The Subject of Desire Chapter 16

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We all feast at the banquet table of relationships. The chosen menu is usually our selection, or so we think. In Charlie McRoy's case, he gets a bird's eye view of the inner workings of intimacy played out from two different perspectives.

Chapter 16: Relationships Life's Roulette Wheel

"I flatly refuse to be used by you, anymore. I will not tolerate your greed driven indulgence. You have lied, manipulated, stolen and cheated from every one of the members on this board. I don't know how you could have done such a low down dirty thing, but you did!"

Charlie could hear the insulting words clearly but could not see where they were coming from. He needed to move in closer.

"We will not put up with it any longer, is that understood? You manipulated me, you know you did. You took our loving relationship and twisted it into something dreadful. I am so ashamed of you."

The distraught voice was certainly female. If she was speaking to anyone else, he or she did not respond. Charlie bottle necked his head in order to see and hear more.

"How can you lie like that? You knew perfectly well what you were doing when we got involved. You used me; you tricked me. I'll never forgive you, either. I KNEW you were TOO good to be true. {Once a fool, twice an idiot}. Why, oh why, did I fall for your pretty words two times? Get out! I want you to get your things together and leave before morning. I am speaking for everyone. No one wants you here any longer, TRAITOR!"

Charlie could finally see who was screaming. The emotionally agitated words were being hurled by another twelve inch clown. Talk about beautiful; waist length bouncy, silken, platinum blond hair enveloped her Barbie Doll Figure.

"If breast implants were possible for clown dolls, she had one hell of a surgeon." He sparked aloud.

Charlie, mesmerized by the clear 'Gulf Of Mexico' aqua-blue eyes, which beamed, through sobbing tears, of her dainty reddened face. Dressed in a stunningly expensive emerald green satin sequin formal gown, high heels to match, obviously, an entertainer, of some sort. Careful not to be noticed, he continued listening to the argument.

"How could you do it, Leo? You know what these plans mean to all of us. The plans were sealed, not to be opened by anyone. Now, what are we going to do? I should have never let you see them."

"AH! Give it a rest, Doll. I haven't done a thing to you, you didn't want done. You know you enjoyed every minute of it. We had some really good times, together. It was nothing but a game. Why are you pretending it was anything more? You're smarter than that! Now, give me the plans like we talked about."

Charlie stared at the gangster-type 12 inch clown man jetting out the New Jersey heavily accented words. Glazed hair black as coal, sliced and grooved in ringlet rows all the way down his sexy Tahitian tanned neck. He glided the pointer finger of one of his muscular hands, perfectly manicured, feathering through sleek, trimmed, arched, eyebrows. Intense brown stallion eyes hypnotically lured the young miss as he performed his 'all but too perfect' act of willful deceit.

"It's no use, Leo. Not going to work this time. I had no idea that you intended on stealing these ideas and selling them to the FRANCO CORPORATION. I trusted you. You had the complete trust of every one of us since you were one of the key engineers in the project."

"For a buck, Doll, I'd sell my own mother. And, so would you. Don't get all self-righteous with me, you little wench. Your sudden dose of conscience can't be dumped on me, princess."

"Get out! Get out! Before, I have you thrown out. I hate you! You make me sick to my stomach. I mean it, Leo, I'll call security right this minute, and have you locked up."

"HA! What a joke! The only place you want be, is locked up with me in a hot tub; for two hours, sweetheart."

The unmistakable starlit lady picked up a cobalt blue glass and threw it at Leo.

He ducked.

She screamed, "Security! Security! Come to room, 900 please."

Charlie amazingly watched the two clowns verbally, violently attacking one another.

Leo's raspy voice reflected no emotion, nor any concern of Celeste making good on her threats. He stood confidently cocked, leaned against the lavender painted wall.

