The Son of God Stood Up From His Throne...

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If you've known since you were a child that there is more to God's word than you've been taught - then this book is for you. Jesus admonishes the Angels...

The Son of God Stood Up From His Throne...

The Son of God stood up from his throne…

The Son of God stood up from his throne and began to speak. The violins in the background continued unabated.
"Do you feel powerful now? What do you think of your puny powers you've used to build yourself up in your own eyes? Do you still feel wise in your values clarifications? Can you create your own morality apart from us? Can you know The One by looking in the mirror? Can any being that has to eat truly be a God? Can pluralism, tolerance, and freedom from morality find limitless life? Where are your unlimited potentials? Where are your enlightenments, your all-encompassing diversity, your powers, higher consciousness, and evolutionary spiritual ascensions that you glorified instead of we who constructed you? Will your self-actualization, self-realization, multiculturalisms, and collective consciousness mantras lead you to the divine? Do you really think your intelligence and beliefs are really the last words?
"Where are your pantheisms, positive aspirations, enlightened masters, self-evolutions, your divine nature, and your so-called spiritual evolution? Who here can keep alive his own soul, make their own food, or land to simply stand on? Are we intolerant because we have the monopoly on truth? Can there be many paths to us? You must learn truth is not an airy concept; it is a pronoun, a person, The One. Can the sum total of your voluminous verbiage ever make us liars? Can you will your eyes to see through this brightness, or breathe one more breath than we willed you to inhale?
“You are fools, for you threw away a whole life style of absolute luxury, peace, love, and brotherhood, for the putrid dung pile. You threw away this Heaven and universe with eyes wide open for the bloody hell that is to come. All the circle of life you shed tears for instead of your brothers are dead. Now after you have caused this incredible folly, can you tell me you are good as you struggle against all external yokes? Tell me, what place will there be before you, and how will you live without a universe? Likewise, you cannot live without the love of The One. For verily I say, all will walk through the valley of the shadows and death before your coals are accepted in The Great Cauldron of The One again."
Yahshua paused within the nuclear brightness choosing his words carefully. He sensed total chaotic fright, panic germinating inferno fierce from both sides of the demarcation. And he held his head down feeling great love for these numbers of life he constructed. Though he knew it had to be like this, it was hard. This was the foreordained and the unstoppable. But it gave him great sorrow. For as he stood here in the present, passing this judgment on all creation, the innocent and the guilty, it did not change the sadness he felt. The three who were The One dreaded this day. Yahshua turned and looked at his Father sadly, and then continued.
"We are unable to destroy so many of our children who richly deserve our wrath. Many being misled have slipped down the slippery slope of betrayal. And many feeling burning shame would rather die than face us again. We decided rather than to kill or destroy; there must be a better way of melding repentance and reconciliation. Even though you are intimately familiar with death, you have no experience with in dealing with evil. For if you did, you'd know there is no moderate middle ground that gives rest, for there is either evil and death or righteousness and life.
"And many have taken the path of the middle thinking erroneously, self-discipline, moral self-righteousness, and good intentions could be an acceptable substitute for the love and brotherhood we aspired in all. And because of this ignorance some of you thought, just like the addicts, you could put one toe into its dark waters without completely falling in, overwhelmed, compromised, and drowned.
"All the universes and galaxies have ceased to exist. There is no Heaven, Laviah Zoo, or light outside these walls. In fact, we are not even on Terra anymore. The Great House of The One has moved outside time and space, for we have fully destroyed everything we have constructed rather than let one number of life die needlessly who might contain the feeblest spark of repentance.
"Because of your perfidy and wanting Luciah, a number of life to rule over you, we will give you your wish. All numbers of life will be born again out of your indestructible shell into a weak vessel composed of flesh. You will awake as a new construction in the circle of life. We who are The One are doing this for three reasons.
"One is so you will know and experience death personally without its finality. You couldn't do this as numbers of life. You will get sick having all the aliments the circle of life experiences. And as you slowly wither in sickness, and death, some inner part of you will long for the love of The One. And you will try many systems to substitute for our rule, but all will fail. You will learn there is no goodness in any soul except through us. And you will learn this truth the hard way, as you are blinded by injustice and drowned in the callousness of those who rule over you.
