The Skirmish in Shakrol Forest (Part 5)

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Miranda and Jack spot Jangasta hanging from the tree branch while on a trip. But seeing the carnage Janasta had unleashed upon the previous family, will the duo be able to resist Jangasta's fury?

The Car

Note: To read Part Four, click here

I screamed upon seeing the body of bones hanging from the rope atop the branch. Was it real?
Jack had a countenance of pure horror. The skeleton wasn't there before.
"How did that get there?" Jack wondered. I didn't reply.
The skeleton swung upon its branch. And this time, I didn't feel any wind. It was still air. I didn't know how this happening.
I focused my gaze at its skull. Its bare sockets continuously changed its focus from us to the trees in front due to the wind rocking him.
"Look," Jack finally squeaked. "Let's just get out of here! It's almost dark! Let's lake our chances and run to the nearest town!"
I knew better than to argue so I agreed and carrying nothing but the items already in our hands, we took off.

We reached the clearing where our car was...Wait! The car! I noticed that our car was missing!
"Jack!" I screamed. "Where's our car?"
Jack looked around frantically. "I-I don't kn-now." he stuttered.
We whirled around the moment we heard the sound of the engine starting. It was the car!
It's bright headlights swarmed over us.
But the car was in perfect condition. The bumper was back, its doors were perfect, the windshield was in great condition etc.
But...who's driving the car?
"What happened to the car?" I asked.
Jack didn't have time to answer. Without warning, the car roared towards us, its glaring headlights blinding us.

The Mysterious Driver

"Get out of the way!" Jack shouted. At the last minute, I moved away from its path and watched as it missed Jack too. The car suddenly swerved to the right and crashed into a tree with an ear-splitting crash. Jack ran over to me and helped me up. The sky had turned a deep purple. Night was in.
We walked over to the now totaled car. It was just like before now.
"Who was driving it?" Jack whispered. I shrugged.
We stumbled up to the driver's seat, trying to get a glimpse of whoever was driving it.
I saw a silhouette of a person in the driver's seat. It just stood still, like a statue.
"Hey," Jack shouted. "You okay?"
No response. The person just stood still. Was the person dead? I couldn't even see what gender it was.
Jack moved in a little closer. I saw him reach out a hand towards the person. He felt the person and then immediately drew his hand back.
"Damn!" he exclaimed softly. "He's cold!"
I could make out a male now but what bugged was why he was so still?
Jack brought his hand forward and shook the guy slowly.
"Hey," He called out. "Can you hear--"
He stopped short.
"What's wrong?" I asked, shivering.
Jack remained silent, observing the man. Finally he spoke,
"It's...not human."
"What!" I exclaimed.
"It's made of wax."
I moved in closer to get a better look. I took out my cell phone so as to use the light emitting from the closer. Luckily, mine worked perfectly.
I brought the light close to the man's face.
The moment I saw the eerie blue, fake eyes, I screamed.

The New Apprentice

It was a mannequin!
I stared at the grinning wax figure staring blankly into the forest. It's hands were positioned on the wheels and it's feet were planted on the accelerator and brake pads. The mannequin's head rested on the head pad.
Jack ran his hand across the lips.
"This is really strange" he whispered. "What is going on here?"
"That's not all," I added, my voice squeaky. "How could a mannequin drive a car? The car turned! Which means that someone turned the steering wheel to make the car turn. But the driver turned out to be a mannequin."
"The car has to remote-controlled. There's no other option."
"But there was no one there when we checked the car. And besides, our car was completely wrecked! How did it fix itself so quickly?"
"It has to be another car."
"Then why does it have our registration plate with our registration number? And even if it is another car, where did our car go? We didn't hear any other car for hours!"
This time, Jack didn't answer. He didn't know
"I'm telling you," I said softly. "Something else is going on here."
"Let's just get the hell out of here!" Jack said quickly.
I agreed on the second and the both of us took off.
We ran across the grass towards the road.
Huh? Who said that?
But I didn't want to stop. I kept running towards the road, following Jack. But all of a sudden, my head slowly began to spin. I began to feel a bit woozy. A bit dizzy. My legs felt soft and jiggly, as if made of rubber. I could barely move at all.
"Jack!" I hollered. "I can't move!" I collapsed to the ground.
I heard Jack's footsteps running towards me.
Welcome to my sanctuary, Mirandaaaaaaa
Who's saying that?
The world started to turn grey, as if all the bright and joy was draining from it, leaving everything dark and gloomy. What's happening to me?
"Miranda!" I knew Jack was shouting my name but why did his voice sound so distant?
All of a sudden, I felt the strength return to my legs. I was able to get up but the person I then saw before me was not Jack. It was someone completely different. He was an aging man with curly white hair and a beard. He seemed to be in his sixties. The monkey we saw earlier rested on his shoulder.
But what I really wondered was where I am? I was still in Shakrol Forest but something didn't fit in. Something was different. Jack was gone and so was our wrecked car. But there was something else that seemed different about Shakrol Forest.
Also, it wasn't night time. It was evening. I could still spot the sun setting.

I began to observe the old man before me.
His head was lowered down and his hands were clasped together in front of him.
"Uh, hello?" I said.
The remained still for a few seconds but then he slowly raised his head until were staring at at each other eye-to-eye.
His eyes! One of them was blank, completely empty. It was as if staring into a black hole.
His other eye was dull green. I could see crooked lines running through his eyes. I think they were cracks!
He was dressed in a full black robe with red insignia.
"Who a-are y-you?" I stammered. "Where am I?"
The old man spoke in a tardiloquent, raspy tone.
"Welcome, Miranda."
My heart dropped
How'd he know my name?
"You have brought me hope." he added.
Every time he spoke, there was a slow echo that ran around the empty forest, as if a hundred of him were speaking all at once.
"Why have you brought me here?" I suddenly yelled.
"I need you as an apprentice," he replied.
"Apprentice?" I murmured and then I raised my voice. "What do you mean your apprentice?"
"There was another before you," the man continued. "But he was weak. You are strong."
"Who are you?" I screamed, my throat burning.
The man paused for a while but then replied,
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author avatar ppruel
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Jangasta is really powerful. He can change or resemble himself to anything.

I would have to read part 1 to 3.

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author avatar SiddiQ
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Take your time, buddy!

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author avatar Denise O
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Siddi, I swear I could hear the twilight zone song theme running through my head as I read your wonderful chapter, another triump of Jangasta. I just love the skirmish's in Shakrol forest. I enjoyed my read, as always. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
9th Jul 2011 (#)

Glad ya like it, Denise O! Thanks!

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