The Stalker

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Chloe is on her way home on a dark winter's night, and there is a car following her. Is she being stalked? Read on to find out more

The Stalker

Chloe got into her car, it wasn't that late, about nine o'clock, she had stopped off after work for a Pizza with Jane. They had been friends since school, but life often got in the way of that now, with jobs in different towns, boy friends, and just the general pace of a busy life.

The restaurant she had just left had been cheery and welcoming on a cold night, with Christmas only two weeks away, it had been decked out with a bright Christmas Tree, and colourful streamers. People were relaxing and enjoying their food, and she had been able to catch up with so much gossip with Jane. She heard all about Ben, the new man in the office, and how, Jane hoped to get closer to him at the Christmas party the following week.

" I am so happy for you, " she said hugging her, and she truly meant it. Anyone who went out with kind hearted and caring Jane would be a very lucky person.
" Now I hope you are not wasting your time fretting over Simon." remarked Jane. " You can do so much better."
" Oh no, he was so last year!" said Chloe, and she meant it, Simon had been so selfish, and after the initial shock of being dumped by him, the loss of him had quickly evaporated, and she had felt free and single. At this moment in time there was no-one in her life, but she had decided this time, not to be fooled by a handsome face, but to get to know them better before she went out with anyone.

She put the radio on

As she pulled out of the Car park, she put on her headlights, and there was rain illuminated in the glow. It would take a while for the heater to warm the inside of the car, so she switched on the radio to listen to some Christmas music.

The rain was getting heavier now, so she put her windscreen wipers on, and drove towards home. The one disadvantage to living out in the country was their house was situated in the middle of nowhere. Chloe had been so grateful to dad when he helped her to buy her car, she couldn't afford to leave home yet, and dear daddy had made sure she was always safe when she came home in the dark. She did hope to pay him back one day, but her job in the office was not very well paid, but later there would be promotion, and she had always shown herself keen and willing to learn.

She turned off the main road towards the lane, it was not very wide here, but she was not particularly in a hurry, she hummed to DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS, which was playing on the radio.

As she glanced in her mirror at the blackness behind her, she was aware that there was a car, which looked black in the nightlight, noiselessly gliding along . The driver could not be seen properly, but to her irritation , it came right up close, and then she saw a hand raised, and he started flashing his lights at her, which temporarily blinded her.

Her first reaction was anger

Chloe was angry, what a dangerous thing to do, there might have been a car coming the other way! It seemed clear to her that this impatient person wanted to get past, but she was having none of it, so she increased her speed. It must surely be a man being so impatient like that.

The lane crossed a main road before it continued on, so he would obviously be going left or right, continuing on only led to their house and Mary's next door, but Mary was now in a care home, and the house was up for sale. She was able to go quite fast down the lane because she knew all the twists and turns, but this didn't stop the black car from matching her speed.

" Now be gone!" she shouted triumphantly , as she crossed the main road, he probably couldn't hear her, but it made her feel she had won that battle, But then she looked back, and with a sinking heart, realised that black car was right there with her.

Panic Set in

There was still a mile or so to go, and now she could feel real panic threatening to overwhelm her. What if her car broke down before she got home? Why was this sinister stranger stalking her, was he hell bent in attacking her because she hadn't let him past.? Was he a rapist or a murderer? And as these thoughts flashed through her mind, she instinctively put her hand on the door, to check she had locked herself in the car.

She had, but would that make a difference? He might have something to smash the windows in and get to her. She remembered the film she had watched the other night where the attacker had slashed his victim's tyres, and then when the car came to a halt, he had simply used a wheel brace to cave her head in and steal the car.

She forced herself to focus on getting home, regardless of the fact that he was right behind her. She had her mobile, and it was hands free, if daddy was home, he would come out to the car to greet her if she asked. As scared as she was, in no way was she going to let this person victimise her.

She slowed a little as she pressed the button to connect with home, it was best to phone the landline, as the mobile signal wasn't great at the best of times. He had to put his brakes on behind her, now that had probably maddened him even more , but Chloe didn't care. Hearing her father's voice come over the phone was a huge relief.
" Daddy can you come out and meet me, I am five minutes away, there is someone stalking me in a black car, I need you there when I get out of the car!"
" Of course, don't worry, they won't get past me!" said her father, thinking it must be a troublesome boyfriend. He would soon put him in his place!

Home at Last

As Chloe pulled into the drive, panic momentarily overtook her, because she couldn't see her dad. She sat trembling in the car, as the other car stopped at the entrance to the drive, and she watched with eyes bulging with terror as a man in a long black coat jumped from the car, and came towards her window.

She froze in her seat, as she saw the figure turn towards her father, who had been there all the time, but just moved slightly from her view to get a better signal on his mobile. What was he saying to daddy? She felt a bit stupid sitting there, but he could hardly hurt her now, so she got out.

John greeted his daughter warmly.
" Here you are safe and sound, Chloe do you know George? He's Mary's grandson."

Chloe inclined her head at him, she didn't care who he was, and she didn't trust him. Why had he been stalking her?. The fact that he had a kind face, and very white teeth when he smiled made not a scrap of difference.

" I had no idea you were John's daughter, so pleased to meet you, he said, and his smile even reached his eyes. " But I was so worried about you, your back lights are not working, I tried to flash you and tell you."

As she digested his words, Chloe looked at him in horror, as George and John went to look at the back of the car.
" My that is dangerous, I wonder when they blew," said John, " but never mind, I have got spares in the garage."
" Let me help you, " smiled George " I have a torch." and the two men went off to get the bulbs.

Chloe went inside where her mother was busy making coffee.
" Great you are home out of the cold darling," she said. " What is this about someone stalking you."
" Oh nothing, he's gone now, I could really do with a coffee mummy."
" I take it you have met George he's thinking of moving into the cottage and restoring it rather than selling it. He seems such a nice man."
Chloe could feel a warm glow going through her, but she said nothing, only time would tell.

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Thanks for moderating Peter, and the star.

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author avatar R. nuñez
20th Oct 2017 (#)

Love it! It's nice to see a real story here instead of all that commercialized technical stuff.
Thank you!

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22nd Oct 2017 (#)

Thanks R.Nunez, you are welcome.

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23rd Oct 2017 (#)

Yes, dear Carol . I agree with R nunez . I wondered what the twist at the end would be , and I wasn't disappointed .
Many blessings to you and yours
Stella ><

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23rd Oct 2017 (#)

Thanks for reading Stella, all best wishes back to you. xx

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26th Oct 2017 (#)

you stories are uniquely wonderful Ma'am
often I have fanciful dreams

like what if she was scared then what

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Thanks for visiting me Loverme, I will visit your page too.

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