"Look, Celeste this grand showing of loyalty is really quite touching, but why don't you give it a rest? Save it for the stage and your fans. This is old
Leo, you're talking to. You don't give a rat's ass about nobody, but yourself. I been around a long time, doll." He fidgeted with the collar of his baby blue pullover, slid down on his knees, in a crouched suggestive position, before he continued talking.

"There's not much I haven't seen and a lot less I haven't done. I've been around the track a few times and I can spot a phony when I see one. Your loyalty's just about as sound as my marriage proposal. You've been caught; that's a natural born fact. You have to get up mighty early in the morning to fool this old rooster." He eased his body up from the power squatting position, uncurled his knees, and leaned in towards Celeste's face.

She stepped back.

"Now, all we have to do is follow through like we talked about; there won't be any problems. Just because I'm not going to marry you, don't mean we can't carry out the lucrative idea we've set up."

"You set up, Leo; not me!" Celeste shouted.

"Okay, okay, hold it down a little." He shrugged unmoved. "With your cut on the take, you won't need me for an old man. You'll be able to buy you a half a dozen husbands of your choice." He halfway laughed giving her the thumbs up.

"Anyway, I wouldn't be good husband material. I'm not the marrying kind; craps my style IF you know what I mean." Winking twice, he smiled like a prize fighter before a title match.

"HOW DO YOU DO THE THINGS YOU DO WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, LEO! You know good and well, I never intended to be part of this scheme, or any other scheme that involved betrayal of our entire village. Why do you keep insisting I did? It's bad enough how you used me but to suggest I'm as evil as you is below the barrel of snakes you swim in. I really thought you cared about me; wanted to marry me. But, all you wanted was to get your hands on these final plans. I just can't believe it; I was so stupid. The entire survival of our people is dependent upon the safe delivery." She bellowed vehemently.

"Every man for himself is what old Leo says. You take what you can get in this life, anyway you can get it. It's not personal, doll. 'Survival of the sexiest' is the name of Leo's tune. You understand a man's got to do what a man's got to do, don't you bright eyes?" By this time, Leo was standing directly in front of Celeste, nose to nose.

Obviously, she forgot all about calling security. The pitiful attempt of declaring her intent fizzled out under his spellbinding glare.

"No, I don't understand Leo. Why? Why would you want to destroy our entire city by your own greed?" Sobbing, she checked to see if she was making an impression on him. She wasn't.

Charlie's leg tightened as a muscle cramp seizes him. In agonized pain and with great difficulty, he pushed himself back out into the hallway without being noticed but could still hear the voices. They had gotten louder.

"Look, Doll, nothing's easy in this life. It's all a dice game; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Seven, eleven down the backstretch, lucky five in the field, 32 on red; call Black Diamond in on the 7th." He sounded as if he were at a live casino, "it's a long shot, my sexy queen of the Nile, but it's the only shot I've got."

"But, we're not talking about a dice, or cards or horses, Leo; we're talking about people's lives: OUR people. Without these plans, no one here will be able to survive more than two weeks. We're talking mass suicide. Doesn't that matter to you in the least?"

Charlie's ears perked up when he heard the word, suicide. What was the beautiful lady referring to? Did that mean he was trapped, too? It couldn't possibly mean that because they were clowns and he was a real boy. Or at least, he was yesterday when he left home. He pushed the door open just a slight bit more to see and hear their conversation better without being detected.

"You think I care about any of these morons?" Leo asked indignantly.

"What have any of these jerks ever done for me except give me a hard time? Yeah, they thought old Leo wouldn't amount to anything. Well, I'll show them. After I get those plans to FRANCO, I'll be playing the tables in Fat City. Then, see who'll be sitting on the moon."

"But, Leo, what good will all that money do you? Everybody you know will be gone. You will be all alone?"

"You're always alone, Doll face. You come into this world alone. You go out alone. Haven't you learned that yet?" Charlie could see a sealed tube lying on the large mahogany conference room table.

"Perhaps the papers they are referring too are inside." He eyed them speculatively.

