The Silver Coin

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This short story is about a piece of silver that is turned into a silver coin ,and has powerful wealth bringing power to it's owner.

The Silver Coin

Silver it's been around for thousands of years it's a precious metal that a small amount of it holds a mystery it is rumored to of been a silver coin around the time Jesus was alive some say it belonged to Jesus others be-leave that also the profits of the bible passed it on to each other.It's though to be over 2,000 years old. But the age of the silver coin is not what makes it valuable ,and wanted by everyone who looked for it the stealing,killing a lot of evil things that have taken place searching for the silver coin. Why it's searched for and wanted is for the unbelievable power it holds the person who owns the silver coin will become more wealthy then could be imagined. It has been found three times since the year 300 AD. the last time was 1278 when it's unbelievable power made a man so rich that his descendents lived like kings,and queens for hundreds of years.In the year 1887 the silver was mistakenly melted down into a United States Morgan silver dollar it disappeared a short time later never to be seen again. Now in the year 2012 a 1887 Morgan silver dollar has been found bringing unbelievable wealth to it's owner a delivery man who drove a truck for a living delivering bread for a living but he no longer working his wealth has bought him the bread company. Now the riches it brings are just starting to come into him. It's power goes beyond be-leaf his wife ,and children he bought them everything they wanted his wife the most expensive jewelry in the world. He bought Company's just to spend some of his money.His children are living a dream come true. With all of his family happy for once not worrying if the bills will get payed.

His secret getaways to islands that he bought his wife far away . Like his greed for the money hasn't stopped he now has a number of beautiful woman around his wife not knowing of the affairs with these woman just as she is going away to her mountain hideaway with her men friends she has fallen in love but her husband is the one who stands in the way of her a happiness. Now she will divorce him but as months went by she wasn't going to get as nearly one third the amount of money she thought she was going to get.But the hundreds of million of dollars she was going to get as a divorce settlement would have to do. Now with her boyfriend she would live quiet comfortable for her hundreds of million of dollars would last her well more then the rest of her ,and her children's lives.Once a delivery truck diver Harry Peek now one of the richest if not the richest man in the world his amount of wealth could not be totaled up as it was always increasing. As the year went by Harry didn't know it was the coin that brought him his wealth he thought it was his luck.But it was really the coin that brought him his wealth.One day Harry was on his Island looking over the ocean from a cliff holding some coins he wanted good health as his health wasn't as good as it was earlier that year Harry heard an old tale about throwing a coin in the ocean the old tale said it was suppose to bring you good health ,and happiness. Harry had happiness ,and some very beautiful girlfriends who didn't mind each other as they were getting a very high allowance every week from Harry .Money bought Harry everything he wanted but it couldn't buy his good health .Only thought Harry could think of was good health then he threw the coins in the ocean wishing for good health.As the year went by Harry's condition worsened he was told he only had a couple months left to live the cancer in him is killing him.Harry had the best doctors in the world taking care of him but less then 2 months later Harry peek died he was buried on his island his grave looking over the sea. Harry left a will behind which of coarse a lot of relatives fought over who gets what.Harry donated his coin collection to a nearby church on another island as a thank you gift for them .His coin collection was worth several million dollars ,and in the coin collection was the1887 silver Morgan dollar coin once again the coin was in it's rightful place back in the holy place the silver belonged.


Church, Dilivery Man, Greed, Precious Metals

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