The Rogue Priest #6

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Something that happened many years ago made Fr. Frank what he is today.

How it Began

They are everywhere – saints and sinners, angels and demons! I am no exception.

Pawns – that’s what they are. All of us are!

The story of my life is just like any other – ups and downs, tears of joy and sorrow, and all that what humans face.

When I was saved from juvenile delinquency and jaws of death by a man of cloth some thirty years ago I did not know that I was being prepared for something else worse.

I was orphaned at ten – dad was in the army and was arrested after the 1982 failed coup (I have never know what the hell happened to him – whether he serves life or was put on death I don’t know). Mom had an ‘accident’ and her body has never been found. I don’t know where my six-year-old sister went.

I took to the streets then when John Kiriamiti was the celeb in the ‘hood and tried to copycat his MO.

Then this initiative was started by the Catholic Church to rehabilitate us, we of the streets. That’s when the saviour came, Father Kizito, an Italian missionary priest from Ngong, who hustled us off the crime-laden-streets!

At the new home we were fed, schooled and converted (in all senses of the word) – some of us became nuns and priests; others opted for the much travelled road and today are ice-eating cabinet ministers and permanent secretaries – thanks to the church for saving us from misery!

Some of us were turned saints and canonised by Pope John Paul II while others, like me, were turned monsters (and welcomed home by the devil).

I did not do my pastoral year at the parish like other deacons – I was taken to some rendition training camp off Baden-Württemberg Black Forest in Germany where I met the other chosen few.

That’s when all this started – the beginning of the end.

I am not trying to vindicate myself, just sit tight. The story has not yet begun!

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author avatar Buzz
7th Apr 2012 (#)

Insightful, Elove. Nice read and share. Thank you.

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author avatar Elove Poetry
7th Apr 2012 (#)

thanks buzz

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
7th Apr 2012 (#)

Elove: I am relieved that you are continuing to escape from the jaws of death. Keep in touch as I worry about you. Peace to you. Ivyevelyn.

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author avatar Elove Poetry
7th Apr 2012 (#)

Hey, thanks ivy... pbuy (peace be upon you) too.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Apr 2012 (#)

When you go through traumatic experiences you either enhance spiritually for the common good or decline in a way that the same energy works negatively against you.
While I empathize with the situation highlighted above, it worth knowing that such kids need utmost love and understanding to walk the line of life within the norms of living and keep the goodness intact. Its not hard, but constant reconditioning of pain can work into hate wherein the person gets plunged into the burrows of negativity. It is the element of the onlooker to understand and comprehend that past and the pain that the person has gone through that makes all the difference as that streak brings out the minimal goodness in the beginning which slowly clears and enhances itself to the wholeness of joy wherein the person begins to emerge out of the shadows of pain into the light of positivity and can go back there if similar pain shrouds them again.
So when back into the positivity, walk away and leave all the negative elements behind without turning back to ask questions, for protection or safeguard from these daunting elements of the past.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Apr 2012 (#)

The above is from personal experience and I have thrown out people of my past who hurt and defiled my goodness/positivity through pain to live a life of wholeness and abundance forevermore. Got that from training my mind, believing in the Above and channelising myself as a just an instrument to positive creation around me. This has helped in giving me a perspective that enhances my entire being and manifests similarly into my reality. Good Luck and take care.

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author avatar Elove Poetry
30th Apr 2012 (#)

Hey, Lady Aiyanna... that's a positive way of dealing with situations. The best thing is to hope for the best always, and never escape.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Apr 2012 (#)

quite some history you have love...take good care of yourself...

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author avatar Elove Poetry
30th Apr 2012 (#)

Thanks cn

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