The Subject of Desire Chapter 17

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Charlie McRoy, enmeshed in a world of delusional fantasy; he longs to be back home, safe in a world he knows, loves, understands and can relate to. When will he ever be able to return? And, more importantly, will he be the same as when he left?

Chapter 17: We Want To Go Home; Where is That?

Celeste so relieved that Charlie had given her a chance to explain. Obviously, he didn't necessarily believe the smooth talking Leo.

Leo was enraged, but incapable of doing anything about it, since Charlie had him by the old gizzard.

"You see, it's a long, long story. We don't belong here; we want to go back home. We are not really clowns, though you may think we look like them. Sometimes, it's even hard for us to believe it since we have almost grown accustomed to seeing ourselves in this manner. We are actually genuine citizens (scholar practitioners) from the scientific planet 'Noltec'. I am sure; you don't know where that is located and if it exists."

Charlie listened intently to her surprising dilemma; it duplicated the exact predicament he suffered. Celeste continued talking to Charlie while he engaged in personal thought; he missed part of her words.

"And, if it were not for that, none of us would be in this situation." Charlie really wished he knew what THAT was, then maybe he'd know why he was in his particular situation.

"Don't listen to her," Leo broke in, "I told you; she's a raving lunatic. A real emotional basket-case from the time she drew her first breath. She made up the entire story about us coming from somewhere else. You can see for yourself. What would a circus be without clowns? We are world's best and smallest. You're standing in the headquarters. Look on the wall. You'll see who is telling you the truth." The little guy pointed behind Charlie's back.

He turned around to see what he was referring to. Sure enough, the words 'CLOWNS GALORE' owned and operated, by the FRANCO Corporation sprawled across a banner in huge Red Letters. Charlie held back comments.

"They, (FRANCO CORPORATION, appeared to be one man but was a conglomerate) don't own us! You KNOW they don't!" Celeste screamed at Leo. "They captured us, under false pretenses, stole us away from our planet."

"But, why?" Charlie demanded, "Why would they do that?"

"For no other reason, except, their own pleasure. Look at the small print. You'll understand why."

Charlie looked back at the banner. Underneath, in much smaller letters, the expression, "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" was italicized.

"She's pulling your leg, Mister. Of course, it's for entertainment purposes only. What other reason would a circus employ clowns? You tell me."

Leo's argument sounded authentic and logical. Still, something just didn't suit Charlie.

"It seems to me, kids," (now Charlie was calling the little clowns kids, what next?) "We have a slight problem, here. The only way I see to resolve it, would be to open this tube of papers."

"OH! NO! You can't do that, sir. Nobody can see them except for the master, himself. He's the only one who can properly decipher the meanings, in order to, release us. If they are tampered with, they become null and void. Please don't open them."

Leo didn't seem bothered by the fact Charlie needed to unroll the tube.

"I agree with you, Mr. Charlie McRoy; you should open the papers. You'll solve the problem, for certain." Leo grinned as he spurted out the words.

Charlie, more confused than ever, if he opened the papers, and it turned out that what Celeste had said was true, the fated destruction to the city of clowns would be determined by his hand. He certainly didn't want to be held responsible. If Leo had lied, he had nothing to lose either way. He obviously didn't care about the fate of the clowns, though he was one himself. Leo, just a little too anxious, for Charlie to unravel that can of worms.

"Hurry up, Man. Spill the pasta."

Charlie could tell by the agonizing expression on Celeste's face, fear gripped her heart.

"Please sir, I don't know who you are, or what you are doing here, but, please don't open those papers. Allow my people the possibility to escape. We've all worked so laboriously to get to this point. You would never realize all of the tedious effort we've put into getting these plans together. Our entire village has been gone from home way too long. Everyone is depending on me to deliver them, safely. I thought Leo wanted out of here, as badly as we do; but, he's been brainwashed by the FRANCO'S promises."

"No such thing. Nobody ever brainwashed me into anything. I make my own decisions."

"Then, you're just plain evil. That's all there is to it."

Leo struggled to get free, so he could attack Celeste, but Charlie tightened his grip.

"Hold on, little fellow. There's no need in getting all upset. We can resolve this matter in a calm fashion. I'm sure of it." Though, resolving the matter in a calm fashion was the last thing Charlie was sure of. He had gotten so caught up in the events; he didn't have time to dissect the intricate meaning behind the situation and how it was relative to him. Did what he do or say really matter in the fate of the clowns? Or was this just another set-up for his personal reaction? He couldn't be certain. Charlie needed to know more about the state of affairs with the little clowns before he could proceed.

"Tell me Celeste are there many of you?"

"Not so many. But, enough that it should make a difference to Leo."

"How many exactly?"

"There are twelve of us in all, including Leo."

"You mean to tell me that twelve clowns make up CLOWNS GALORE?"


Charlie quickly surmised he had met three of them, (not counting Leo and Celeste) already; that left seven.

"And, the FRANCO Corporation, do they own the clowns?"

"No, they own everything but, unfortunately, they prefer the clowns." Celeste sadly informed Charlie.

Leo remained silent.

"So, what else is here?" Charlie solicited.

