The Saga of the Chosen (Complete Wikinut Series)

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The complete Chosen series and many more tales set in a world where metal spiders fill the streets and aliens seeking to take humanity while a war rages in the skies overhead.

Lights over London

A customer service representative takes a chilling call just as the war for earth begins and she runs outside to find the skies ablaze with the battle for Earth.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


A racist Jewish man awakens to find himself in a changed world with aliens and silver spiders filling the streets, as he runs for his life he bumps into a Muslim man and the racist Jew must either learn to overcome his personal feelings or die by the hands of the aliens who hunt him.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Hiding Place

A little eight year old girl tells the story of how her world is turned upside down when the bad Aliens come to invade her home and kill her family and her....will she survive?

Part One

Part Two

The Grey man in the Garden

A little boy prepares for school as he looks outside and see's someone strange in the garden, there is a strange man with grey skin and large black eyes looking at him from the garden and when things could not get any stranger metal spiders start making their way into the house...

The Story


The last story in the wikinut series.

This story tells the tale of the Maria Sanchez as she awakens to a strange world only to find her home under attack, but can she trust a mysterious woman to save her life?

Coming soon...

The Complete Book

The Saga of the Chosen tells the story of the Sacred chosen as they flee for their lives, but as they do a mysterious elite group of aliens come to their aid.

This story tells the tale of the destruction of our world as the evil Mar'a come in their hundreds of millions to our planet to take what is most precious to us, our very lives. But as the lights over earth fill with the lights of millions of tube shaped craft and when everything seems at its worst they come...

They are called The Twelve, they come from underground bases built deep into the earth and they come in their thousands to combat the Mar'a. When we faced our darkest hour the light came and this tells the story of people across our world as they fight for survival and come to face the truth and reality that aliens are real.

The Saga of the Chosen compiles some nearly twenty stories into one epic book which co-insides with the Epic Sci-fi book The Invasion. If you love these stories taken from The Saga of the Chosen click here to find out more about this series.

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Other Stories

The following are stories that may be of interest

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