The Road

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This poem starts out describing the physical road then moves through the life of the person. The reader can put themselves as the main character.

The Road

A road of gravel and tar,
not very well traveled; for you
can see grass and weeds
growing through the cracks.

So many people walking,
running through the years.
Through the years you
could see men and women;
talking, hugging, walking
very slow with his stick and
her twirling her parasol.

Further up the road you
can hear, oh so faintly the
sound of a horseless carriage
and the laughter of all the
bumping and clanking the
vehicle is making.

Still, further down the road
you can hear the sounds of
children yelling at their
brothers, sisters, friends;
Cannot tell what game, but
you hear a peculiar giggle
that you swear you heard before.

Walking further down the
road you hear crying;
sounds like a baby, no more
like some animal slowly
coming closer, but moving
further away.

A memory of another,
maybe even a future
moment giving you a
brief, sneak peek.

As you get even further down the road
you see where there is a
patch of paved road,
a bus sound comes over the air
and you hear the hustle and
bustle of women and children and
and so many conversations, but
as fast as it came along the faster
the sounds disappeared, as
the paved street dwindled to
a plain dirt road.
There stands an old sign too rusty
to read, but it looks like an old
street sign or a
traffic sign, but on this road
you never can quite make
anything out.

Further, still down the road you
see another object, but you are still
far away, but the closer
you get the object gets
more and more solid, you
start to run for you
recognize this object.
You reach the spot and
you touch it. It is your
first lunch box. You knew
it was yours because on in the
inside bottom there was
your name and a best friend's
name scratched on it. When
you opened the metal box all
those good smells hit; the smell of
peanut butter and jelly, juices,
cookies and milk.

Then school sounds surround
you at this moment like the
ringing of the school bell, the
beep and honk of the bus
along with smells of chalk
and erasers and the sound of
all sorts of cracking, creaking,
and scratching. Here comes the bus!"

Then, you hear your old teachers'
voice saying, "Silence." "Sit down."
"Open your books class." and
"Class dismissed."

While you continued to
walk down the road you heard
wedding bells and the people
standing in some grassy area and
some were crying and some were
walking away very slowly. You
turned away there and then before
you was a wooden door and you knock
and enter. You hear "Come in."

You enter and you are
surrounded all in white.
You see the road you were
following, but it was in perfect
condition. There were flowers,
trees, bushes all of which
were perfectly trimmed. You
do not know where you are or
where you are heading.
You keep trying to see something
familiar, but the further you walk
the more scenery just drifts
away and you become
totally engulfed in a fog. You
then notice you are floating away
from wherever there was and towards
one direction towards others with all
different shades of color. Perhaps a
rainbow. When the fog disappears
you are on the top arch of the rainbow
with the sun rising and setting above you.
You see someone or something coming
near you. As the person nears you
you slip off the rainbow and you drift
and fall, fall and drift.

You find yourself at the end of the road
asleep under a big maple tree
during autumn with a rainbow
over the road you walked earlier.
Past this you do not remember
anything about the road and the
memories it brought back to
you. All you do know is that you
lived your life the way you knew
you should have and always
Remember things for some
over-powering image you will
see sometime later on in
Life on the Road.


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