"The second reason is so you will be able to experience evil totally and intimately. You will see how your own kind will treat you, those whom have always been family. You will live in a world that does not want know your name. Your leaders will be evil children gleefully clapping their hands at your suffering. You will not be safe in your nation, your house, or in the wilderness. You will work by the sweat of your brow just to simply survive. The brotherhood you have thrown away here with eyes wide open, you will desire again as you live in a world full of deadly strangers. With fear, you will walk your world because you did not accept the peace of mind you were freely given here. You will experience this so that you may compare the lifestyle you have given up here, to that you had in the flesh.
"And thirdly, you will be ruled by Luciah and his children, as many wanted in this life. You can then hopefully make a decision so simple that it boggles our imagination there is any discussion of the answer. The only question is will you choose life or death. And through this process, you will see what kind of world you will build without the totality of The One. Look to your left and right. See how he will treat you. You will be able to see with clarity what truly dwells in the deepest part of all numbers without the love of The One.
"You will have no remembrance of where you came from or what you truly are. You will be born innocent, the same soul but a different shell, to make the choices you should have made here. Is it life or death, peace or war, luxury or poverty, endless strangers or endless brotherhood? And after the fullness of time and the ending of passing of numbers through the circle of life, and the emptying of the Well of Souls, there will be a thousand year kingdom. It will be for teaching those who failed in the flesh to do what is right. And by this last millennial kingdom of the second Universe of God, everyone will possess the full memories of all the prior eternities in conjunction with the memories of your fleshly existence. We desire all to know truth and rise from the ashes of their past failures, to be pleasing to us by desiring to be with us forever.
"In the last days many will not have a chance to learn for we will blind them for their own good, except for my Elect. That seeing they may see and not perceive; and hearing they may hear and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. This is so no one may lose their souls and the promised eternities because of what they did in the flesh out of ignorance. It would defeat our purpose for anyone to become eternally damned because of the flesh.
"This is our rationale; we desire none to perish but want all to come to full understanding of the truth of The One. We have no one else but you. We want everyone to return successful. You will learn exactly what Luciah is about, for he will demonstrate fully the love he has for you as you intimately see his deeds, works, and fruits of his hand.
"We will create the construction some wanted so badly in the numbers of life construction. And that shall be a female. And from umbilical cord to umbilical cord, all thirteen billion of you will go through the second universe. This first Universe of God is forever finished. I reiterate the obvious; we will not have any dogs biting us in our house. And as we have said so many times, the breath and great expanses of all creation is our house. And after your voyage through in the flesh age, if you still feel like growling and baring your teeth at us, then walk proudly into the lake of fire and die.
"We will not make it mandatory to be born again. Those who refuse will embrace eternal death. It is our way or the highway. As a sovereign, we have bent over backwards, to ensure you will live with us in the third and final Universe of God. You must be reborn from a number of life into a human being to gain eternal life; you must be born again.
"Human beings will call the numbers of life Angels. And very few will understand the obvious connection between the numbers of life and them. For in the final analysis, whether flesh or the indestructible, you are the same fellow servants of God and our beloved children. This is the bond between the circle of life and the numbers of life you have been unable to see here. As flesh, you will not be able to discern your true heritage, your true beginnings, or your innate preciousness to The One. You will languish trying to figure what you are in the grand scheme of things. The greatest interrogatives pondered are 'where did I come from, and why am I here'. Everything will be vanity. Your flesh will be your worst enemy - a new intelligent couch. It will have desires and needs you will not be able to understand fully now. It will constantly war against your soul.
“You will grow old and wrinkled, feeble, and turn back into the dust, full of pains. You will be weak in your frame, easily broken, but mighty in your intellect. All will be submerged in the marketing of evil, and mourn the precious gems of simple goodness and family. And the question asked for a thousand generations will be the most stupid - 'what is the meaning of life?' The true answer will always be rejected. The meaning of life is responsibility to your Creator."

Twe Stephens,
Author, The Universes of God: The Chronicles of the Angels

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