The Rebellious Nature of Human Being

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It is my passion to add some detailed articles with the warning contents about the consequences to befall the sinful generation of Human Beings when Our Mighty God Will be denouncing Judgement on that Coming Day of the Lord. My contents aim at making people repent and turn form evil ways so that when the Lord come they will be saved and fly to new Home with Angels of God.

Repentance a way to Salvation

REPENT! REPENT! REPENT... This is what we should now proclaim in all the world for people to repent and prepare their ways before The Lord GOD.

The world of Terrific Horrors and lawlessness

(The world of Terrific Horrors and lawlessness)
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It has taken almost seven years of my Enlightenment period trying to deeply rationalize and think about the different kinds of characters, traits, behaviors, cultures, physical, social, political, economic, psychological, just to mention a few of them from un exhaustively long, complex and unidentified list of all natures surrounding and affecting in one way or another the human race in the world. Human being is the chief engineer in the operation of all functions within the physical world, though there are few who are said to possess the spiritual and magical power to influence certain Actions.
All human beings relates spiritually with much close but not similar physical dispositions; God created Adam and Eve with the same physical appearance and total similar outlook but different in genetic makeup and internal morph-system; the internal Morphological system of human bodies differs from the day of their formation, God the Creator installed complexities of multiple units such as body cells, muscles, and organs which works dependently in Human Bodies.

Human beings can exceptionally be declared as the pride of God’s Wonderful Work of creation, since God provided a stunning beauty in the creation of man, and He gave him an awesome ration of mind just in order to be adored, respected, and worshipped by Men, but Human being does not understand the purpose of Our Almighty God in this Stunning Creation an exceptional beauty, and instead human being has just turned back and now worshipping a devil by giving him all the credits of God The Mighty Warrior, God wanted a Man to be a LEADER of all the creations and that is why He created Human Being with unique and special Characters which cannot be seen in other creations. . The opportunity that the Creator offered to us to take charge above and over all other creations did not aimed at putting on our mind the power to be like or Cling up against God; But Human beings clang up and turned away from God following their own ways and deeds, Sin has became like an ordinary mistake and no one cares nor bothering to turn from those evil ways people clap for sin and sinners are worshipped. God is no longer respected and Obedience among people has collapsed, human beings are now losing their reputation before the eyes of the Creator and the Anger of Our Merciful God is being raised high day by day.

I wonder and grieve for the sorrows I encounter when I realize that I were be born in this world of Great sorrows and Sinful rebellion, a world where devil is much honored and apprehended than God, and now Human race is competing with God’s Devine Regime by constituting their own Anti Christ sect a dissenting clique which is A member of a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love such as Freemasons and other Devil worshipping ungodly groups which have spread everywhere in the world. The world where people Deem wrong God’s creation, The world where people overlooks and Disapprove God’s work by adding to what God created-a natural taste is very hard to find in this Sinful world of Lawlessness and people accept things which are more Contrived by art rather than nature;- Look! How many animal breed and other laboratory created foods do people eat? How much have we spoiled our Health by consuming artificially generated foods and drinks? For how long have we been living a life that is very wasting, devastating and immoral? All which were prophesied by God’s Prophets concerning the End of Days are now being fulfilled one after another, and yet People don’t atone for their SINS.