"NO, Leo, that's not true. People can and do care about one another if you would just give them a chance." Celeste quickly placed her hands on the tube of papers while she defended her position.

"Chance? I've given them all the chances I'm going to. There's a chance that I might not be here tomorrow. I might be dead. You think I'm going to worry about whether people care about me or not?"

Charlie could tell that Leo was growing much too impatient. No doubt, Celeste was helpless in Leo's presence, not only physically but emotionally. Charlie viewed firsthand the debilitating impact emotions plays in a relationship.
Celeste was losing the battle of what she knew to be right.

"Hey, Doll, just tell'em I bound and gagged you. I stole the plans while you tried every way possible to stop me."

Celeste weakened. Charlie could tell.

"No, Celeste," Charlie thought. "Don't give in. Hold your ground."

"Leo, I love you." She earnestly pleaded. "Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Sure does, honey, it means you got good taste." Leo laughed so hard it could be heard all the way down the mirrored hall.

Celeste broke down in more heaving sobs.

Leo punched his hands out as he grabbed the tube.

Celeste yelled, "Give me those plans. Give me back those plans."

"I applaud your attempt to be noble. You did a very good thing! Face the facts; without you, old Leo would have never been able to make his ship come in. Live with that!" They both jumped to the floor. He slammed Celeste against the wall with one hand while he made his triumphant exit to the doorway. He never expected Charlie McRoy would be blocking his escape.

Charlie grabbed him up in one swoop of his left hand; with his right hand, he retrieved the small tube of important papers. Leo dangled in the air.

Celeste followed as he held Leo High in the air.

"Who in the world are you?" Brave Leo demanded.

"Charlie, Charlie Braxton McRoy." Charlie announced with the undaunted valor in a convincing 'save-the-day' voice.

Celeste's eyes grew large as saucers, more curious than frightened. No one uttered another sound until Charlie spoke. He shut the door with his right foot. Celeste jumped back onto the large chair with no trouble at all.

"Let's all sit down," he said, "and get to know one another better. Whad'ya say?" Speechless Leo resisted Charlie's firm grip as the emblazoned five foot six inch blond haired giant commanded attention.

"I see that we have a slight problem this morning." Charlie sat down at the head of the conference room table. He placed his right hand further down Leo's back. Charlie did not plan on intervening in the manner in which he did. It just happened, like everything else had done in the past twenty-four hours. Instead of being an almost fourteen year old boy, he was now conducting himself as a definitive grown-up.

This little incident was really none of his business, but, here he was, sitting at the head of the table making some major shifts in direction for the two little clowns.

Celeste stopped crying. She quietly eased further into a brown rolled and pleated leather chair at the far left of the room. She seemed relaxed. Furious Leo didn't open his mouth, again, for fear of his life. Charlie was aware, the words he would speak next, would be vital, so he chose them quite carefully.

"I don't usually butt-in on other people's business; I guess I was in the right place at the right time."

The two clowns remained silent.

He continued. "It seems to me that this little tube of papers is causing quite a controversy." He held up the two inch tube of papers into the air slightly turning it at an angle. "I don't know how this little tube could be so important but it seems to be. I guess everything is relative to the situation." Charlie listened to himself as he spoke.

It appeared to him, he was speaking in an authoritative voice he was not accustomed too. He didn't even know what 'relative' meant except, a cousin, aunt or uncle. And, the word 'controversy', he might have heard that once before on television, but, he had certainly never recalled using it. He rolled on with his Solomon-Wise speech.

"To the best of my knowledge, I understand this little tube," he held it higher in the air while he elaborated, "holds the destiny to all of the people who live in this city. With something, that significant, it deserves a little more respect. Wouldn't you both, agree?" Charlie looked directly into the flared eyes of Leo as he turned him around so he could be visually front faced as Charlie spoke.

Leo nodded his little three inch head.

Celeste was more than willing to cooperate in affirmation.