"OH! Anything you can imagine. Tightrope walkers, Lion trainers, Muscle men, Fat ladies, Gypsies, Hoochi Coochi girls, Midgets, Elephants, lions, bears, and a lot of other people. But, we make up the most important part of the show because FRANCO favors us. He always wanted to be a clown. So damn stupid to want to be something you're obviously not."

"Did he kidnap the rest of the people in the circus, too?" Charlie really wanted to hear the response.

"I don't know how or where the rest of the people came from. We are not allowed to mingle or intermix. It's against company policy."

Charlie understood perfectly why FRANCO would not want the clowns mingling with the others IF what Celeste said was true.

"And, how was it that you clowns came to be part of the circus, if you are not really clowns?"

"Get Ready, Max" Leo spouted. "She's going to spin one ridiculous story for your ears, only. You're a fool if you believe her."

"Just be quiet, Leo. I want to hear what she has to say."

"I told you it's a real involved story; you may not have the time to listen. Probably, one you would never in a lifetime believe, IF you hadn't experienced it."

Charlie believed it, already since he knew perfectly well how things could happen without a bit of logicality having to be attached.

"I'll cut out the surplus and cut to the chase. FRANCO contacted our planet quite by accident."

Charlie listened intently but wondered, how, could it be possible, someone could contact another planet,(if there was such a place) by accident?

Celeste continued, Charlie having trailed off in thought once more, picked up midway a sentence, "it's customary on our planet to conduct these types of celebrations, annually."

"What kind of celebration did you say?"

"Clown celebration; because, you see, the indelible practical nature of our planet is a highly intellectual one leaving no time for entertainment. Our days are filled with the pursuant study of hidden knowledge through the use of scientific experiments and intricately vast convoluted documented case experiments. We spend countless hours of our allotted time turning the knowledge we've accrued into valuable wisdom. The generated wisdom travels to an inestimable pool of accessible compilation, where it is then, deposited into an infinitely layered processing plant where it is filtered throughout the composite universes. '

"This is incredible." Charlie thought.

"Because we spend 364 days a year in immeasurably complicated, enormously difficult, and resoundingly committed research, we set aside one full day (24 hour period) to kick back, relax and entertain. We all dress in clown outfits, as a means, of paying respect to our leaders, in addition to releasing the anxiety of the "all work no play" syndrome. We all enjoy the particularly ridiculous fool-hearty occasion which usually lasts for exactly twenty-four hours, filled with momentous heart-warming theater, singing, comedic thrills, dancing, elaborately invoked, convincing scenarios of merry-making."

"Wow! What a story." He concluded to himself before responding to her.

"All right, I can understand that. But, how did FRANCO get involved?" Charlie pushed Celeste for more answers.

"As I told you FRANCO is real big into circus life. He's completely and totally obsessed. Possessing the absolute most sophisticated scanning computerized equipment, known to modern man, (and beyond, because he uses the dissolution power of nitrogen to achieve his unmatchable results) which he has buried in the canyon, he is able to detect the least bit of clown activity taking place throughout the galaxies. FRANCO has spent decades creating and perfecting the single most powerful exceptional universal probe he calls, GANDER-GOOSE. Not only can he contact, observe, and influence any type of life in the entire universe, (he does, too), he has total power to persuade the minds of the people in charge by instilling a sense of loyalty and gratitude completely unnatural but serves his purposes, well."

"I told you, Mister, don't listen to her. She's a real bo-ne-fied nut. You ever heard such a ridiculous story? Do we look like scientists?"

Leo broke in.

"Be quiet, Leo," Charlie ordered, "continue with your story."

"He uses mirrors. He does everything; he does, somehow through the use of mirrors. It's matter of not being able to decipher the boundaries of the other person."

Suddenly it dawned on Charlie. Wasn't he supposed to, actually, be in a mirrored maze?

"So he uses mirrors as a means to keep you all confined? Tell me, something, Celeste are we in a wall-to-wall mirrored building? Is there no place inside of this structure that is not a mirror?"

"Yes, Charlie McRoy, this is where the clowns live. But, it's more than a building; it's a universe. And, no, there is not a single inch of space that is not mirrored; except one; the sacred purple room."

"The sacred purple room?" Charlie would ask about it, in a few minutes, right now, he had other more pressing things on his mind.

"And, the mirrored images, why don't they reflect more than one image?" Charlie asked the question although; he was on the borderline of exposing uncertainty regarding his own dire predicament.

"They do. It's just that your perception is altered in these halls. You believe what you are told or conditioned to see, whichever works best for your mind to interpret and project. FRANCO has somehow suspended our multi-leveled sustainability in order to capture a realistic dimension of reliable truth and transformed it into a semi-verifiable version, we accept. He has us caught us in a one-sided triangle reflecting only what he wants us to see, sort of like the known, unknown, and unknowable. Therefore, it diminishes what we are able to know, much less, what we remember accurately. The longer we stay here, the more we believe who we see ourselves as being on the outside: clowns. Everything is distorted accordingly. We KNOW we're much, much more than clowns but each day the knowledge grows dimmer. It's kind of like he can see in but we can't see out. We have but one advantage; he can't see what goes on in the Purple Room."

