The Sunny Simple Method to Write Short Stories

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Here is good advice in how to go writing a short story. The method is simple and natural. It would even work for you to write a novel, since novels are a collection of "centers" related to the same characters going their way to very integrated resolutions.

The Sunny Simple Method to Write Short Stories

Twelve Tips to Consider when Writing your Next Short Story

1. Imagine a circle, in whose center gravitates, like a sun, the main idea of the story you want to tell. USE CONCENTRIC CIRCLES OR AN ORGANIZATIONAL WEB, IT WILL HELP. Organize it from the center.

2. At that center imagine the most important scene of your short story –maybe a conflicting one–, upon which you may want to place the rest of your creation.

3. If you cannot think of a complete scene yet, then imagine an object, a person, a memory, a feeling or an action, whatever you choose to place in that center.

4. Now start telling the story FROM THE BEGINNING, having in mind your primordial scene. Keep it flowing; do not judge your thoughts. Be confident and trust yourself.

5. As soon as you can –the sooner, the better– place a piece of DIALOGUE, preferable between one of the characters and the protagonist. Do that every now and then with most personages within your story.

6. Develop the story in such a way that what is in the center is what’s most important in the story. Whatever goes next might be very interesting, but not as important as the scene in the middle.

7. All stories begin as a picture in the mind of the writer. Creativity will seek to elaborate inside that picture until it converts as a scene.

8. THE STORY WILL FLOW BY ITSELF, and your job is to give it a boost every now and then.

9. The story has to be written from the standpoint of the main character, and try not to deviate from that.

10. Make the beginning as interesting and eye catching as possible. Look for intelligent words to say right then and there.

11. Make endings the most meaningful, what you would say to the reader considering the story you just told as a whole.

12. Once you told your story, edit it as much as possible, seeking to embellish it with interesting phrases that may look new to you, or at least sound like you mean it.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
8th Aug 2011 (#)

Good advice, Esteban. Thank you.

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author avatar Hugo La Rosa
8th Aug 2011 (#)

You're welcome, Steve.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
12th Aug 2011 (#)

i'm new to Wikinut and have just found your great site. This is a super article. I'm very keen on 'about writing' articles. Going to follow you. Hope you'll take a peek at my work - and maybe you'll follow me??

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author avatar Hugo La Rosa
12th Aug 2011 (#)

Yes I'll do that Sheila, and thank you for your generous comment.

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author avatar Noreen Ann Snyder
1st May 2012 (#)

Thank you very much, Hugo, for this important tips and advice. Have a great day!

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author avatar Bets
30th Sep 2012 (#)

I guess I need to look up words used in articles such as this so I know what the writer is talking about. I enjoyed reading this informative piece out of wanting to know more about writing. This shall be helpful to me. Thank you for sharing your expertise in writing. Smiles, bets :)

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author avatar Hugo La Rosa
5th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you Bets for your kind comment. I will look at your articles later in the morning. Thank you for adding me as a friend. =O)

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