The Shape Of Things To come

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A summary of events that are unfolding that will impact every Americas way of life.

The Shape Of Things To Come

As the soft gentle summer breeze flows it is hard to imagine all the horror taking place in today's modern world. It seems mankind has really done it this time. Many of us especially baby boomers have fond memories of carefree summer days and whatever harsh realities existed then were really a world away. As sheltered as we once were we have now come to realize how much misery there really is in the world around today. Now, the sun is setting on the twilight of my years and in my solitude visions of fleeting memories cascade through my conscious thoughts. As if it were yesterday but yet so far away where in a world that is so unrecognizable and different as night and day. I tremble at the thought that is this the shape of things to come. For those of us that have made it this far where we have reached the golf cart reality, something I thought I'd never be, I have come to realize just how fortunate so few of us really are.

It has taken humanity 50 years or so for our society to transform the social morals that were held to high esteem into amoral acceptance now becoming the norm. Even the worlds environment has become a cataclysm of one catastrophe after another. More of man's indifference and greed has set in motion an imbalance of nature that has but this planet on the verge destruction. Probably, the only things that have evolved for the betterment of mankind are the technological and medical breakthroughs that have been developed. Unfortunately, though still millions the world over are unable to be beneficiaries of all that man has deployed. The very sad truth today is are society's ethical and moral virtues which have slowly and methodically withered and died on that vine of so many lost opportunities have greatly contributed for man's quality of life to be greatly diminished. A decline witnessed by a whole generation for over 35 years.

When whole cities face acute fresh water contamination all because man continues to pollute and introduce toxins knowingly into our lakes and rivers to the enormous pollution in our oceans that only accelerated bacteria growth have now rendered humanity almost incapable of stopping the surge of life threatening conditions for all living things. Nothing is more sacred to the sanctity of life than the availability of abundant fresh water and pollution free oceans. Now, too many of the powers that be continue in denial of what they have wrought. Though disingenuous policies and outright ignorance have all contributed to our society pretty much incapable of stopping the juggernaut of calamity that awaits. Oblivious to what they continue to do has put this nation's and the worlds future in grave jeopardy.

The recent horrendous outbreak of one of the worlds most deadly diseases has put the world on notice that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are at our front door. Yet, we have those whose hidden agenda evokes a more sinister plot. They hide behind cloaks of deception willingly conceiving such a deceitful plan to reap more power, control and wealth at the expense of all who stand in their way. Why else would the US sanction a transfer of infections so deadly. When there is no known cure as we are told, yet those who stand to gain considerable power and influence once more ignore and under the cover of the sanctity of life but profitability ahead of all others that matters. Pharmaceuticals and unknown cures remain hidden while millions the world over suffer and die needlessly. Of course when profits are to be made that unknown cure suddenly appears like some magic potion. But, still if one can't afford well tough luck as the saying goes.

The shape of things to come when the world continues to gobble up barrels of oil all have contributed to the climate changes that has only further contributed to the coming arrival of an apoplectic event. When so much wealth being made it is more than conceivable a few are willing accomplices to the powers that be and for the past forty years continued to ignite flames of terror sending shock waves of violence all around the globe. From the rivers of blood following in Syria, the constant threat of nuclear confrontation with North Korea, the current upheaval in Iraq, the continued conflict in the Ukraine and the violent reprisal that's ongoing in Gaza are all hotbeds of instability.

Whether it is purposely unreported or not the crisis in Iraq has escalated to the point that a modern day Iraq is now hopelessly splintered. The first thing we really need to know about the situation in Iraq is that it is completely different than any previous war in that country. This new conflict is not about removing a political party or dictator. It's not about natural resources or fighting America at least not yet. For the Sunnis and Shiites this is primarily a religious war. Sunni militants spearheaded by the Al-Qaeda splinter group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, are now waging a war against Iraq's Shiite majority. The goal of the group is very simple: To drive Islam back into the Medieval age governed by strict Sharia law. But, what we are not hearing in the media is the extreme eventuality of this war. Meaning, one thing is absolutely certain. A central government will never take power in Iraq again.

