The Tale of Two Vadas

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Weekends are so pleasurable that on a Monday morning there is resistance to go to school.

Most children make a fuss on Monday morning to go to school.

Going down the memory lane I suddenly remembered an incident that actually happened. It is but natural to see children smiling, all the way on a Friday evening as school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Go home quickly and have a wash and in one full swing finish all the lessons given as Home Work that had to be done during the weekend. Well many children felt that it was time to play on Friday evenings and all through Saturday and the best part of Sunday and sit with the Home Work on the Sunday night with a grim face. There are times when the given home work in a couple subjects were not completed even by Monday morning while going to school.

Children who did not complete their home work generally fell sick on Monday and had severe stomach pain that even the parents could not prove wrong. Every student had a reason but after a weekend of fun and frolic with friends from other schools living in the neighborhood the thought of going to school was a bit of a pain.

My brother was one of those very serious types when it came to Home Work and used to slog on the Friday evening and was through with all subjects by night. Literally he was a free bird to do anything he wished to do for the whole of the weekend. Every Monday however he used to make a terrible fuss to go to school.

He threw his tantrums on my mom and on Chittiamma who used to escort us to the school on one such Monday. My mom was very caring but when it comes to attending school she used to mercilessly send us to school even when we had fever. Promptly he was dragged all the way to the school by Chittiamma. The class teacher took charge of him and he had no option but to sit in the class throughout. After two periods we used to have a recess and Chittiamma used to bring in Horlicks or Maltova for us to drink. My brother was still crying of pain in his feet. Soon the class teacher noticed that there was something seriously wrong with my brother that day. She ordered Chittiamma to remove my brother's shoes so that he could relax his feet. Soon as Chittiamma removed his shoes my brother stopped crying. His pain vanished. He was normal.

Never put too much of stress on your children when they are complaining as there could be something very genuine like my brother had one pair of socks inside his shoes which resembled TWO VADAS if you remember all of us used to roll down our socks and incidentally or accidentally it was left behind in his shoes.


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author avatar j.m. raymond
4th Aug 2010 (#)

something to be said for walking to school barefoot, six miles uphill in both directions with 3 feet of snow on the ground.

That is a prevalent and oft repeated story in my country. It seems that everybody's parents all walked the same six miles through numerous hardships and tribulations. The story usually starts out: "You kids have it easy today. Why, when I was your age..."

Your story reminded me of it and drew a smile, remembering it from my father. Thank you.

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author avatar snooky
27th Aug 2010 (#)

I had a pair of sadle oxfords that used to pull my socks down into the toe, had to unlace and pull my socks up several times during the day. I can very well relate to this young man.

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