The Role of a Third Party in a Relationship.

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The fact that third party must exists in a relationship calls for more care and balance with trustworthiness from the couples.

The Role of the Third Party in a Relationship.

There are different kinds of relationships which we all know, but the fundamental one in nature is marriage, and in the context of this article, efforts will be geared towards marriage as a relationship.

In the issue of a third party in marriage it should be specified herewith the fundamental meaning of it, also we should be able to decipher and categorized this third party in their segment and perspective. In the light of the above, third party could be seen as both human and materials or resources that influence or can influence the decisions and actions of couples or would be couples towards their spouses, it could be both ways either positive or negative influence.

Accordingly, it can be parents, friends, neighbors, religious leaders, celebrities, mentors, role models, music, movies, books, social media, and even Ex. Third party may not necessarily be humans and or our parental influence, they could also be material or resources and sometimes we may not consider it to be an important issue or aspect but as minute as they are impacts an influence in our relationship. Money, fame, job, business, position, power, activities in religious circle, car, electronic gadgets, telecommunication gadgets, ambitions, social media,and so on.

In reality, people are always with notions that third party influence must be a friend or family member or a lady or guy somewhere is the one influencing on our marriage/relationship. The facts will always remain that there must be a third party influence in any relationship except one is fooling his or herself in this regards. It should be noted that insofar as marriage and relationship are concern " No one is an Island "

The third party has always been and shall continue to be an influence in a relationship from the beginning to the end sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. The nature of our existence on earth is such that one must come from a source/family circle and the social environment play a prominent role in our survival. With such fact at the background, irrespective of how bad or good a family is one must surely get back to them for a reason or two.

Similarly, there is nowhere one will not share certain issues with a friend, confidant, family member, etc no matter how dubious, irresponsible,self centered, wicked and insensitive they may be. With the above facts, it becomes essential that third party must be available in a relationship and will surely contributes to such relationship in two ways.
(1) Either to wax the relationship to be stronger Or
(2) Contribute negatively to down-play the relationship to it eminent collapse.

In the event of the above, it is left for the couples to determine the level of influence they should allowed third party to play in their relationship, knowing that any collapse will be to their detriment.

Marriage is a club of only two players anything additional to this will cause an infringement in whatever way to its existence. Once there is an awareness on the side of couples that they can not do away with third party influence in their relationship, they have to be on the watch and or look out and try to maintain a balance of care and trustworthiness in their affairs to guide against the insurgent of the third party.


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