The Subject of Desire Chapter 8

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Charlie Braxton McRoy 13, battles with the ever evolving realms of internal and external madness he has inexplicably stumbled into. It all began with a simple desire which has led him into insurmountable difficulties of self-absorption.

Chapter 8: Pay Attention to me! I'm right here

Charlie leaned up against the avocado colored refrigerator, arms folded on his chest.

"Oh, I know," breathed Charlie, "Mama probably installed some of that dentist office music. Yeah, that's it. I don't know why she would have wanted it but that's what she has done, I'm sure."

Charlie sighed, satisfied with the resolution of that particular dilemma.

"Maybe now, I can go lay down. Everybody should be home soon. I'm so tired.
I just need to rest." Down the hall to his bedroom he went.

Priscilla leaped onto the bed before Charlie had the opportunity to descend.

"Okay, Prissy, I don't want to play, right now. You're going to have to entertain yourself, 'cause I've got to sleep for awhile until everybody gets home."

Priscilla jumped onto the windowsill landing perfectly still. Mysteriously, she stared at Charlie without changing her posture. He felt a little awkward by the burning hold of fixed gaze.

"But, what do I know, everything looks funny to me"

Prissy recognized Charlie's disturbing behavior but remained fixated immobile.

Charlie fell across the bed without removing the remaining badly torn clothes. He just wanted to lie down, go to sleep, rest his extremely exhausted body.

"Enough is enough" he whiffed. "Too much of anything must be bad for you always." He finally closed his eyes, assured that when he awoke his mother, father and the girls would be home to greet him.

"And," continuing to talk just before drifting off, "what I had perceived as my sisters (miniature size) is just something I made up in MY mind. I just haven't fully recovered from the castle; that's all. Anyway, all of this weird stuff can be explained as soon as I've had enough time to rest my jumbled up mind."

Charlie shut his wary eye-lids.

He had only been to sleep a matter of minutes when he heard his mother calling him. Charlie sprang to the floor immediately. He ran out of his bedroom in the direction of the comforting angelic voice.

"Yes, Mama, I'm home. I'm in my bedroom, I'm coming." Charlie bounced down the hall to the kitchen. Yelling to her without seeing her, he exclaimed, "I've got so much to tell y'all. You won't believe what happened to me today. You can't begin to know, Mama. I was walking from school when..." he stopped the flow of words mid-sentence as he entered the kitchen.

Charlie's mother was putting some groceries away, pulling from one bag a carton of fresh squash. She did not turn to greet him when she heard him come through the door. He ran to her backside, extending his thin overly heavy arms around her shoulders.

"I'm so glad to see you, Mama. You are the most beautiful person in the whole wide world to me." He rambled without taking a break. "There's so much I've got to tell you. You won't ever believe what happened to me after school, today. That's why I'm late. I found this mysterious BRACELET...and, where is everybody?"

Charlie's mother patted Charlie lovingly on the head; kissed his face as she was accustomed to doing anytime Charlie got close enough to her for her to do so.

"I missed you so much. I didn't ever think I'd see your pretty face again. I know this sounds corny Mama, but there's no place like home."

"Are you hungry dear?" she asked.

"Yes, Mama, I mean, no Mama, not right now. I'm too tired to be hungry. Just let me tell you what happened, Okay?"

"Sure, darling, tell Mama all about it." She never looked directly at him.
Instead she placed a package of frozen chicken on the stove.

Charlie caught what he thought was an 'almost' verifiable detectable bit of sarcasm in her usually interested voice. He studied her face, carefully; to see if something may be bothering her more than his being late. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

He continued to talk, "Mama after school I was on my way home when I discovered this most unusual BRACELET, you ever saw. There ain't no way for me to describe it to you. I'm telling you that it was absolutely the most fabulous BRACELET you'd ever see in a lifetime."

"Yes, darling?"

"Yes, darling," didn't quite seen like the appropriate response to Charlie, and besides that, she had never called him darling before. Regardless, he stumbled on with the story. "I was going to take the BRACELET to Landau's Jewelry Store so I could buy me a genuine Red and White Sandblaster."

