The Taoist Method of Helping the Departed

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Don't you want to know why the Taoists offer foods and other items to their departed relatives?

The Taoist Method of Helping the Departed

The Taoist Method of Helping the Departed

Assuming their departed one has been reborn in the Paradattupa-Jivi, ( those reborn as animals or are in Hells cannot receive the merits) the Petas from this class can receive and share in the merits when offerings are made for them, even though they do not actually consume these food and drink. Since they are able to remember their living relatives, they rejoice when they see those offerings. This joy of seeing creates good Kamma in them, and as they are rejoicing, they suddenly turn into celestial beings and are provided with deva clothes, food and drinks, heavenly mansions, etc. Not all of them can reach the heavenly realms. It depends on how much merits they have accumulated in the past.

So, don’t denigrate people who light candles, incense, and burn papers etc. because their good intention can actually lead the departed ones to heaven, if those departed ones are qualified, i.e. if their existing good Kamma is very close to the next level. Likewise, we see people from other religions putting flowers and candles on the grave of the departed or pour water on it. Surely those departed ones do not need our flowers and candles, or need to drink our water?

The burning of paper houses, cars, etc. are useless and these things only create a sense of attachment and greed in the Petas and will only lead them to more suffering.

When other religious followers place flowers and drinking water on the grave of their loved ones, do they believe the departed ones will take the flowers to heaven? Do they believe the holy spirits actually drink the water? Then why is the water level remaining at the same level?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jun 2013 (#)

Good thoughts Poh Tong Ho. All religions are a set of beliefs only, but it is good for the the left behind to think fondly of the departed for any longing for continuity. It is normal for people born into a religion to accept it with warts and all but indulge in fine comb to find faults with others. There is only one Creator, if at all - siva

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author avatar Zola
1st Sep 2013 (#)

This is interesting, thank you. In many countries in Europe people still leave food, drink, cigarettes, flowers and various other kinds of offerings for their departed. Roots of this custom go far back into the human history.

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author avatar pohtiongho
1st Sep 2013 (#)

Zola: Thanks for your response. The givers and the receivers both benefit. But it is not an easy thing for an average guy on the street to understand it.

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