The Skirmish in Shakrol Forest (Part 6)

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Jangasta's reign seems to be thundering down on his new victims, Miranda and her boyfriend, Jack and with no end in sight. His horrific tricks of doom catches the duo off-guard all the time. However, when Miranda suddenly finds herself in what seems like another dimension, she knew this wasn't going to end well for her, especially when she meets the king of magic himself.

A Twist in Fate

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"I'm sorry," I spoke softly, "But I don't know anyone by the name of Jangasta."
For a long time, the monkey on Jangasta's shoulder had stood still but now it began to shift towards his other shoulder.
"I am the bane of peace!" Jangasta suddenly roared. "I am what man fears to his greatest extent. Death is my ally and a strong ally it is!"
"It still served me even after I was killed," he added, lowering his voice. "Those rigid humans only saw greed. I just wanted what was best for Shakrol."

All of a sudden, the world began to sway from left to right and Jangasta along with his monkey disappeared.
Before I knew it, I was on my knees, next to a tree. I raised my head but the view was still a blur. I could make out a figure. I think it was running towards me.
My vision cleared and I saw Jack stumbling towards me, his glasses bouncing on his face.
"Miranda!" he shouted. "What happened to you?"
I didn't answer
But all I could feel detestation. Anger!
Why was I so angry at Jack? All I knew was that I couldn't control it.
Jack! I thought. I hate you! I want you dead!
Jack ran over to me but then he gasped.
"Miranda," he said weakly. "Your eyes! Why are they red?"
He grabbed my arm but in a swift motion, I jerked it away.
Jack looked confused.
"Miranda!" Jack cried. "What's wrong?"
The blood thundered against my ears. I gritted my teeth, my breathing becoming louder. My anger began burning over the top.
With a roar, I charged at him, tackling him to ground.
"Miranda!" Jack hollered. "What the hell is wrong with you?"
I just grunted in reply. I straddled him and clutched his neck and pressed my fingers against it.
"Yessss," I heard Jangasta's whisper. "Kill him. He is a witness. Let your anger boil. It is your strength as it was mine."
Jack began to gasp. His eyes popped open wide.
He struggled to grab my arm. He suddenly did and we rolled. Now he was on top of me.
"Miranda!" he cried. "Stop! It's me! Jack!"
"SHUT UP!" I screamed. "I HATE YOU!
With full strength, I brought up my knee and kneed him straight into his abdomen.
"Oof!" he gasped as I felt his hold on me weakening. He let go and I pushed him off me.
His glasses fell off but he didn't take the time to retrieve them. He stumbled back up to his feet and glared at me.
"Miranda!" he yelled. "What the hell are you doing?"
Why does he have to ask so many questions! Can't he ever shut up!
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the monkey I saw on Jangasta's shoulder flew out and tackled Jack, forcing Jack to scream in pain.
I smiled. I noticed Jack's glasses lying at my feet. I raised my foot and stomped down hard on his glasses, shattering the lens into pieces. The mangled handles lay crushed.
There Jacky, now you can barely see.
I focused my gaze on the monkey.
Kill Jack, I silently ordered the monkey. KILL JACK!