"A genuine Red and White Sandblaster?" his mother inquired.

Charlie was a bit more confused, by now. Surely his mother knew how very badly he had wanted a genuine Red and White Sandblaster. The incredible instantaneous transformable 'LAND, SEA, AIR JET-PROPELLED SKATEBOARD' he had talked about getting and was the one and only thing he had wanted for three long years. Why was she questioning him as if it was the first time she had ever heard those words?

"Mama, what's the matter with you?"


"Yes, matter. Why are you acting so strange tonight?"

"I didn't know that I was, Charlie. Exactly what am I doing that is strange?"

"It's not exactly what you are doing, Mama it's what you are saying."

"What am I saying, darling?"

Charlie did not like the sound of his mother's voice, yet he didn't know exactly why he didn't like the sound of her voice, except for the obvious fact that his mother had never referred to him as 'Darling' in his entire life that he could remember. Charlie's mother, whose name was Sophelia, by this time, had started to prepare dinner.

"What would you like to eat tonight, son?" she asked.

"I told you Mama, I'm not hungry, right now. I'm trying my best to tell you about what happened to me this afternoon."

"O.K. darling, I'm listening. But, I must fix supper for the rest of the family. Nothing takes precedence over the family meals, right?"

"No, ma'am."

"Squash and onion casserole should be good; don't you think, Charlie."

"I don't care about squash and onions; I need to tell you something real important." Charlie defiantly declared.

"Whatever, darling." Again, Charlie felt he was being patronized. He didn't like it one bit.

Perturbed by his mother's callous indifferent attitude, he barked, "Mama, I don't think you are listening to me. I don't think you care what happened to me today."

"I care about supper, darling. Why are you getting upset?"

"I'm upset 'cause of everything I've been through; that's what I've been trying to tell you. But, you don't seem the least bit interested. And, why do you keep calling me, Darling?"

"I am interested in getting supper on the table on time, darling!" she paused briefly from having begun to wash the squash; she sat at the table. Charlie slid down beside her. She completely ignored his remark on her use of the word, Darling.

"Steamon's Market had no red potatoes; I had to get the brown ones. I hope it will be alright with your father."

"Red potatoes, are you kidding me? I nearly lost my life, at least 3 times and you're talking about the color of stupid potatoes!" Charlie spouted

"Mama, are you listening to me? Why won't you pay attention?"

Charlie's mother had, by this time, returned to the stove where packages of frozen chicken lay in black Styrofoam grocery trays.

"Don't I matter to you at all?" He gaped incredulously.

"I think I'll fry this, instead of broiling, what do you say?"

"I say, you don't know how close you came to losing your only son, today!" He screamed.

"Yes, darling?"

"There she goes again", Charlie flinched inwardly. "How can she possibly not respond to the fact I almost died?"

He could not process why the tone, manner and interest level of her voice remained so impersonal. As far as he was concerned, her curt words indicated to him, no reference of the life-altering message he was trying so desperately to deliver. He tried to communicate one last time.

"Mama, I found a magic BRACELET so I could buy a genuine Red and White Sandblaster. I ended up in a castle where I almost died."

Without moving from her position she replied half-heartedly, "Did you say something, darling?"

"No, I didn't say a word. I don't want to talk anymore." He blasted aloud.

"Cheese biscuits, darling?"

"Hell no! I don't want cheese biscuits!" He stomped across the kitchen floor, as the last words of his mother daunted his deeply offended mind. He didn't care one iota that he had just cursed for the very first time in front of her.

"So, what do you want for dinner, darling?" She obviously didn't care, either; he scrunched the mangled-up thoughts before he answered.

"NOTHING!! I don't want anything to eat. Can't you hear me?" Charlie stormed out of the kitchen rushed back down the hall. On the way, he breezed by the beige telephone; he glanced to see if Sara and Louise were still planted. They were.

