thoughts, or know my feelings. So..." He pulled her in closer and whispered calmly in her ear. "You're right, nobody can control fate, and yes, you are broken. But, do you know why I hold you tight? Or why I kiss you as much as I do?" She turned her head slowly towards him, squinted her eyes tight to try and see his face.
"Answering my question with more of your own? Hardly seems fair. But okay, why?" She countered, a small fraction of fear hidden in her confident tone.
"I hold you tight because I'm never sure if I will ever get the chance again. Each time I get to put my arms around you I'm afraid it may be my last, because I can't control the fates. And my kisses? I know you are broken, and each kiss I place upon your body is placed there to try and heal each broken fragment of you. So in answer to your question...everyday, every second that I spend without you I miss you. And I'm grateful for each moment that I get with you. Will I miss you when you're gone? Baby, I miss you already, and you're still here, because each moment I don't get to be with you, is an eternity in my heart."
The room was dark, and the air hung thick and warm. The couple lay quietly, breathing in unison wrapped in each other's embrace. With questions answered, and unsure hearts made new, they fell peacefully asleep.


Love, Lover

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