Charlie placed the tube on the table. As with all the mind-boggling events
Charlie had experienced, he neglected to be surprised by the fact that the mahogany table they were sitting at discussing the tube of papers, was regular size not clown size.

"What an odd thing!" the tickling thought glossed over his brain. Of course,
Charlie had seen stranger things, so it didn't much faze him. Charlie, not altogether sure, how he was going to proceed with the situation at hand, arrested his repetitive monologue. Realizing, he had never been placed in such a spot, he shuffled a train of ongoing remedies, before he addressed the clowns once more.

"I need to know a little more of the details. First of all, it seems to me that the two of you were involved in some romantic way, and second of all, these papers seem to be an issue of dissolving that so-called relationship. Am I right so far?"

Both of the little clowns were totally amazed. Celeste was the first to speak.

"How do you know these things? Are you some sort of God?"

Charlie laughed aloud. He had thought of himself as many things, but never once had he ever considered himself to be a God.

"No, young lady, I am not a God." What on earth was he doing calling her a young lady? He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sequined dressed clown woman had to be at least twice his age. But, even cognizant of that fact, he rattled on with the apparent position of improvised authority.

Leo had not uttered another sound, yet.

"Let's us get back to the matter at hand. These papers," he rolled the words slowly over his tongue, like an executive would do.

"These very important papers," He tapped the table, "as I see it, this small tube of sealed papers is not only deciding the fate of the two of you, but holds the key to a bunch of other people, too. Now, with something that drastic rolled up in some papers, why would you, Leo, be trying to run off with them?" Charlie looked directly at Leo.

Leo's eyes, slanted before he spoke, revealed rehearsed beguiling traits. He quickly tried to manufacture a convincing story.

"You got it all wrong, Mack. I wasn't going to run off with the papers. I was going to deliver them back to their rightful owner."

"And, would that owner be the FRANCO Corporation?" Charlie had no earthly idea who or what the FRANCO Corporation was, but it sounded impression, as if he had his facts tallied. He knew he needed to sound 'real' good.

Leo stunned; replied instantly, "Yeah, man the FRANCO Corporation is depending on me getting these papers back to them."

"That's not true." Celeste broke in, "He's lying. These papers belong to our city. Our entire future depends on them. You see, we really don't belong here. This is not our original home. We have been trying for more than three years to get back. Finally, the intricately devised secret plans are complete. The FRANCO Corporation is responsible for us being here to begin with. They are holding us captive. If they get hold of these papers, they will know of our planned intent to escape, along with the specific instructions of how we're going to pull it off. Please don't believe him. He's working for them. That's why they knew about the papers, in the first place; otherwise, they would have no clue."

"The doll's a joke, man.(a bo-ni-fied nut!)She just wants to make a hustle herself. These papers were stolen from the FRANCO Corporation. I was hired to get them back. That's the real deal."

Charlie was in an unimaginable jam. He was perfectly aware of the conversation he had listened to outside of the doorway. But, maybe, he didn't have the entire story. Could it POSSIBLY BE that the fast-talking Leo was telling the truth? He didn't think so.

He was inclined to believe Celeste, whether her story was true or not. He wanted to know more about the situation before he made a final decision.

"All right, Celeste, tell me who, exactly your people are, and why they need these plans as a means of escape. Escape from what and to where?"

Chapter 17
Chapter 15

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Hi Paula
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I am so honored to know that you are reading Subject of Desire. It makes me incredible happy to know that Charlie has such a wonderful friend.

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The twists and turns this story takes amazes me, but keeps it constantly stimulating, Paula....

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Songbird, The twists and turns are as amazing and stimulating as your individual personalty. Charlie eagerly embraces each moment. You are the best, my dear new friend.

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I enyoyed this. Will have to read more. Thanks

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wonderful comments by the readers on your story ,made me to go through it.It is really amazing

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Great story - i see you are breaking my record - kudos and congrats!

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