We are seeing the state of Iraq disintegrate right before our eyes. Soon, a Shiite-Sunni civil war may well erupt and spread across the region like wildfire. It's already begun. And, eventually oil will be the catalyst that will bring the rest of the world to the brink of destruction.

Right now, the global demand for oil is growing at a faster rate than anyone could have ever imagined. A decade ago, global oil demand was 78 million barrels a day. Today that number has grown to 92.7 million barrels per day. And, this trend will not subside anytime soon. According the EIA global demand for oil will rise to over 100 million barrels per day by 2018. As it stand today 8 of the 12 OPEC member nations are in a production decline.

In a recent article from the Wall Street Journal the countries of Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, and Venezuela were producing just over 14.5 million barrels per day in 2005. That number has since dropped to 11.2 million barrels a day. This article further states that these countries are now losing nearly 500,000 barrels per day of production per year. Of the other four OPEC members not in decline, only Iraq has managed to increase its production from 1.75 million barrels per day in 2005 to 3.25 million barrels per day currently. This increase in Iraqi production has kept oil prices within $100 to $110 per barrel range over the past couple of years. But, now that religious conflict has broken out in Iraq, this is all about to change.

Today, Iraq accounts for 4% of the world's global oil production. That may not seem like a big percentage. But, a complete loss of Iraqi production would spike the world oil price up to at least $200 per barrel in a heartbeat. That's an 80% increase over today's prices. In fact, if even just a third of Iraq's oil production went offline, former military leaders and energy experts warn that crude oil prices will go up an additional $40 per barrel. But, as this conflict spreads throughout the region, nearly every oil-producing nation will continue to cut its supply. In Libya, home to Africa's largest reserves, production has already fallen to 220,000 barrels per day. More than 80% since militias seized control of the country's biggest ports last summer.

Our sanctions aimed at punishing Iran for its nuclear weapons program have crippled oil exports by 50%. This from 2.5 million barrels a day before sanctions to 1.3 million barrels a day today. And, in Africa like in Libya where in Nigeria violence from Islamic militant groups has caused the "worst oil crisis in five years," output has fallen by 300,000 barrels a day .All of these insurrections point to a global oil crisis. The EIA predicts that there will be a oil shortage of over 50 million barrels per day in just a few short years.

When we look at these events today one can conclude that the Ebola outbreak could be used as a front for the United States in ushering in oil imports from Africa. Just because the US just might be sitting on a cure or somehow magically comes up with a lifesaving drug in staving off the effects of one of the worlds most deadly until now incurable diseases. Like Aids before where HIV is now a controlled disease, so to will Ebola. A hidden agenda that most Americans have no idea what is really going on. One thing is for certain the longer the world is so fixated on energy sources that by design are known detrimental and toxic to every life form the sooner the Four Horsemen will come crashing through our front door.

The world today has the availability, the technology and the resources to come up with cures for deadly diseases and energy sources that by design are environmentally beneficial, cost efficient, and renewable. The choices are there. Do we dare remain on this path of destruction by being so transfixed on those energy sources that powered the first Industrial Revolution or do veer away on a new path of discovery using renewable energy sources that will pave the way to peace and prosperity in powering the final Industrial Revolution? Do we dare expose to the world that we do in fact have known cures and lifesaving drugs but are unavailable until they can be more profitable? Is this the shape of things to come?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks Tim for thinking aloud on issues that are eminently solvable. It is indeed ironic that we still fight over beliefs and that means emotions over logic as no one will give up his or hers. It is sad too that situation in Iraq is worse off now and also in Egypt with the senseless war over, again, beliefs - it should rather be the essence of the teachings than the rituals - I tell the 99% gets exploited all the time - just leave them alone, please.

Renewable energy will rid is from the grip of polluting fossil fuels that only few have in surplus - others will have to beg/steal from them in future. Our world could have been so much better off if we go after disarmament big time without losing a day. More countries are acquiring weapons to destroy us all; so we have little time left - siva

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