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Sure, some would say that prayer is the ultimate Aladdin's Lamp of power. I say it is infinitely more than that in good and bad ways. Prayer and God being an objectively powerful energy, not so much a consciousness, the consciousness comes from us, ourselves, prayer can be used either way depending on the nature of the consciousness that is with this objective energy. If it is good, we get good results. If it is bad, we get bad results. Energy is energy and is neutral, but consciousness is not.

How to stay healthy at spiritual levels, mental levels and physical levels, in that order.

Do not leave your life to chance. That means pray without ceasing or depending on gambling for a good outcome in life. That is the ultimate way to stay healthy at spiritual, mental and physical levels. Energy may be neutral, but use your consciousness with the energy well, and you will get somewhere really.

Existence is what we make it. Even the most powerful mind has to depend on this fact to keep itself healthy in consciousness and winning. To go by the apparent in a gambling way, bad or good circumstances, is weakness. To think what you want to think, no matter what, is strength and courage. Fear of any sort is a weakness even if successful in a gambling way. Courage and fear without conscious control and empowered understanding are gambling. Negative games are the ultimate contraband for accomplishment, positive situations encourage accomplishment and winning at any and every level.

The greatest wins come from a genuine rightness or thinking, action then generation of results. This law cannot be reversed or "mixed up" in any way. The worst loss is to gamble or do it randomly and fearfully. What is preferred? What creates a winner? Right is always preferred over wrong, even by the worst of us. The best of us have the self-esteem to act in the right interests whatever the preference. In short, winning comes down to how reality is viewed and acted upon. Also, so does losing. We have got to live in and serve reality at all levels in order to benefit from it. We must be, do and have our lives work for us as well as work rationally with our lives. For when we gain positive control of ourselves, and our minds, we gain positive control of our lives and our existences.

Affirmations, and affirming your life to what you want it to be.

Recently, I faced a dilemma of choice. A dilemma where I had to go by what was apparent, or go by my imagination, will and what I really want. I chose the second choice. Sure, Master Minds always choose the second choice, and it is a hard dilemma to think what you want to think regardless of appearances. But, ultimately it is the best choice if you want to make your future instead of "your future making you".

Think! What do you really want in life and existence. If you like, write it on a blank sheet of paper right now. Dig deep before you write, though, because reality works to the extent that we genuinely work. Do not leave your life to chance, for within each life is an affirmation of source power, God and what is behind it all when lived without being taken for granted. Within each life is Master Mind potential when reality seems to throw a "curve ball" and a unique opportunity for a "home run" can be found within that bad "curve ball".

This reality is what makes the imagination "the workshop of life and living". I quote and paraphrase Wallace D. Wattles on this one: "They who can be grateful for that which they own only in imagination has real, working faith." Please note: When I type the word faith, I mean this: Going for what you really want, not just for what is "realistic" or "applicable". I do not mean anything in the "traditional religious sense" or "irrational dreams". I mean faith in the most practical way possible to anyone. Read anything by Napoleon Hill to know what exactly what I mean, Yes! especially, "Think and Grow Rich". To be a winner, you must develop and work out the habits of a winner patiently with faith in yourself and God, source, and The Power Behind it All.


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