Charlie looked around realizing that this room must be the Purple Room. There were no mirrors in the Purple Room.

"This is the only place of privacy, we clowns possess. He cannot enter this room. He made up the rule and he must abide by his rules. Stupid for him, I know. He's fanatical on abiding by the rules. Anyway, we were secured through an agreement made by our leaders and FRANCO. He bargained with them to supply our planet with enormous amounts of nitrogenic energy (we so desperately needed) because our own supplies were diminishing. Through the unique process he had formulated using mirrored GANDER-GOOSE; he has stumbled upon limitless reservoirs. He also agreed to show our people modified plans of his equipment to aid us in our laboratories, so that we may create our own to sustain our operations.

"No one could make up such an elaborated lie." Charlie mumbled to himself.

"Our leaders agreed to exchange our performing/entertaining rituals for a twelve month period of his personal pleasure, if he would supply the mirror reflected image-producing energy."

Charlie knew this lengthy detailed explanation was way over his head. But, who was he to doubt anything or anyone?

"Everybody's got a story of where he's come from and how he got here (lie) let them tell it like they want to." He sighed real hard when he satisfied that thought in his own mind.

"Anyway, isn't truth supposed to be stranger than fiction? Maybe, everybody just makes it up as they go along." Celeste had not paused in her story; he lost the majority of it, due to his temporary break with his thoughts.

"Our leaders only agreed to the exchange if we agreed to do it. They offered the 'ring of jeweled sobriety' in good faith, as part of the universal agreement. He wear it everyday as a means to flaunt his position of power. So in a sense, the journey was not completely, against our wills. Leo is correct in that part of his story. We wanted to help our planet, in any way, we could. The only stipulation our leaders made was we were to be allowed one room totally separate and private from FRANCO to regroup ourselves: a sanctuary, of sorts. He signed a one year contract stating "the purple room' demand would be met. It was.

Charlie prayed he wouldn't have to make any such agreement.

"That's how we came to have the Purple Room. This is where the sacred plans were devised. They have never left this room, stored away in a leg of one of the hollowed-out chairs. The problem arose when FRANCO broke the agreement by not allowing us to return home after one year. It has taken our people this long to formulate secret plans necessary to make our journey home. FRANCO also made up the rule that if we could find and create a way to return home, he would not stand in our way. We were only allowed to meet once a week for fifteen minutes. Not a lot of time, you see. It is like some sort of sick game with him. Like I said, we were only hired out to him for one year but he refused to let us go home. He knew we had no way of getting back, if he didn't send us, unless we devised the plan ourselves. We have. But, the other catch to this far fetched sounding story is that we only have until the 25th of this month, that's less than two weeks away. Otherwise, he is going to destroy us all because he is replacing us with another type of more deviously intelligent clown, he has discovered in another solar system. More modern, more sophisticated, more new age, more ruthlessly determined to see through and outsmart him. Anyway, he has insidiously reminded us that our contract runs out in two weeks." Celeste had not broken one syllable in her talking.

"That is where Leo comes in. He was hired by FRANCO to find, confiscate and reveal our plans to him so that he may sabotage our return."

Charlie broke in, "What's in it for Leo? If he is one of you, won't FRANCO destroy him along with the others?"

"Yes," Celeste declared, "but, Leo is too vain or stupid to believe it. He thinks FRANCO is going to pay him some enormous amount of money, (He promised him one billion dollars) and set him free. Set him up in his very own carnival, on another planet filled with endless beautiful girls. Can you believe he would be that gullible?"

"Hey, Doll, I can speak for myself." Leo raged, "I just know a great opportunity when I see one."

"But, you are not a clown, Leo. That's the one thing you forget. You are a Superior Scientific Noltecean. You should be proud of your heritage, not trying to adulterate it by selling your own soul. You will never be a clown!"

"Don't write me off so quick, Celeste. I kind of like this life, I've found. Plenty of non-stop laughs, pleasure, along with the additional perks,” he winked.

"Don't see any reason why I should have to go back to...." Leo stopped mid-sentence realizing that he had admitted the validity of Celeste's story.

Before Charlie could respond, a knock came upon the door.

"Who could that be?" Leo nudged.

"How do you think I should know?" Celeste defended. "We've been in the Purple Room far too long. I'm sure FRANCO is suspicious."

"Celeste, Leo? You guys in there?" A delicate southern drawled voice drilled into the door.

"It's Josette," Celeste resorted, "We'll have to let her in."

"Who's Josette," Charlie inquired.

"She's FRANCO gopher. She was a clown Ballerina until she accidentally crippled one of her legs while dancing on an unsafe steel and glass stage FRANCO set up. I believe he deliberately crippled her for his own use. Now she can't dance, anymore. Just runs errands for him. She's one of us, though. Loyal to the end; she plays both sides of the fence, as an informant for our colony. May I let her in?" Celeste asked respectfully.

"Of course," Charlie replied.

"But, what about," Leo paused, "the papers?"

"OH! The papers, well, I think I'll hang onto them a bit longer. Open the door."

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