The T-20 Finals

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As they say cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties and that was a very gripping match

The T-20 Finals

At the semifinal stages on saw the departure
Of two highly favored and competitive teams Pakistan and Australia
The big question then was which team on the day will be better
Will it be the touted favorites West Indies or the team Sri Lanka

All through the games they were considered the favorites
But some of the performances seem to point in the opposites
But after each game there seemed to b e some form of improvement
So one could conclude they had that purpose and intent

In one of their games it was on that was such thriller
Taking on New Zealand in that spectacular super over
There was such a look of disappointment on the faces of the New Zealanders
As that decisive six cleared the heads of all the fielders

It was such a delight to see that onslaught on Australia
Whose performances seem to be such a great differentiator?
But they armor got chinked with early dismissals of Warner and Watson
This sort of set the proverbial cat among the pigeon and also heralded a procession

Then that day came what an air of tense expectancy was that of the finals
And on looking there was hardly any room to be seen in the stadium
Well there was no doubt that there will be biased to the Sri Lankans
But looking around one could still see a sprinkling of West Indians

Then the toss was spun on in which the West Indies won
Batting first was of course made in a flash perhaps after prior team consultation
As the teams walk out on could see such great tension
Each one hoping to be the one with the favorable outcome

From the first over the Sri Lankans bowled a very tight line
This sort of kept the West Indian stroke in a tight bind
And when the batsman Charles tried to free his hand
He got caught as he hit the ball in the air with little command

This brought Samuels to the crease he started quite slowly
As he know losing another wicket early would spell jeopardy
But later the roar of the crown was so loud with such celebration
This jubilation came about as the prized wicket of Gayle was taken

What a scalp this player has thrashed many bowlers with that bat
He has failed to explode; the total is low and he is no more
The favorites are now being pushed closer to the loser’s door
And glory for Sri Lanka seems to be getting more and more secure

But I am sure they saw the grace and maturity of Marlon
Who was growing in confidence all through the competition?
He stated cautiously and with Bravo quite effectively started to rebuild
Hoping to reach a score that would be competitive for a victory will

In one over he displayed batting skill of such grace and mastery
Of that bowler namely Malinga who usually bowls economically and miserly
Many stood dumfounded and is such dismay of the level of the stoke play
As one saw those balls called Yorkers being hit a very long way

This sort of turned the tides in favor of the West Indies
And to a certain extent brought Sri Lanka to its knees
Despite the few questionable decision at some stages in the game
They still get that mental picture of winning in the frame

Then the captain with a few lusty and telling blows
Added some quick runs to make sure the total rose
But was it enough to match that run making and batting prowess
Of a team which in the earlier games had beaten some of the best.

At I sat at home watching on the television turned off the television
Because to me it was not enough run and it would be victory for the Sri Lankan
But later decided to take a look via the sight called Cric-Info
What I saw made my eyes sparkle and in me a joy began to flow

They has lost one wicket and it was the blaster Dulshan
Who was sent bowled by a beauty and was back in the pavilion
Rampaul like a magician had conjured up the perfect delivery
The certainly made all of us in the Caribbean quite happy

The spirits were high; the bowling was good matched by some excellent fielding
And there were a couple of run-outs as the team showed sing of panicking
This show again that when the runs are scored often by those at the top
When there is an early break through there will be that middle order flop

When the last wicket fell there was this great jubilation
What an atmosphere reminiscent of that Carnival celebration
As the guys jump and moved with those using some gyration
That is the true mood of that spirit of being a West Indian

Now we are for the moment the world’s T20 cricket champions
Will this be the catalyst that herald in a new era some form of dynamism
Or this will be another one of those moments of a nine day wonder
Well the only answer most certainly be unfolded in the future


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author avatar Socrates Pondiferous
9th Oct 2012 (#)

Yes a wonderful match- thanks

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Oct 2012 (#)

Marlon Samuels was touted as the successor to Viv Richards. But he lost his way for a long time. Sammy is a good captain like Clive Lloyd - siva

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author avatar Denise O
9th Oct 2012 (#)

I really must check into this sport, it does intrigue me. We actually have a local team in the next town over, maybe I need to go check out a game. It sounds so exciting. I hope all is well with you and yours my friend. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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