The Swimsuit Contest

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Sis enters her twin brother in a boys swimsuit competition!

The Contestant

Benny and his best friend Benny were spending the hot Summer day on the beach. Blazer was shirtless and wearing his black swim suit with red flames on the side. He sat under the umbrella watching Benny playing in the water. She rode her boogie board on the waves. She was occasionally tossed by a wave. Blazer just stared at her. Benny wore her red string bikini.
"Why am I staring at her so much," Blazer sighed "especially when she looks like that." he asked himself.
Benny came out of the water, her bikini was soaking wet and slipping off her body. "Blazer," she waved at the boy "come swim with me," she adjusted her bikini top. Benny's wet fur shined like diamonds in the sun. Blazer stood up and brushed the sand off his shorts. He picked up his boogie board and ran into the surf.

Sis came on the beach wearing a bikini and straw hat, she got the usual stares and whistles from the teenage boys who never knew how young she really was. and that's how she liked it! She was carrying her beach bag with some snacks inside for her brother and Benny, her beach towel and blanket. Sis passed by a stage where two men were hanging a sign which was announcing a boys swimsuit contest to be judged by the girls on the beach.
"A perfect chance for my little brother to get over his shyness," she thought. "and to finally see himself as we see him." Sis walked through a crowd of boys to the front of the stage. A young man was handing out applications.
"Sorry young lady," he said looking at Sis "but this contest is just for boys," he sighed "to bad you would've won easily," he said.
Sis blushed, she giggled innocently. "Its for my little brother, not me," she said taking the application. Sis walked to the spot Blazer had the umbrella, she spread out her blanket and sat down with the application.
Sis took a pen and a carrot sandwich out of her bag and began filling out the contest application Benny and Blazer came out of the water dripping wet. They took the towels Sis brought and wrapped it around their chests. "What is that your writing?" Blazer asked
"A contest application for you," she said showing him the paper. Blazer read it, his red eyes grew big, "A swimsuit contest for boys!" he yelled ""I can't do that!"
"I can't stand on a stage and be giggled at by a bunch of strange girls," he said. "I can't stand giggling especially at me."
Benny smiled removing the towel from her body. "I think its a great idea, she said " you should show your cute little body off more." Blazer blushed.

Sis finished the application form. and went back to the house, Blazer followed her.
"I don't want everyone to know my chest and waist size," he said. Sis continued to ignore him.

Sis came back later with the application signed by Big bro. "It's official now," she said waving the paper. Sis never told him that Big bro was laughing the whole time he was signing it. Blazer tried to run away but Benny held him by his chest. He had a powerful grip on the boy. She carried him to the stage. Blazer tried to run away again as soon as she let go but Benny still held his arm Sis tried to give him a piece of paper but his was still flailing his arm.
"What is that? he asked. Benny let go of his arm.

"Its the poem your supposed to read for the talent competition," she said "you have to memorize it." Sis gave the application to the young man on stage. Blazer read the paper Sis gave him. "You expect me to remember this?" he asked Sis smile and nodded her head.

Blazer stood in the middle of a row of boys, some younger than him and a few teenagers. Blazer blushed red while the girl emcee introduced the contestants. The audience cheered when they heard the names of their favorites. Blazer stared at the crowd of teen girls in the audience He could hear their whispers and giggles with his long ears. The emcee then introduced the judges from the high school.
Sis and Benny sat in the front row and waved to him. Blazer pretended not to see the girls.
The teen judges walked passed the boys with a clipboard and tape measure. The judges measured their chests and waists. The judges looked the boys over then took notes on the clipboard.
When Blazer recited his poem for the talent part of the competition, he was so nervous that he stuttered the whole time. Everyone laughed. Blazer blushed a deep red all over his body. The contest lasted for an hour and when it was over Blazer won the award for the shyest and cutest boy.


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