The world is losing its natural uniqueness regarding much of things added to it which have lead to its gradual transformation from a rooted Natural creation of God to a more mechanized human world. The today’s’ People wants to be praised and worshiped like God, ways and deeds of people is corrupt, the weak and poor cries daily but they never get Justice; justice is perverted and bought for bribe and when someone stand to administer Justice to People then there emerges a group of men against Him/her who haunt to put him/her down “the world isn’t fair”
The Bible says that “God will not persevere nor tolerate to see his little children being tortured or humiliated by few who are in power, but he will look down upon them and instantly answer their cries”- then people will know that He is God the Mighty Warrior of all.
Hatred and anger among people is much steered by the devil and all evil vices has swallowed the wise from doing good deeds, no sympathy prevails and the order of things is disrupted leading to more deadly earth than ever, the world of filthiness, sorrows, full of Cries everywhere, Injustice acts all around, corrupt leaders, immoral activities have becomes more common among people of this world and all these symbolizes an end of time.
Diseases which in most cases caused by the habit and lifestyle of People have taken the Lives of many illness such as Cardiovascular cases, paralysis, STD’S, STI’S, HIV/AIDS’, High Blood Pressure, Diabetic cases, asthmatic cases, and other related illness are the result of Human beings’ rejection to Gods’ Commandment.
The denial of the natural law of God by Human being has caused Him many harm in life regarding the fact that the absence of laws to regulate Human nature allowed everything to be considered as acceptable and right-something which also led toward the shaking and fracture of the nature and form of the today’s world.
Massive technological inversions which gave rise to the maximum global dependence and to closer integration of people from various multicultural nations and sub-cultures have being the most influential factors for the formation of the immoral societies of People. Once people from diverse social background with different physical, economic, psychological and cultural background came together; then there will an immense diffusion and fixing of all the above listed traits which of course by doing so will result to the formation of other new forms of Characters, Behaviors, and even thinking of people will change in accordance to the people who they meet with.
For example the story of “Babel Tower” in the Bible CAN BE LINKED WITH THE CONTENTS IN THE ABOVE PARAGRAPH…that when people Grew and became powerful in the land, they agreed to reach heaven by building a tower, and as they said so because they also had the same language and God knew that they could do wonders due to the fact that they had the common goal and that it was very easy to mobilize themselves, knowing that; God separated their tongs and they started altering different language speeches .Genesis 11:6-7)
Days are coming when people will know that they are the Soil and mortal that they will die one day, by the time when Our Lord Jesus will be denouncing Judgment upon the Earth to all people, and the righteous will be separated from unrighteous, the day when Justice will be restored to Gods’ People and it is the day when the innocent people will forget their painful sufferings , the day when the Lord will heal their Scars and clothe them with the new golden clothes- These are those who were weak in the Human eyes, these are those who kept Justice, they are those who were ready to die but not turn astray and they are those who hated evils and embraced wisdom and Justice, these are the Sons and Daughters of the Living Mighty God.
The gates of Heaven will be widely open to people who maintained and abode with the commandment of God, the Heavenly Angels will welcome them as the only heirs of the Kingdom of God, and there will be no more sorrows and cries will not be heard in the boundary of Heaven, as the Lord Jesus will be wiping away tears from the face of the saints. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Will be echoed in Heaven to appreciate the Glory, Power and Authority of the Son of God (JESUS) by those who are called in the name of God. The pride of Sinful man will be put to an end.
The today’s decisions you make will be as a witness to the judgment that you will get tomorrow- therefore start living a life of your own, a life without an influence and God through his son Jesus will give you his holy spirit to be your counselor when you pass through troubles and obstacles till that day when the glory of God will be manifested in you cherishing the nice moments with God in heaven as the victors of the battle.

DAUD S.HEWA. Was born in Bunda District of Mara –Tanzania in 1989 at Buzimbwe Village, He grew up and went in different Schools and Pursued his bachelor Degree of Sociology at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza- Campus in 2013.He is currently a civil servant in one of the government department, he is a determined miscellaneous writer of issues relating to both religious and social affairs, He contributed in the writing of many on line articles for various sites and blogs such as Yahoo answers, Google+, Amazon, Tanzania yetu leo, Jesus Alive and others. He is a follower of Jesus Christ and believes in the re-incarnation and Life after Death, He is married to Teddy Andrew and God blessed him with two daughters Margaret and Elizabeth. Mr Daud Believe that
My name is Daud S.Hewa. I was born on the 22nd of February 1989 to Mr.Samwel M.Hewa a renowned Teacher in Tanzania and Miss: Elizabeth Samweli a farmer. I started my formal education in 1997 in primary one at Buzimbwe Primary school in Bunda, Where I spent the full seven years, finishing my primary education. I then proceeded to Nyansincha Adventist secondary School in Tarime where I sat for my o-level Exams in 2007 getting the Tanzanian Certificate of secondary education examination Education (CSEE) certificate FROM Tanzania National Examination council. I then qualified and selected to join Njombe High school in Njombe to do my A-level Certificate. I majored in History, Geography, Divinity and English Language (HGL/Art.) I excelled with CDCB respectively and Division one in National Examination. While perusing my A-level, I was the vice president of the debating club of Njombe High school 2009-2010. I was also the Deputy Academic Minister in the academic committee of Njombe Secondary. Shortly after my exams in my vacation, I volunteered with Nyang’hwale secondary school as a temporary teacher before I joined Saint Augustine University of Tanzania pursuing Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology (BASO) in 2010-2013 Am proud to say it has always been my dream to study this course due to my passion to know about the society and their Problems. Shortly after I graduated from the University I volunteered as a social worker with Plan International before I shifted to volunteer with Africa Volunteer Corps (AVC) in 2014-2015 where We were sent out to different villages to empower the youths, women and farmers on Economic and social Empowerment, Health and sustainable living Skills and modern farming techniques. For 9 months we lived in these villages. I am currently a Government Employee in the Department of Labour. I am married to my lovely wife Teddy Andrew and God has blessed us with two daughters Margaret and Elizabeth.


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author avatar Daud Hewa
5th Oct 2016 (#)

the page is awesome, it teaches the most of how the Lord Jesus was tortured and humiliated just in order to heal us from sin.

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