The Snow Thing

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This short story is about a creature known as the snow thing as people hunt the snow thing .One night it comes into a peaceful town as every one slept.

The Snow Thing

It sleeps in a hidden underground cave the creature known as the snow thing. As the snow thing comes out at winter time when the temperatures drop ,and the snow comes.It has terrorized the people of James-ville for hundreds of years. No real proof has ever been taken to prove the snow thing exists .When reporters went into the wilderness looking for the snow thing but never finding it after weeks of hunting it the reporters gave up. With one of them publishing in the newspaper he worked for if the snow thing is real it's a mystery till today that remains one reporter wrote in the newspaper. Now that all the reporters left the James-ville to go back to the city's ,and towns they came from. The towns people thought life would get back to normal as they knew it.One morning a blizzard started in James-ville the people were per-paired for the blizzard as they were use to weather like this. As the blizzard went on thru the next 2 days the people stayed warm in there homes as the storm started to let up the people started digging out from the blizzard.

As the day went on they could here the wild dogs in the wilderness howling dogs that were abandoned when they were still young. The wild dogs never hurt anyone just sighted in the woods once in a while a hunter would shoot ,and kill some of the dogs.The wild dogs would take shelter any where they could find it . Staying far from the town at all times they knew if they were to survive they had to stay away from hunters ,and towns people.But now the snow thing was out of it's hidden underground cave it headed towards the town as it was standing behind the Wilson's house little Anna Wilson looked out the back window at the snow when she seined the snow thing she screamed terrified she ran to her father they went to the window only to see the snow thing go back in to the wilderness. As the police were called to the Wilson's house they told the police what they saw as the police went into the back yard where the snow thing stood. They found the trail the snow thing left.

The police started to follow the trail as they stayed on the trail of the snow thing the police got deeper into the woods when the snow thing trail ended then they discovered a hidden underground cave. They radioed back to the Police Station told them what they found the chief told them to stay there he would be there shortly with help.In less then an hour the Police chief arrived with others on snow mobiles .Right away they started putting explosives around the hidden underground entrance to the soon as the explosives were ready they got back the police chief told them to detonate the explosives. There was a loud explosion ,and a big cloud of smoke the ground trembled as the smoke cleared the police chief said we did in a couple of hours what we have been trying to do for hundreds of years the snow beast is dead. The news went through the town as they had there own celebration.

As the night went on the snow thing appeared it was alive it escaped through another opening in the cave.It was headed in the direction of the police station with everybody a sleep in the peaceful town. The snow thing came from behind the police station it started to destroy the police vehicles it picked up the snow mobiles ,and threw them around like they were toys. In the morning the police found the destroyed vehicles. The snow mobiles were all totaled destroyed they could not be repaired.The snow things tracks were there again but this time the snow storm starting was covering the tracks.They went inside as they could hear the wild dogs howling in the wilderness

The snow thing headed deep in the wilderness it took cover from the storm under a pine tree. As it stood there waiting for the storm to stop. A pack of wild dogs attack the snow beast as the wild dogs all attacked from the pack 12 wild dogs in all they kept attacking the snow thing till it could take it no more ,and fell down to the ground in 2 minutes the snow thing was dead. As the wild dogs tore the snow thing apart ,and ate the snow thing. Now it was gone for good and the wild dogs were still man best friend.


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