The Story of Julia

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A fairy tale about a child, a natural disaster and survival.

The Setting.

Once upon a time long, long ago. There lived in a kingdom far, far away a beautiful Princess, her name was Julia.
She had eyes the colour of a summer sky, a gorgeous beautiful blue. Her hair was wild and free, a mass of golden, wavy curls. Her skin was soft like the softest peach. Her lips were a perfect cupid’s bow.
She always has a smile for everything and everyone and when she laughed the sound was like the most beautiful bells tinkling ever so sweetly. She was a very happy child, beloved by all who knew her, especially her mother and father.
Her parents the King and Queen thought the sun and the moon rose just for her. They loved her so very, very much. Julia was an exceptional child, a gentle and loving bright spirit.
She had wonderful toys crafted specially for her by the castle carpenters. Her mom and dad bought her an especially wonderful gift from a faraway country a bright blue ball that bounced ever so high. She had a special relationship with all creatures for she was a gentle soul and all recognized that she processed a loving spirit.
She had many friends in the animal kingdom. Whenever she went outside the great castle walls, the birds came forth flying very near her and chirping happily. The little fawn and her mother came close to be petted and other small animals like squirrels, rabbits and of course her kittens and puppies all stayed close, warm and cherished in her company.

The escape

One day Julia was riding her favourite white pony, Starlight, who had a wonderful long white mane, in the garden area of the castle. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing around, the birds chirping and Julia was laughing from the sheer joy of being alive.
Suddenly, a monstrous loud noise was heard. It was like the crushing of a giant egg. Julia’s pony was frightened, rearing her front legs up into the air and she bolted running as fast as her little hooves could carry her. The ground behind them rose up, as a great earthquake tore open the earth scattering the ground with trees and boulders. Starlight ran for her life with Julia clinging to her mane with all her might. They rode for hours, racing ahead of the quake. Starlight was exhausted, her breathing laboured; she had to stop.
All of a sudden they saw through a jagged hole in the side of a mountain, trees, green grass and a beautiful stream. They kept riding for a short distance, Julia saw a mountain stream, it sparkled like diamonds; she was very, very thirsty, so she slid off Starlight’s back and kneeled by the stream to have a drink of it’s ice cold water. Umm, it was refreshing and very, very good.

The surprise

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Julia and Starlight, the side of the mountain slowly, quietly closed its magical opening. Julia and Starlight had disappeared into the depths of the mountain. They quenched their thirst and ate some of the wonderful juicy blackberries from the nearby bush. Julia lay down and stretched out for a nap. It had been a very stressful day and she was exhausted. Starlight never left her side; she calmly chomped on some sweet blades of grass and stayed very close to her mistress.
Nearby a small movement behind a tree alerted Starlight that they were being watched. By what or who she didn’t know, but she stayed close to Julia. As Julia slept the figure in the darkened woods crept closer and closer. All Starlight could see was one pointed ear and a little green flash and still Julia slept. Starlight kept guard, the creature coming closer and closer.
Starlight was getting a little concerned. Finally, the creature came out from behind the tree. It was green with large pointed ears, walking in a strange uneven way, but it had a large smile on its face and its hands extended, with its palms facing up as it walked forwards towards Starlight.
It had some wonderful raspberries in its strange 4 fingered hand and Starlight was comforted. She knew instinctively that this creature would not harm herself or Julia. So Starlight walked forward and ate the raspberries form the creature’s hands.
When Julia awoke, she saw a little green creature about her size, 3 feet tall, talking and stroking Starlight. His name was Damian and he was a troll. He had pointed ears, large green pointed teeth, but he had a sparkle in his dark, black eyes and a wonderful smile. Julia was not frightened. She had never met a troll before and did not know that trolls were different and that she should be afraid of them. She just saw someone her size and that looked happy to see her and wanted to be friends.

Damian and Julia's Life together

In the world above ground, Trolls were feared and hunted, but Julia was a child and knew not of this. She accepted Damian as a new friend. Together with Starlight, they explored this wonderful Kingdom, catching butterflies, running with the rabbits and swimming and splashing in the stream. They had a wonderful time.
Only when Julia laid down to rest did she miss her mother and father, her grandparents, her cousins and the rest of the people that she loved above ground. She whimpered in her sleep and Damian’s heart threatened to break, but he just couldn’t let her go.
Damian was alone and very, very lonely before Julia and Starlight came into his life. He was thankful to have these new friends, this bright spirit, Julia to laugh and play with.
Julia and Damian played and had a wonderful time. They were both growing up. Their bodies were changing. Julia had grown into a beautiful young woman. Her hair was a series of golden waves hanging down her back. Touched by sunlight, her eyes were like the blue of the sky. She was 14 now. She had lived in the hollows of the mountain for 5 years.
Damian also grew up; he was a full bodied Troll, thick arms, legs and his ears still pointed and proud. He was twice the size of Julia and still growing. They were inseparable. They still swam together in the pool; they played games that Julia remembered from her life above ground. Julia had taught Damian how to braid his hair and brush his teeth. It was fun they braided each other’s hair, sang wonderful songs with lyrics they made up.
They ate their meals of berries and fruit. Their main meal coming out of a magical copper cauldron, it was an ancient trophy taken from the ferries hundreds of years past beyond Troll memory.
They had each other and Starlight and they were happy. Except that Julia still whimpered in her sleep, a remembered sadness came over her every once in awhile, remembering traces of her past life.
It physically hurt Damian to see her suffering, but he wasn’t ready to let her go and he couldn’t envision his life with her.

