The Spirit of Anarchism

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Within this essay I try to outline what Anarchism is actually about and what the aim of an Anarchist is instead of what people are being told what Anarchism is by the mass media.

The Spirit of Anarchism

Calling oneself an Anarchist seems more dangerous in our modern enlightened society than ever before. Even the early 1900’s had more tolerance of Anarchists then the so-called Liberals and Conservatives of today. One must ask them selves why? Why is the idea of Anarchism so feared? Why does our learned society try to harder and harder to oppress this movement’s adherents, art, and literature? The entire culture that Anarchism represents is without question deemed enemy number one. More dangerous than the hippies and other such groups.

The answer is simple, Anarchism represents a society based an absolute freedom to be whom and what you want to be without any slight hint of conformity. Your life is truly in your hands and you will live and die by every decision you make. This is what our conformist society fear. America and other countries of our modern world fear true freedom because if people were truly free the needs of greed would come to an end. True Freedom forces one to value other human life and all life. Capitalism can only exist as long as people are enslaved in mind and in body and unfortunately spirit due to the cowardice’s of all the world religions. Our entire system as it stands now is based on misleading people, lies, and pure corruption which is favored by all current politicians, corporations, and greed minded individuals. This is the worst assault on humans in history and the powers of the world are desperately trying to crush those who speak out and fight the system of globalization.

The tighter the enemies of the human world grasp the more apparent they become. We must take a stand now and ask if we are to allow ourselves to become eternal slaves or our own masters. Can we not only destroy the current system but can we destroy the brainwashed mindset we have been forced to take on. Though these thoughts are heavy and need to be answered they must be answered quickly. Wouldn’t you want to live in a truly free world without poverty, without wealth, where people simply do what is right because they want to not because they are forced to? These police officers do not help nor do they protect you, no, they are against you. Why are you paying money to those who keep you oppressed and down? They who are suppose to enforce the law act as if they are above the law. The same with judges, politicians, and special interest groups. They should all be removed from power placed on an island and forgotten about.

If you believe yourself to be free ask yourself am I really free? Or is my so-called freedom just an illusion? Only you should answer for yourself don’t keep your life in someone else’s hands because they will look out for themselves but they will not look out for you. The military only protects the wealthy they do not protect the poor nor do they protect the middle class. How many rick kids do you see on the front lines? None, because we are nothing but pawns in a game of chess that we are unaware of. Topple the kings and Queens and live as you have never lived before.

Only the deaf and dumb feel safe in conformity and the way of Anarchy is to never conform to somebody else’s idea, to never place a crown on anyone else’s head except for either God or and imaginable ruler that exists purely in your mind. If you place God as your ruler than you must read and make your own mind up of how God is with you do not let mullah, priest, or rabbi tell you other than what’s in your heart and how you perceive the scriptures you read. The imagined ruler you crown should be your own mind.

The spirit of Anarchy is pure freedom, do have what it takes to truly be free?


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