He unfolded his right hand to retrieve them, once again, and in the process, heard the irritating melody ignite quite loudly. He pulled the young miniature girls to his ears as they continued sputtering the annoying buzzing sound.


"What are you saying? I just can't make it out. Please try harder."

"Theezzasubjeezizzu," Their futile response commanded.

Charlie had not stopped to consider how or why his sisters had shrunk to such a foolishly inappropriate tiny size. Nor had he taken the time to ponder why his mother had not inquired about his badly torn clothes or about the fact that he had no shoes or pants on.

Yet, all of a blistering sudden, it dawned on him; his mother hadn't noticed his undeniable battered emotional and physical condition, since that's what a mother's supposed to do..

"Something just ain't right," he bleeped to the girls.

"Theezzasubjeezizzu," they offered as their means of help.

"I don't know what's going on round this place but I can't deal with it. I'm gonna put you girls back where I found you. Later on, when I'm not so tired, I'm gonna find out what's going on. Somebody's going to tell me once and for all what the deal is. You hear me?"

"Theezzasubjeezizzu." They splattered.

He placed them carefully astride the beige telephone.

Charlie took a matter of steps; then, entered his bedroom. Time and space seemed abnormally stretched out, since he first arrived back home, as if everything was happening in slow motion. He had unintentionally lost sense of regular time, not knowing whether it was day or night.

"I can't hold my eyes open another second", with final words, partially undressed, quickly fell across the bed hoping for deep sleep.

Never before had he come to realize or appreciate the luxury of a soft sturdy bed upon which to rest his drained body. With no intentions of arising until morning, he glanced at Prissy who lay almost undetectable in the windowsill.

"Goodnight, Prissy," Charlie extended his aching body in a purposeful act of stiffening himself to release all the tightness he had accumulated throughout the day's activities.

"I'll see you in the morning. I'm checking out till then." Prissy didn't move. In fact, Prissy didn't even look natural. Unexpectedly, a bolt of what felt like 110 volt electricity shot through Charlie's body. He sat straight up, placed feet upon the cold floor, mechanically started over to the windowsill. Priscilla lay motionless. He halfway expected her to jump onto his chest. She did not. She appeared inanimate.

"O.K. Prissy, it's gotta be 'cause I'm so tired, but I'm gonna follow this crazy idea through. You don't look real to me." Charlie reached out his right hand to stroke Prissy's back, startled he discovered, no longer was 'his' Prissy sitting in the windowsill, but instead a white porcelain cat graced his presence.

Charlie screamed, "Mama, Mama! Come quick something has happened to Prissy."

A delicately fine white porcelain cat, an exact replica of Prissy, had been duplicated, down to the smallest detail of two extra long whiskers.

"Now, this is just too weird. I can't stand it, I tell you. I KNOW I'm not imagining this glass cat I'm holding in my hand.

"What's going on round here?" Charlie yelled.

"Mama, will you please come here?" He had not forgotten the fact she had become real weird, too. Still, he persisted in calling her.

"Are you coming? I need for you to see this." Charlie thought about what he had just said and rephrased. "No, what I really need is for you to be you and to care. Is that possible?"

She did not respond.

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author avatar Carol
23rd Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks for your story. I love cats.

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23rd Feb 2011 (#)

thanks for sharing

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
25th Feb 2011 (#)

You are so welcome. I am thrilled that you are following Charlie's incredible adventure. Best to you all...

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
6th Mar 2011 (#)

Paula Andrea Pyle MA,
Nice story.

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
8th Mar 2011 (#)

I am so thrilled you are following the chapters in The Subject of Desire. It makes you so happy.

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
8th Mar 2011 (#)

It makes me so happy too, ha. ha.

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9th Mar 2011 (#)

It makes me happy.

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author avatar Songbird B
27th Mar 2011 (#)

I am really enjoying the twists and turns of this story, is gripping....

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author avatar Paula Andrea Pyle MA
27th Mar 2011 (#)

I have developed such an endearing friendship with you through this story. that makes me happy.

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22nd Jul 2013 (#)

Well written story and a fluent reading piece ...

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