The Rant of a True Romantic

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Love is difficult and sometimes you just have to write what you feel in order to keep your sanity.

I will always love you.

As I fall through the cracks of despair, my mind begins to unravel my life like a tangled ball of string. Memories and moments begin to appear as broken, tattered glimpses of a stranger's life. I watch as an outsider, a prisoner of my mind's eye. Unable to impress a single word of caution as this tortured soul is run through a gauntlet of misfortune and heartache. Emotions abound and I am confronted with a bitter truth... the man I see before me is no stranger. I've known him my whole life, his experiences are my own... he is me, and I am him.

As I begin to accept the truth, I am overwhelmed with sorrow. This can't be all my life has been, there must be something more, something better. Where is the joy? Where is the happiness? Suddenly the darkness begins to lift, as if a storm had finally passed and memories of joy and love are flushed through my psyche causing blissfull eruptions from which I wished I would never recover. Then slowly the clouds return once more and light is choked out of existence once more. I had witnessed the eye of the storm, a short burst of hope to taunt me so briefly.

The day that we met I had hoped you'd be mine. Though I knew from that moment that you were to good for me, I decided to throw caution to the wind, knowing that eventually you would realize it too... and eventually you did. I loved you with all my soul and tried to be the man you deserved, but the man you deserved needed only to be. My endless attempts to win your heart only served to weaken our bond, for you were not to be won... you were to be cherished. I blame only myself for the loss that ensued. You were my first true love and will remain in my heart, mind and soul for the rest of my days. I am glad I could share with you some of the happiness that you brought into my life.

I live as a shadow, I dwell in the darkness, shine your light on me and we can dance in the shade.


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I have traveled a fair bit in my time and have many thoughts and opinions on many matters of life, everyone has had good and bad experiences and I would like to share mine with the world.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

Beautifully written.

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author avatar Retired
22nd Feb 2015 (#)

Excellent! yes, love is a battlefield sometimes.

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd Feb 2015 (#)

Beautiful! I understand and have felt it too. Even words are never enough. Blessings.

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