The Skirmish in Shakrol Forest (Part 4)

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After chasing away the last family, Jangasta seeks a new apprentice. So when two teens show up for a stroll, Jangasta sees his chance.

500 Years Ago...(Before Jangasta's Execution)

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Mary's gleaming white dress fluttered in the air as she climbed the stairs of Hellman Towers, Jangasta's home.
"I just heard about the fire!" she said sternly as she burst open the door to Jangasta's room. "Why do you enjoy such torment?"
"They asked for it," Jangasta said softly. "Those corrupts dogs have already screwed up Shakrol Town. I'm just eradicating all these bad elements. I'm just doing what's best for Shakrol Town."
"Then where are these good elements you're referring to?" Mary wondered, placing her blonde curls behind her ears. "All I see before me is destruction, mayhem and death!"
"What I do is none of your concern." Jangasta snapped. "I am doing this only to help the citizens of Shakrol Town."
And in a bid to do so, you have become the very thing you had sought to destroy, thought Mary sadly before leaving through the door.

The Present

"Jack!" I shouted. "Look at that!"
My boyfriend, Jack Smith ran over to me to see what I was pointing at.
"What is it, Miranda?" he panted.
"Look at this patch of grass over here," I pointed out. "Looks like as if it was burning...or something was burning on it."
Jack adjusted his glasses to see better. "Mmm, it's a big pretty big diameter." he commented.
This huge patch was completely charred black. I could even smell the bitter taste of...what was it? Rubber? Metal?
"C'mon." Jack urged.
The both of us had decided to take a stroll down Shakrol Forest for a while. We were on our way to the next town but we decided to take a short break here. After all, it was a long ride.
The wind blew against my face as we made our way into the forest. It was a beautiful forest with lush green leaves and a steady wind.
"I wish I had more water," Jack spoke up, checking his water flask. "I'm almost out."
"Doesn't really matter," I replied. "We're almost there."
We made our way deeper into the woods but all of a sudden, I stopped short.
"What is it, honey?" Jack asked.
I was staring up high, at a tree.
"Look at that," I finally spoke. "That rope."
Jack followed his finger to find a rope hanging from a tall branch.
"It's a rope," he said. "So?"
I didn't say anything. I just stood there, staring at the rope. For some reason, my eyelids began to feel heavy. I began hearing voices, soft voices. Everything around me, including Jack became a fast blur.
What? Who said that?
This time, it was much clearer. But who's saying that?
"Miranda?" I felt Jack tug at me.
And then I snapped out of it. My eyes regained their focus.
I suddenly blinked my eyes and shook my head as if trying to shake off any impurity in my mind.
"Something wrong?" Jack asked, bearing a confused face.
"" I assured with a smile.
"Okay then."
I took one last look at the rope. It was swinging upon its branch now. What just happened?

Just Like a Ghost

"Miranda, look!" Jack pointed. He was pointing at a monkey.
"Awww, how cute." I commented. I absolutely adore monkeys. It was a little black-brown monkey with stripes of white running along its belly. It hung on a branch by its tail. It occasionally made soft screeching sounds. It then jumped off the branch and right next to my feet. Jack squatted down to pet it. The monkey let it rub his hand over his head.
"Is he the only monkey here in the entire forest?" I wondered.
"Seems like it." Jack guessed.
"Let's take a picture," I said. "You know, with the monkey."
"Okay," Jack replied, getting up. "After that, we'll be on our way." He walked off towards where our car was parked. "I'll go get the camera." he shouted back.
He ran off, leaving me with the playful monkey. I played with the monkey by tickling his belly. I thought he may be hungry. As I moved to retrieve some biscuits from my handbag, I heard a very loud scream. It was so loud, I heard it clearly,
"Oh my god!" Jack shouted. "Miranda! Quick! Get over here!"
Jack rarely got angry or upset so I knew it had to serious. I quickly dropped everything I had and ran towards the Jack. As I neared the opening, I saw Jack staring at something. He was shaking his head. And as I got a look at our car, I screamed too.

Our car was completely totaled! The windshield was completely shattered. Pieces of glass were strewn. The car doors were caved in, as if constantly bashed in by a sledge hammer. The headlights and taillights were completely shattered as well. The bumper was missing, exposing the engine and other components within. The boot of the car was missing as well.
"What the hell happened?" I screamed.

The Message

"How can this happened?" Jack exclaimed. He seemed to be a bit calmer now. But I sure wasn't!
"Who the hell could have done this?" I shouted.
There's no one around here. Who could we go for help?
"I'll call for help," Jack decided. "And the police."
"Good call." I replied. I felt a bit better.
Jack took out his iPhone and began dialing. But instead of dialing, he just stared at the screen in abject shock.
"What the hell..." he began softly.
"What happened?" I asked, trying to get a glimpse at the screen.
"How is this possible?" Jack continued to wonder.
He finally showed me the screen and then I knew why he was in shock.

That's what the screen read in big, black, bold letters. That's it. Other than that, the screen was blank.
What's happening? First the car and now this?
Jack shook his head.
"But how..." Jack's voice trailed off.
"C'mon," I tugged his sleeve. "Let's go into the woods. We might find someone who could help us."
"Besides," I added. "What choice do we have?"
"I guess you're right," Jack agreed. "Let's go."
Putting his iPhone into his pocket, we headed into the woods.


We saw nothing but trees and trees. Green all around.
"Damn, I'm thirsty!" Jack lamented. "No water."
"We'll make it through." I assured.
We stopped near a tree and took a rest.
I leaned against the thick trunk.
"Maybe we should walk to the next town or whatever." Jack suggested.
"It's too far," I pointed out. "We'll never make it that far. The car's gone now."
I was about to say something but for some reason, the tree I leaned against was familiar.
I got up, stared up the trunk until my eyes hit the branch. They then traveled from the branch to the rope, then from the rope to something hanging from it.
The sun's glare obscured my vision. I moved a few steps back to get better focus.
And then I saw it.
And then I screamed.
Hanging from the rope and swinging about was a gleaming skeleton!
It's grin mocking us.
It's empty sockets symbolizing death, as if warning us.
This was the same tree under which I felt a bit weird before. The one with the swinging rope.
But the skeleton wasn't there before! How'd it get all the way up there now?
Did someone put it there? Or does this forest hold more inhumane secrets?

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author avatar Denise O
1st Jul 2011 (#)

Great come back! I can't wait for the next chapter. It has kind of a 50's feel, like those old scary movies, love it! As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
1st Jul 2011 (#)

A comment from you is like Star Wars to my ears (I love Star Wars ;))
Thanks! I'm sure you'll love the next chapter.

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author avatar ppruel
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

I love those dialogues dude...they helped move the story.

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author avatar SiddiQ
4th Jul 2011 (#)

Thanks, friend!!!

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