Dreams of Home

On the other side of the mountain, Julia’s family was still in mourning. Her mother and father had not allowed anyone into Julia’s room; they kept it the same as when she was nine, before her disappearance. Her mother went often to Julia’s room, sitting on her canopy bed, holding her favourite doll and singing Julia’s favourite lullaby to a deserted room. She couldn’t let go the belief that somewhere her daughter was still alive and that someday she would return. She was a mother and just knew her beautiful baby girl had not died during that horrific earthquake.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the mountain Julia was growing up. She didn’t want to play as much. She still swam and ran with Damian but it was different now. Julia became more pensive. She fought to remove the cobwebs from her mind, she knew that somewhere she had a mother and a father who loved her. The sweet melody of a lullaby echoed in her mind. Damian watched her, her sadness overwhelming him. He knew that the time was coming that he had to let her go.
She rode Starlight like the wind, they rode further and further, looking, seeking something. Damian and Julia still talked and laughed together but he saw in her eyes that she was drifting away from him and seeking something that Damian could not share with her. Damian truly loved his friends, Starlight and Julia. But he also knew beyond doubt that the day had arrived and that they must part company.
He called to Julia and Starlight, inviting them to a picnic. They had a wonderful picnic by their favourite stream - they had blackberries, blueberries and a feast of magical flowers and sweet honey and they talked.
Damian reminisced about the first time he saw Julia. How wonderful it was to be accepted because he knew that the people above didn’t trust and feared Trolls like him. Julia laughed, her laughter twinkling like wind chimes, hanging from the branches of trees in the breeze.
They talked for a long time. Damian’s heart was breaking, tears streaming from his eyes. Julia also started to cry, not understanding why, but because her friend was crying.
Finally Damian swept away his tears with the sleeve of his green tunic and faced Julia with a smile on his lips. He thanked her for being his friend. He told her that she made him very happy and that he loved her, would always remember her. Julia was puzzled, it was as if Damian was saying goodbye, she didn’t understand.

The parting of Julia and Damian

Damian took her hand and led Starlight and Julia to the side of a very large, old tree, he pulled back the branches and Julia saw to her amazement a beautiful valley below. She turned to Damian, he bent down and retrieved a bundle he had placed there and presented it to Julia.
Julia looked at him, deep into his eyes and saw only love and acceptance. He pointed straight down and Julia’s heart skipped a beat because in the distance she saw something from her memory - her home.
Starlight nodded her beautiful head up and down, her mane lifting and flowing. She understood that today she would be going home. Julia and Damian hugged. Damian also hugged Starlight.
It was a wonderful sight as Julia, a beautiful fairy tale princess, with her long flowing golden blond hair sitting upon her pure white mare with her pure white mane flowing out behind them as they galloped away to their home.
Damian watched from behind a tree. Knowing that he would miss his friends but knowing he had done the right thing. Knowing also that they would be back and bring more friends for him to know and talk with.
He had things to do to prepare for their return visit. It will be wonderful to visit with beings from the kingdom of above the ground.


Castle, Disaster, Earthquake, Julia, Parents Sorrow, Pony, Prejudice, Princess, Survival

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author avatar Retired
24th May 2013 (#)

I love the story,thank.

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author avatar Retired
24th May 2013 (#)

I love the story,thank.

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author avatar Mystic Maid
24th May 2013 (#)

Thanks for your comment. This is an ongoing saga, I will be publishing some more pages soon.

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author avatar Songbird B
24th May 2013 (#)

Oh this took me back to my childhood Georgia, and was absolutely enchanting..Thank you for such a lovely read, and I will be watching out for the second part of this lovely fairytale my friend..\0/x

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author avatar Mystic Maid
24th May 2013 (#)

Thanks. I loved writing it!

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author avatar Kingwell
26th May 2013 (#)

Thank you for a beautiful story.

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author avatar Mystic Maid
26th May 2013 (#)

Thank you for your kind words. It was fun to write.

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