The Sleepless Night

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Only a dream, yet all too real, but on waking something was brought back.

The Sleepless Night

There was no need to fight.
Over thinking was the real issue.
The problem was not what it seemed.
It was a struggle against myself.
Only a dream, yet all too real,
But on waking something was brought back.

I could feel a set of eyes starting at my back.
Only two choices felt flight, or fight.
No longer a dream this was quite real,
Yet what is here is a new issue.
I could not let fear overcome myself.
I really was not alone it seemed.

Things were no longer what they seemed.
I felt a hand on my back.
I turned facing a mirror seeing myself.
My logic and fear entangled in a fight.
Was I still dreaming? Was that the issue?
It seems like I lost all sense of what was real.

I must still be dreaming. This cannot be real!
Yes, I was still in a dream it seemed…
I should relax there was no real issue.
Again, I felt a hand on my back.
No need to panic or fight,
Soon I would wake I assured myself.

These were the lies I told myself.
The hands were now around my waste, and all too real.
I had lost the will to fight,
As a hug goodbye it seemed,
As someone leaving never to come back.
The embrace felt warm, and loving I could not take issue.

I should have taken much issue.
How could I have deceived myself?
Knowing there are times, which cannot be had back.
The end of love is all too real.
Forever unforgiven in her eyes I thought, so it seemed
I remember she slammed the door, and left after our last fight.

I cannot remember the issue we fought, and why it appeared so important, and real.
I lost myself on answering the phone, for love had been lost it seemed.
I trembled taking a few steps back. There was an accident. We had our last goodbye, and our last fight.


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