Old Friends, Old Enemies

The monkey scratched at Jack's face like a wild tiger. His screams were muffled under the monkey's fur. But he mustered up enough strength to grab hold of the monkey and pry him away from his face. His threw the monkey aside. His face was red and sweaty and was thriving with cuts. I could see a bit of blood under his nose.
Jack's throw wasn't very strong so he didn't throw the monkey very far or injure it at all.
But seeing him alive was enough to boil over the rage that had mysteriously consumed me.
With a roar, I tackled Jack before he could figure out what's going on and I pushed him to the ground.
I ruthlessly raked my nails against his face, causing him to grunt in pain. He struggled to raise his arms to his face to protect it but then the monkey came back and pounced on him.
Jack pushed me off him and rolled over, knocking the monkey off him as well.
"WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE!" I bellowed.
"Miranda!" he shouted. "What's wrong with you! Why are you doing this!
Finish him
I spotted a fallen branch lying next to a tree and quickly grabbed it. I tightly grasped it in one hand.
"It was your kind that had killed Jangasta!" I roared. "Now I'm going to do the same to you!"
"Miranda--" he began but couldn't finish.
I charged at him and swung the stick. He backed away and I only hit air.
The monkey ran at his leg and bit into it hard. Jack screamed and struggled to kick the monkey away. I saw my chance and swung the branch right into his ribs. They connected with a thud and he landed on his side, rubbing his waist. I stood over him and glared down at him.
"Miranda," he said weakly. "Why?"
"Your weakness sickens me," I scoffed, a smile playing at my lips. All of a sudden, all the anger I had experienced before evaporated. "I hate you, Jacky."
The monkey stopped grasping his leg and stepped off. It leaped towards me and onto my shoulder.
"No, Miranda..." Jack struggled to say. He coughed. I raised the branch, ready to deliver the killing blow.
But it seems that Jack still had some strength in him because as I brought the branch down, Jack caught it with both hands and held tight onto it.
"You little...!" I shouted.
Using his strength, he got complete hold of the branch and got up to his feet.
"Miranda!" he cried, tears in his eyes. "What's going on with you?"
"Give me the damn branch so I can finish you with it!" I hollered.
"I don't want to hurt you, Miranda but--"
His voice stopped abruptly. All of a sudden, he began gasping for air. He clutched his throat as of someone had just struck it with something sharp. He collapsed to his knees and his gasps began louder and harsher. He fell on his back, his arms laid out on his side. What's happening to him?
Finish him, Miranda. I have weakened him for you. Finish him!
Slowly, I began walking over to him until I stood right over him. I slowly grabbed the fallen branch while keeping my eyes fixed on Jack, who still struggled. I pressed my foot on his chest tightly while I raised the branch for the second time.
"Miranda..." he choked weakly, tears flowing down his cheeks.
"Goodbye Jack." I said softly, my last words to him.
With brute force, I brought the branch right down at his face. His face seemed to explode with a splat under the sudden pressure of the branch. Blood splattered everywhere but I didn't care. I raised the branch again and brought it down again.
I did it again.
And again.
And again.
When I looked down at his face, it was no longer recognizable. It was just a messy mass of bloody flesh. My brown boots were covered with blood. But the main task was complete. I smiled as I gazed at the mess.
I noticed the moon was now covered by the clouds as if it couldn't bear to watch Jack's grotesque murder.
The monkey made a soft hum. I gently stroked it under its neck and then calmly walked away from the scene.

The Union of Servant and Master

I stopped near the tree where Jangasta's skeleton hung. Even through his skeletal mouth didn't move, he spoke in slow, soft tone that echoed off the entire forest:
Is it done?
"Yes, my lord," I replied with calm and ease. "Jack has been eliminated. I have fulfilled your revenge."
Nooo, noo, noooo. My revenge is far from complete. Jack was just the base. He is not enough to give me strength. I need more people.
"But, my lord," I spoke up, worried. "How can we call more people?"
Patience, my apprentice. Now is not the time to strike. The time will come to usssssssss. For now, save your strength. But soon, man shall arrive. And then I can regain my strength and complete my revenge.
"Then we wait?" I wondered.
Yesssss. We wait...we wait.


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author avatar ppruel
17th Jul 2011 (#)

This part has injected more tensions and fears - Miranda is already controlled by Jangasta...

And in this part I also learned at last that it was Miranda who is telling the story.

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author avatar SiddiQ
17th Jul 2011 (#)

This concludes the second installment. Thank you, Paul!!!!!!!

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author avatar Denise O
19th Jul 2011 (#)

I agree with Paul, thsi one was very tense and you could really feel the fear coming from jack. I also like the little touch of Miranda saying "jacky.". It was as if I could see a little smirk on her face, at that time she said it. Very nice read my friend. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar SiddiQ
19th Jul 2011 (#)

Thanks! I'll have to now think of the third installment ;)

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