The Texas Pool Party Video-Worthless or Priceless?

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A close examination of the video gone viral that was taken in the aftermath of a pool party in Texas.

How many words is a video worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is priceless or so you would think. A video of a police officer drawing his weapon in a crowd of youths has gone viral. Police officer, Cpl. Casebolt has been suspended and placed on administrative leave. He has subsequently resigned. Protests are already planned in the wake of his actions. He has been widely condemned even by his own superiors. Use the link in references here to view the video. Then finish reading this article.

A damning video

Looks pretty damning for Cpl. Casebolt doesn't it! Really?! Do what I did and replay the video pausing it as you view it. This is what I see:
Cpl. Casebolt forces a bikini-clad female teenager to the ground. She had already been ordered by him along with others to leave. She does but, returns. As he has her on the ground two other girls approach him from behind. One gets so close that Cpl. Casebolt shoves her away. A heavyset man steps between the two girls and the Cpl. struggling with the girl on the ground. He pushes the girls away.
Two teenage men run up behind Cpl. Casebolt from the other side and are about 10 feet away. One is wearing a purple T-shirt and brown shorts, the other is wearing white shorts and a white, gray and blue tank top. The one with the purple T-shirt assumes a combat shooting stance. Cpl. Casebolt is still struggling with the girl.

Why Corporal Casebolt drew his weapon

Purple T reaches for something in his waistband, (which is covered by his untucked T-shirt), with his left hand. Cpl. Casebolt looks up and to his right and sees this. You can't see what purple the is reaching for. Purple T's body is concealing his left hand from Cpl. Casebolt. Purple T's hand is reaching for something on his left rear hip. He then begins to lift the shirt there. Cpl. Casebolt is still watching. This takes mere seconds. From Cpl. Casebolt's perspective it must look like the man is about to draw some kind of weapon. Purple T takes a step back. Cpl. Casebolt straightens up releasing the girl. Purple T continues to back up. Cpl. Casebolt says something to him. Purple T begins to flee. Cpl. Casebolt draws his weapon. He never points the weapon at anyone. He begins to pursue purple T. Another cop steps in and Cpl. Casebolt motions at the fleeing Purple T. That officer and another pursue purple T off camera at a full run. This all takes place in 5 seconds.
Cpl. Casebolt returns to the girl, holstering his weapon. He eventually cuffs her. Soon the two officers return with purple T in handcuffs.

You'll see what you want to see

This video was shot by Brandon Brooks, a 15-year-old attending the party. At the pool party one man was arrested for interference and evading arrest. Purple T? Everyone else was released. This all began as a fight between a teenage girl and a woman at the party. The party was crashed by over 100 other teens, overwhelming security. The police were called to the disturbance. They arrived and were greeted by a large crowd of teenagers milling about on the street.
Cpl. Casebolt has been condemned for his rough handling of the bikini clad teenage girl. But, that's what inevitably happens to someone resisting arrest. She was probably arrested for disorderly conduct. If this looks like excessive force to you then maybe you can tell me how arrest someone who is resisting, without using force.
Now, go back and replay the video like I did. You can see a lot more with the video slowed down. Remember, you have the luxury of seeing all of this slowed down. Cpl. Casebolt had only seconds to react! Unfortunately, people are only going to see what they want to see. That's why there is such a fuss over this video. It might as well be worthless.

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Texas pool party video

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Corporal Casebolt attempts to subdue a party-goer

Corporal Casebolt draws his weapon

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Indeed, you "will see what you want to see," and if you're an ex-cop, you will see things in a way that exonerates cops. Interesting that the cops didn't manhandle any of the white kids, only the black ones.

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author avatar Chip Greene
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Indeed, interesting. One white female was arrested. But, on the whole the white kids complied with the cops and weren't seen running away. I saw what everyone else saw. I interpreted it with an experienced eye. As Joe Friday would say, "The facts 'maam', just the facts."

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author avatar Annonomous
30th Jun 2015 (#)

right before he puts the girl face down she slaps her hands together screaming "I'm gonna get my own gun"

is that appropriate to say when your being arrested for resisting

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author avatar Annonomous
30th Jun 2015 (#)

i didnt see any white kids there in that video except the residents .... and the security people....

YEH GO LISTEN AGAIN right after she is initially taken down and is sitting on her butt she screams I'm gonna get my own gun and slaps her hands together

you must be truely deaf or perhaps your only dumb

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author avatar Retired
11th Jun 2015 (#)

So what were all the other cops doing at the time? Presumably they were handling the incident in the approved manner, whereas this one cop went completely over the top.

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author avatar Annonomous
30th Jun 2015 (#)

he did not go over the top all of his actions were literally according to the book .... right out of the training manual.

If people are refusing to disperse after reasonable number of orders to cease and desist then you begin making arrests .... at which time you will find compliance from a large majority .... make what arrrests are neccessary then


or should i climb in your window at night and demonstrate how it feels to be on the other side

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